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Local Footpaths

The Parish Council have produced a leaflet-map showing the footpaths within the village. Produced in association with the County Council, there are still many copies available (we have some here at the web-site: if you wish to ask for one, send us an email with "SHIPTON FOOTPATHS" in the topic).

With the permission of the Parish Council, we have also reproduced the map on-line.

The Parish Council

The following is the latest information on the Parish Council Membership.

Local Elected Representatives

Other local representatives, for borough and county, can be found on the Local Elected Representatives page.


The latest Demographics information (numbers, residents, houses) can be found on the Demographics page.

Parish Council Minutes

Current minutes (2015+), past minutes (2008-2014) and previous minutes (1999-2003, 2007) are available online.

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