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Past Minutes

Past Parish Council Minutes

For those which are available, just select the relevant year and months minutes from the tables below. Not all minutes are avilable NOW. The minutes from 2004 onwards were to be loaded by the parish clerk during 2007-2009.

Year 2004 Year 2005 Year 2006 Year 2007
January January January January
February February February February
March March March March
April April April April
May May May May
June June June June
July July July July
August - None August - None August - None August - None
September September September September
October October October October
November November November November
December December December December


Year 2003 Year 2002 Year 2000 Year 1999
February February
March March
April April
May X May
June June
July July
August August
September September
October October
November November
December December

Given the retyping needed, and due to the pressures of time and family on those providing the minutes for the site, the PC minutes were not reproduced here during much of 2001-2003. They are gradually being

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