Minutes of the Shipton Bellinger Parish Council meeting held on Monday 5th December 2016 in the Church Meeting Rooms, High Street, Shipton Bellinger at 7.30pm.


Present: Cllr Mr D Davies – Chairman

             Cllr Mrs S Turner

             Cllr Mr M Bladen

             Cllr Mr T Bowden

             Cllr Mr S Bluff

             Cllr Mr I Coles

             Richard Waterman – Parish Clerk

             Members of the Public - 3


Apologies: Cllr Mr P Stinton – Vice Chairman, County Councillor Mrs Z Brooks and

                Borough Councillor Mrs P Mutton



Cllr Mr S Bluff was called away at the start of the meeting and returned in time for Parish Councillor’s Reports.



The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.



Cllr Mr S Bluff declared an interest in the Shipton Allotment Society.



The Chairman then signed the October minutes as a true record. Matters arising from those minutes:


PLAYING FIELD LANDSCAPING – The Clerk reported that Lightsource have not yet paid in the £5,000.


HORTICULTURAL SHED – No news to report.


CERT - The ISO Container has not yet been delivered.


OAP’S CHRISTMAS LUNCH – The OAP’s Christmas Lunch was a great success. The Chairman wished to thank everyone who helped.



Cllr Mr M Bladen did not attend the last Village Centre Management Committee Meeting on the 21st November, but could report from the meetings minutes.

Mr David Sperry has retired, Andrew Sullivan has taken over as Chairman until the 2017 AGM. A new Village Centre sign and several replacement signs are to be erected. Broadband is now available in the Village Centre.


The Chairman asked Cllr Mr M Bladen to pass on thanks to the Village Centre Management Committee for the excellent Christmas decorations, and getting them up in time for the OAP’s Christmas Lunch.






16/02562/FULLN – Erection of timber extension to rear (Retrospective) – 2 Astor

                            Mews, High Street, Shipton Bellinger – NO COMMENT



Payments issued in December 2016

R.N. Waterman                          Wages                                £423.00

A Glasgow                              Grave levelling                       £145.00

TVBC                        Playing Field Grass Cutting (VC)            £450.50

T. Services                    Maintenance – October                       £36.00

T. Services                    Maintenance – November                   £87.00


OAP’s Christmas Lunch

Choices Catering Hire         Oven and Hot Cupboard               £174.55

R.N. Waterman                  Supplies                                     £197.80

D Davies                           Supplies                                     £308.51



Balance after above payments have been made £14,861.38

Current Account £  2,979.26

Deposit Account £10,059.76



Money not included SSE Grant = £12,098.04


Money due in:

Light source  £5,000.00

VAT Refund     £687.35



Cllr Mr P Lashbrook reported that Devolution of HCC is still ongoing with mixed reports being released. Price Waterhouse have investigated the financial implication of Devolution for Hampshire.


The TVBC Electoral Boundary is still ongoing, there will be a reduction of borough Councillors and we may move to Romsey, TVBC are still protesting this proposed move.


Cllr Mr P Lashbrook thanked the Parish Council for all they did for the Community.  



CLLR MR T BOWDEN – Reported that the Huskies are to visit the Village again on the 17th and 18th December 2016.


Cllr Mr T Bowden reported that the Shipton Bellinger Sewage Works is to be up-graded and that some of the sewage from Tidworth will end up coming through the Sewage Works.





Cllr Mr T Bowden attended a recent Cholderton Water Group meeting. Cholderton Water reported that the Nitrate levels have dropped considerably over the last year. Cholderton Water aim to tackle leaks as soon as they are detected and are meeting targets set by the Water Regulators. Residents are urged to report any leaks as soon as possible to the Estate office. Cllr Mr T Bowden reported that the next Cholderton Water meeting is in February 2017 and that he plans to attend.


Cllr Mr t Bowden reported that there is a stretch of overgrown hedge on the High Street between the ‘Moorings’ and Manor Far. This was noted. There is also a stretch of overgrown hedge on the track at the top of Parkhouse Road.


CLLR MRS S TURNER – Reported that there will not be a Village Fete in 2017 as the Committee have all resigned and suggested that the Parish Council took over the Fete. The Parish Council felt that this was not an undertaking they wished to pursue.


CLLR MR I COLE – Reported that there is a very large deep pot hole on the A338 has still not been repaired. This will be reported again to HCC Highways. Cllr Mr I Cole commented on how dark it is as the top of Parkhouse Road as there is no street light.



Mrs C Estlick reported that the River Bed has been cleared and thanked the parish Council for a good Christmas Lunch.



A letter has been received from Mrs Pat Boakes Heat Teacher at the Primary School. The contents of the shed that was set on fire by an arsonist has not been totally covered by insurance and there is a shortfall. Mrs Boakes has asked if the Parish Council would consider giving a small grant towards the replacement costs of the equipment. This was discussed and it was agreed to give a grant of £250.


Mrs Wendy Sperry reminded the Parish Council of the Old-School Foundation and wondered if there were any funds available. The Clerk will make enquiries.



The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.



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