Minutes of the Shipton Bellinger Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 3rd November 2014 in the Main Hall, Village Centre at 7.30pm.

Present : Cllr Miss A Reynolds - Chairman

Cllr Mr D Davies - Vice Chairman

Cllr Mrs S Turner

Cllr Mr M Bladen

Cllr Mr T Bowden

Cllr Mr P Stinton

Cllr Mr S Bluff

Richard Waterman - Parish Clerk

Mr David Sperry - Village Centre Chairman

Members of the Public - 2

WELCOME - The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.

DECLARATION OF INTERESTS- Cllr T Bowden declared an interest in the Village Shop.


The Chairman signed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record. Matters arising

from those minutes :-

PLAY AREA - The official opening of the Play Area took place on Thursday 30th October. Col

Denny opened the Play Area and the event was covered by the Andover Advertiser and

Drum Beat.

The Parish Council discussed the Play Area.

 Hags have informed the Parish Council that the zip wire replacement part will not be

available until the week of the 27th November 2014. The zip wire may not be repaired

until early in the new year.

 Hags SMP have deducted that cost of the zip wire and have issued a new invoice for

74,932.63. The Parish Council agreed to withhold 10% of this invoice for 12 months


 Hags SMP have still not returned to complete the snag list despite agreeing to do so at a

site meeting with Cllr Mr D Davies and the Clerk a fortnight before this meeting.

 The Parish Council will request that Hags SMP carry out a formal handover of the play

area once the equipment is to the specification that was ordered.

 Mr D Sperry will get updated quotes to add an additional camera to the Village Centre

CCTV system.

 The additional landscaping was discussed; a site meeting will take place to confirm what

needs doing. Cllr Mr P Stinton will speak to the MOD to see if they could supply top soil

to fill in the area dug out for the cricket nets.

 The BMX fencing has been completed. It was agreed to put up an A4 laminated poster

on the fencing reminding users that the entrance to this facility is along the track.

 A gap in the hedge behind the three containers was discussed and will be look into.

Cllr Mrs S Turner wished to lodge a vote of thanks to the Parish Councillors who were

involved in the Play Area project, especially the Chairman who secured the financing.

RUBBISH - Mr D Sperry has provided the Clerk with quotes for 1100 litre eurobin. Sita offer a good deal and currently have the contract for the school.

To enter a yearly contract with a lockable 1100 litre bin on a fortnightly collection come in at 405.25 a year. The Parish Council thought this reasonable and agreed to proceed. Mr D Sperry reported that he has someone who will empty the field rubbish bins.

HIGHWAYS - The Chairman stated that she is concerned that the outstanding highways jobs are not being done, there are now several road signs in the Parish that need attention.

Contact with the Highways department has been non existent since Keith Thompson moved

to another area. The Chairman will write to Highways.

STREET LIGHTS - The Clerk reported the two street lights that are not working, one on the

Green and one on the A338 - reference numbers for the report have been given. They are

still a few units that need replacing.

FOOTPATH 8 - Cllr Mrs S Turner reported that the kissing gate has not been reinstalled and

the stile has not been repaired. Clerk will contact Peter Watson from Rights of Way

SOLAR FARM - The planning application for the solar farm has been withdrawn. A careful

eye will be kept for a re-submission as all objections will need to be re-submitted.


PLP- Cllr Mr S Bluff reported that there are still properties in the village that need work and

the relevant planning permission is being sort. The PLP container is still on the Playing Field.

Cllr Mr S Bluff reported that he has had a site meeting with the Environment Agency and

the River Bourne was walked. The EA will clear the vegetation again this year but will not

carry out dredging/repair works this is down to riparian ownership. Work currently being

carried out by a riparian owner in the village was discussed and will be looked into.

The Parish Council owned area by Red Villas has suffered bank collapse, quotes will be

obtained to re-instate this bank before the winter.

SCHOOL HEDGE - The school hedge in Bulford Road has now been cut.


Mr D Sperry reported that the main hall is in the process of being re-decorated. The roof is

to be repaired and new fire doors need to be fitted to the kitchen and Fletcher Room to

meet legislation. Mr D Sperry reported that the recent production in the Village Centre was

a great success, 67 people attended.


14/02484/FULLN - Construction of extension to form single garage and utility room. Gable

end of pitched roof to be timber clad. - Albeit Time, Bullford Road.

The Parish Council had NO OBJECTIONS to this planning application.

14/02568/TOPN - 1 x Horse Chestnut - reduce height and spread by approx 20% and

remove weak/crossing branches and other deadwood within the crown -

4 Old Farmhouse Close, Shipton Bellinger.

The Parish Council had NO OBJECTIONS to this planning application.


CLLR MR S BLUFF - Spoke about possible funding to produce an Emergency Response Plan.

Cllr Mr S Bluff is working with Cllr Mr P Lashbrook to pursue this, it is hoped that if

successful equipment can be purchased ready for an flooding emergency in the village. Cllr

Mr Bluff is looking at purchasing and smaller container possibly adding it to the three

already on the Playing Field.

CLLR MR P STINTON - Spoke about the illegal parking opposite the Watery Lane junction. It

was noted that this has been reported to the Police many times over the years and no

action was taken. It was suggested that Cllr Mr P Stinton reported this to the Police next

time it happens.



Cheques to be issued in November 2014

SBVC Hire of Room 40.00

Play Safety limited Playground Inspection 354.00

CJ Tait BMX Fencing 4,767.85

Glasdon Ltd Rubbish Bins 388.05

Mr B Boxall Repairs to Village Sign 26.60

WI Welcome Packs 25.00

Mr B Pearce Grass Cutting 90.00

Standing Order

R.N. Waterman Wages 400.00

Aviva Insurance November 97.02



VAT Refund 828.20




The Clerk gave the Parish Councillors a draft copy of the Precept Budget that will be

discussed at the December meeting.


The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.


1st December 2014 in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre at 7.30pm