Minutes of the Shipton Bellinger Parish Council meeting held on Monday 5th September 2016 in the Church Meeting Rooms, High Street, Shipton Bellinger at 7.30pm.

Present: Cllr Mr D Davies – Chairman

Cllr Mr P Stinton – Vice Chairman

Cllr Mr M Bladen

Cllr Mr T Bowden

Cllr Mr S Bluff

Cllr Mr I Coles

Richard Waterman – Parish Clerk

Mr D Sperry – Village Centre Chairman

Borough Councillor Mrs P Mutt

County Councillor Mrs Z Brooks

Members of the Public - 3

Mr Tony Langridge – Planning Consultant Aster Properties

Apologies: Cllr Mrs S Turner and Borough Councillor Mr P Lashbrook.


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Cllr Mr S Bluff declared an interest in the Shipton Allotment Society.


Due to an administration error the Chairman was unable to sign the minutes of the previous meeting. The minutes will be signed off at the October meeting. Matters arising from the July minutes:

PLAY AREA FENCING – The Clerk reported that Chris Tait has quoted £2,758.89 to fence off the area with the ISO Containers and a further £1,160.00 to continue the other side of the BMX track to the corner of the field.

The Clerk reported that all the paperwork has been signed for the £5,000 from Lightsource and the parish Council will receive payment within the next two months. He suggested that the Parish Council use this windfall to finish off the landscaping of the Playing Field and preparation for the possible move of the Horticultural shed. This was thought a good idea.

HEDGES CLOSE DEVELOPMENT – Mr Tony Langridge reported that a planning application for three dwellings will soon be submitted. Mr Langridge stated that he had been in correspondence with the Clerk and he believed that there they were a few issues to be resolved and these have been forwarded to Aster.

1. A contribution from Aster to help with the cost of a replacement Horticultural Shed, Asters initial response was £500, the Clerk had stated that this was unacceptable and a more substantial contribution would be sort.


2. Ground work to improve the footpath from Hedges Close down past Gardeners Green to include the Kingfishers. The French drain installed many years ago would work if it did not get silted up with the flow from Hedges Close direction. It was hoped that the development of the Hedges Close site would improve the existing surface as additional drainage is planned. Mr Langridge stated that the proposal to improve the footpath has been put forward to Aster and they have visited the site to inspect the footpath.

There was a general discussion on the proposed development. Mr T Langridge stated that he will keep the Clerk informed of progress. Mr T Langridge gave each Parish Councillor an information handout, this will be displayed on the Notice Boards and will be attached the master copy of the minutes.

CERT GRANT – Shipton Bellinger have been successful with their grant application and have received £12,098.04.

Cllr Mr S Bluff confirmed that the grant would not fund the purchase of the ISO Container and that he was investigating the purchase of a nearly new one that would cost in the region of £1,200. The Parish Council agreed to proceed with the purchase.


Mr D Sperry reported that the new Village Centre Management Committee held their first meeting on the 11th July, apart from one person everyone attended and the new constitution was signed. A ‘Hog the Limelight’ event is to take place on the 22nd October – a One Man Show, details will be advertised.


The Chairman reported that since the last meeting he has been in correspondence with Baldev Kaholn, Post Office Field Change Advisor regarding the proposed Mobile Service planned for Shipton Bellinger. The Chairman has confirmed with the Post Office that if the Post Office is to go mobile the Parish Council would prefer it to be sited in the Village Shop car park.

This was discussed at length and the general feeling in the village is that this is a done deal and Post Office will be going mobile. Cllr Mr T Bowden confirmed that the Post Office have removed all their equipment from the shop and plans are in place to incorporate the Post Office space back into use by the shop.


16/01915/CPLN – Application for lawful development certificate for proposed loft conversion with rooflights – 38 Kingfishers. NO OBJECTION.

16/01783/FULLN – Two storey side extension to provide family room/dining room with bedroom and en-suite over and replacement of existing conservatory with sun room – 10 St Peters Close – NO OBJECTION.


AUDIT – The Clerk reported that Audit have signed off the 2015/16 accounts and there were no matters which came to their attention.



Payments issued in August and September 2016

R.N. Waterman Wages August and September £846.00

Mr B Pearce Grass Cutting £90.00

OWPC Refund - Subs for TVAPTC £15.00

BDO LLP Audit £240.00

R.N. Waterman 2016/17 Office Allowance + Expenses £130.70

R.N. Waterman 2015/2016 - Office Allowance £50.00

Ceaderwood Tree Services Tree Work footpath 5 £300.00

T Services Maintenance Work £168.00


Balance after above payments have been made £8,247.17

Deposit Account £ 4,059.25

Current Account £ 4,187.92

£ 8,247.17

Money not included SSE Grant = £12,098.04

Money due in:

Lightsource £5,000.00

VAT Refund £687.35


CLLR MR M BLADEN – Asked if there was any up-date on the repairs to the Village Gateway? The Clerk had nothing to report but would contact Highways.

CLLR MR D DAVIES – Proposed that the Parish Council provide and prepare a Christmas Lunch for the Old Age Pensioners of the Parish on either the first or second Sunday of December. The Parish Council thought this a good idea. Cllr Mr D Davies will liaise with the Village Centre for availability Hall and Kitchen. This will be discussed further at the October Meeting.


Mrs C Estlick raised the issue of the blocked drains by the Village Centre at the top of Bulford Road. Highways have still not cleaned out these drains. The Clerk was asked to report the blocked drains again to Highways.

Mr Telfer reported that substantial clearing has been done behind Scott’s Barn and did the Parish Council know what is being planned? Cllr Mr S Bluff reported that he had spoken to the owner some time ago and he said he planned to tidy up the site. The Parish Council will make enquiries.


The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.


3rd October 2016 at 7.30pm in the Church Meeting Rooms.