Shipton Bellinger Paths map

The Footpaths of Shipton Bellinger

Paths map

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The Parish Council have kindly given us a supply of the village footpath maps, which have proved very popular. They were originally distributed to every house in the village but, of course, residents haved moved in and out since. If you wish one of these wonderful leaflets, contact the webmaster for details.

The following is an online version of this map of the paths around Shipton, but it is linked to a far higher quality version which can, if required, be printed out. This separate map springs up in a separate window for ease of printing. Beware, though, it is around 1MB (1,044K). Alternatively, Hampshire CC have it in PDF format.

Eventually we hope this will be linked to the Photo Archive so we can produce a map which will show the village and its surrounds in photo's, via the click of a mouse!

Paths middling detail map

Thanks go to Jon Harris for scanning in the map for us.

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