Minutes of the Shipton Bellinger Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 3rd March 2014 in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre at 7.30pm.

Present : Cllr Miss A Reynolds - Chairman

Cllr Mr D Davies - Vice Chairman

Cllr Mrs S Turner

Cllr Mr S Bluff

Cllr Mr M Bladen

Cllr Mr T Bowden

Richard Waterman - Parish Clerk

Mr Ray Alborough TVBC Highways Engineer

Mr John

Mr D Sperry - Village Centre Chairman

Member of the Public - 4

Apologies : Cllr Mr P Stinton, County Councillor Mrs P West and Borough Councillors Mr P

Lashbrook and Mrs E Charnley.


The Chairman thanked Cllr Mr S Bluff for all the work he has done for the village during the recent flooding. A personal thank you to Cllr Mr S Bluff has also been received form Sir George Young MP.

DECLARATION OF INTERESTS - There were no Declarations of Interest recorded.


The Chairman signed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record. Matters arising from those minutes :-

TREES - Cllr Mr D Davies has delivered the Tree Letter to all properties with large trees.

OVERHANGING TREES ON FOOTPATH 6 - Cllr Mr P Stinton has visited the home owner concerned and the job is in hand.

SAMS CAR PARK - The pot hole in ‘Sams’ car park has not yet been repaired.

POST OFFICE - Cllr Mr T Bowden reported that he hoped to have more news on the future of the Post Office before the next Parish Council Meeting.

GARDENERS GREEN ARCH - TVBC have not yet made good the walls either side of the dismantled arch.

SCHOOL HEDGE - The hedge has not yet been cut back. Hampshire Highways have passed the work on to TVBC.

HUMAN WASTE FERTILISER - The Chairman reported that she had contacted Environmental Health at TVBC. After being alerted to the fact the wet weather had caused seepage leading to ‘brown puddles’ TVBC passed the concern on to the Environment Agency. The information that has come back however is that the farm has a waste exemption for the storage of sewage sludge.  This has a number of conditions about the distances heaps must be from water courses and boreholes etc, and therefore bearing in mind of where it has been stored no conditions have been breached.

HIGHWAYS - The Parish Council have received a map from Hampshire Highways showing the proposed sites for the speed limit signs and the village gateways. Mr Ray Alborough brought an enlarged map that will be displayed on the Village Centre internal notice board.

The Chairman reported that Mandy Ware from HCC has confirmed that the traffic order for the revised speed limits has been approved and should be implemented soon.

Mr Ray Alborough, TVBC, and Mr John Sorrell, HCC, presented plans to the Parish Council for a proposed right hand lane on the A338 to turn into Watery Lane. Mr Ray Alborough gave a brief history of the junction and the involvement of the Casualty Reduction Partnership. Minor works were carried out several years ago to try and improve this junction after a fatality, unfortunately there was a second fatality which has lead to further investigations on how to improve this junction.

Mr Ray Alborough reported that TVBC have actively been seeking Developer Contributions to fund the work needed and have secured funding from the Coop Distribution Centre Banned Routes fund. The MOD have agreed to release some land to enable this to happen.

The proposal is to install an additional right hand turn lane on the A338, possibly with a pedestrian island to aid crossing the road at this point. A No Right turn from Watery Lane and a No Left turn from the A338 into Watery Lane is proposed.

Mr John Sorrell stated that the drawings provided were draft and needed more details added and input from the Parish Council. After some discussion the Parish Council agreed with the proposals and pointed out that there are footpaths that would need to be considered in the design and a pedestrian island would be welcome.

Mr Ray Alborough will keep the Parish Council informed and will provide revised drawings taking into account the issues discussed. The Chairman thanked Mr Alborough and Mr Sorrell for coming.


Mr D Sperry reported that further work has been carried out to improve the switching of the new ceiling lights. A full Fire Risk Assessment of the Village Centre will be carried out in March.

PLANNING. There were no new planning applications to discuss.


Cllr Mr S Bluff reported the following :

Cllr Mr Phil Lashbrook has been a great help during the recent floods and has been working closely with Cllr Mr S Bluff.

Good lines of communication have been forged with the various agencies.

Property Protection - at last this is moving ahead - The EA have now visited the home owners on the register and he is waiting for feedback.

There have been a few problems with blocked toilets in some properties. Tanking was organised and seemed to alleviate the problem for short periods of time.

Southern Water has been asked for a map of the drains in the village so that properties at risk can be identified.

The key to stopping the village from flooding is water management either side of the village, the recent problems have shown how the water meadows have been working to store water.

Possible building up of the river bank in places has been suggested and redirecting the angle of the road gullies, possibly adding ‘flaps’ to stop back flow.

Dredging the river under the lowest bridges will be suggested to the EA to improve flow.

The quality of the water in the river is not good and anyone coming into contact with it should wash their hands and wellington boots.

TVBC and Highways have supplied sand bags and signs, both authorities have been very helpful.

A village Emergency Plan is being discussed. The Church Meeting Rooms and the Village Centre were both offered for shelter if the need arose during the recent bad weather.

The levels of the river are constantly being monitored.


The Chairman up-dated the Parish Council on the progress of applications for funding. Unfortunately the Lottery application has been unsuccessful. An application to Test Valley for their Community Asset Fund has been submitted. Andrew Pilley the TVBC Community Engagement manager has been most helpful with gathering the information for this application. The Armed Forces Community Covenant Grant application will be re-submitted.

The Chairman reported that Keith Phillips has sent the Parish Council a cheque for £2314.09 towards the new Play Area. This is the balance from the Old Youth Club that ceased running several years ago. As this money was raised by the children of the village it would be appropriate for the Parish Council to use it for the benefit of the children. The Parish Council thought this excellent news.


Cheques to be issued March 2014

SBVC Hire of Room £40.00

R.N. Waterman Expenses £60.00

Standing Order

R.N. Waterman Wages – March £400.00

Aviva Insurance – March £97.02

Balance after above payments have been made £6,547.57


CLLR MR S BLUFF - Reported that he is continuing to send out regular up-dates for Neighbourhood Watch.

CLLR MR T BOWDEN - Asked if the School had made the financial contribution to the tree work carried out last year? The Chairman stated that they had not and that she would bring this up at the next Governors meeting.

Cllr Mr T Bowden reported that a tree was blown down adjacent to 40 Kingfishers, the house owners need to clear this tree. Cllr Mr D Davies stated that he will speak to the house holder.

Cllr Mr T Bowden reported that he has received complaints from parishioners that the footpath between the Gardeners Green Arch and Kingfishers is very muddy. The Parish Council were aware of this, with all the rain and the flooding it is no surprise that the area is muddy. There are signs on the path into Gardeners Green advising that the footpath is closed.

CLLR MR M BLADEN - Reported that Bulford Road could do with some new Neighbourhood Watch signs as the original ones have faded. Cllr Mr S Bluff noted this.

Cllr Mr M Bladen reported that there is a large pot hole in Bulford Road, this has been reported and Highways have been out and marked the road in preparation.

CLLR MR D DAVIES - Reported that the water flowing in Watery lane has caused a lot of damage to the road surface. The Chairman will report the damage to Highways but it was also noted that Watery Lane an application could be sent to Test Valley Borough Council to include Watery Lane in their Access Plan.

CLLR MRS S TURNER - Reported that the kissing gate has not yet been installed on the footpath behind the Pop Factory.

Cllr Mrs S Turner asked if the village had anything planned to commemorate the 1st World War? The Parish Council were not aware of anything. The Clerk was asked to find out what is planned by TVBC and HCC.


Mrs Wendy Sperry reported that the School sign on Bulford Road is obscured by the overgrown school hedge. The Chairman reported that the cutting of the hedge is in hand.

Mrs Wendy Sperry reported that a branch off a tree in the High Street is hooked up on an electricity wire. This has been reported to the SSE.

It was noted that the street light opposite Red Villas is on all day. The Clerk will report this to Street Lighting. The Clerk reported that half the village street lights have been replaced, Street Lighting are due back in the village to complete the job.


The Chairman reported that she has been in regular correspondence with Sir George Young during the recent flooding problems.


The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.


7th April 2014 in the Fletcher Room, The Village Centre at 7.30pm