Minutes of the Shipton Bellinger Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 4th November 2013 in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre at 7.30pm.

Present : Cllr Miss A Reynolds - Chairman

Cllr Mr D Davies - Vice Chairman

Cllr Mr S Bluff

Cllr Mr T Bowden

Cllr Mrs S Turner

Cllr Mr P Stinton

Cllr Mr M Bladen

Richard Waterman - Parish Clerk

Borough Councillor Mr P Lashbrook

County Councillor Mrs P West

Member of the Public - 4

Apologies : Cllr Mr M Udale, Mr D Sperry - Village Centre Chairman and Borough Councillor

Mrs E Charnley

DECLARATION OF INTERESTS - There were no Declarations of Interest recorded.


The Chairman signed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record. Matters arising from those minutes :-

BRIDGE FOOTPATH 14 - This was discussed at length and it was decided to address this issue again in the summer of 2014.

FLOODING - Cllr Mr S Bluff reported that he has had no further correspondence from the Environment Agency re the Property Level Protection scheme. Cllr Mr S Bluff stated that he is chasing up the Environment Agency on this issue.

Cllr Mr S Bluff stated that he has also been chasing up the clearing of the river bed, it has been confirmed that this is on the work schedule and should be done after the first hard frost.

SOAK AWAY IN HEDGES CLOSE - Highways have installed the new soak away and gullies in Hedges Close. There have been no reports of flooding on footpath 5 at the Gardeners Green arch since it was installed.

TREES - The Clerk confirmed that the letter sent out from one of the neighbouring parishes can be altered and sent to residents of large trees.

HIGHWAYS - The Chairman reported that the cutting back of the trees and vegetation just north of the High St iHon the A338 is on the Highways list of jobs to do. The work on the A303 Bridge has been delayed and is now due to start on the 11th November.

OVERHANGING TREES ON FOOTPATH 6 - Cllr Mr P Stinton will take a look at the offending trees to what action if any is needed.

SAMS CAR PARK - The pot hole in ‘Sams’ car park has been reported to Astor and has been added to their work schedule.


The Village Centre have received the invoice for the ceiling and called upon the PC to forward on the 12.5% as agreed. The invoice is as quoted for £21994.28 and therefore 12.5% is equal to £2749.29. The Clerk reported that he has asked for a copy of the bill and the breakdown of contributors for the Audit Trail as this is such a large amount out of the precept.

The next Village Centre Management Committee meeting is on 18th November. The new heating and lighting is getting favourable reports. Some instructions still have to be written for users. They are planning to hold an open evening on Friday 13th December to show off the ceiling to the village and to publicly thank all those who have donated. The committee will be asking regular users to be present to market what they do. More details to follow after they’ve had a planning meeting.

The recent ‘Scallywags’ event was a great success.


13/02412/FULLN - Erection of a 2 bedroom dwelling utilising existing vehicular access;

formation of new access for existing dwelling and landscaping scheme.

18 Sarum Close, Shipton Bellinger.

The Parish Council had NO OBJECTIONS to this planning application.


Cllrs Mr T Bowden and Mr M Bladen are meeting on site with a play area company on the 6th November.

A further site meeting with another company has to be confirmed. If Cllr Mr M Bladen is not available Cllr Mr P Stinton hoped to attend.

The Chairman stated that she is waiting for the quotes to submit applications for funding.

Financing the levelling of the site for the containers was discussed at length, as the proposed two additional containers are not imminent or confirmed, it was agreed that it may be prudent to include the cost in the Play Area project.

The Chairman stated that she has been in further correspondence with the Solar Farm operators regarding financial assistance for the Play Area. There are three companies that have been involved in the Solar Farm, further complicating things. Hertz to date have not replied to the emails sent.


The Parish Council discussed the ‘20 is plenty’ scheme at length. It was thought that there are areas in the village that would benefit from the scheme, outside the school for instance, but policing and enforcing the speed is the problem. It was thought that the current traffic calming around the village, e.g. parked vehicles, keeps traffic at a reasonable speed. There would also be cost implications which cannot presently be justified.

Cllr Mrs P West spoke about the scheme in Floral Way but highlighted the fact that there are three schools in the area. Cllr Mr P Lashbrook stated that the ‘20 is Plenty’ scheme is only effective if it is enforced and he could not see how this could be done in Shipton Bellinger.

Cllr Mr M Bladen stated that he would like to see the whole village a 20mph zone. The Parish Council agreed that anything to make the village safer was a good thing but the general feeling was that ‘20 is Plenty’ would not be suitable for Shipton Bellinger. However Mandy Ware has added Shipton Bellinger to the list of interested parishes.


Cllr Mrs P West reported that Keith Thompson from Highways has been tasked with providing dragons teeth for the area of grass outside the Village Centre but clearing up after the recent storm has delayed things a bit. Highways are in the process of filling the grit bins.

Cllr Mrs P West reported that she had been contacted by a parishioner who complained about the school lights. The issue has been sorted and Cllr Mrs P West wished to thank the head of the school for his prompt action. The Chairman will pass this on.


Cllr Lashbrook reported that he attended the Cholderton Water Consumer Group meeting on the 28th October 2013. Recourse management, the company business plan, price control and OFWAT were discussed. A further meeting has been arranged for the 29th November. Cllr Mr P Lashbrook stated that he will give a full report on both meetings in due course.

Cllr Mr T Burden asked Cllr Mrs P Lashbrook if there was any pressure being put on Wiltshire Council regarding the traffic problems on the A303 past Stonehenge, the tail backs at times are back to the Shipton Bellinger exit? Cllr Mr P Lashbrook reported that yes pressure is being put on Wiltshire Council not only on the problems past Stonehenge but also the development at Solstice Park, another distribution centre is in the process of being built which will bring additional traffic on to the A303 past Stonehenge. The Chairman also reported that an impact survey to monitor traffic will take place after the new Stonehenge Visitors Centre is officially opened. In addition Wiltshire Council are eagerly awaiting news on the A303/A30/A358 corridor feasibility study announced by the Government in June 2013.

Cllr Mr P Stinton asked Cllr Lashbrook if there was any further news on the footpath from Shipton Bellinger to Tidworth? Cllr Lashbrook stated that he had not wanted to complicate or hold up the current project to reduce the speed limit on the A338 so had not taken the matter any further at present.


CLLR MISS A REYNOLDS - Spoke about her recent correspondence with Mandy Ware, HCC, on the issue of village gateways. With differing verge space at either end of speed limit sections it may not be possible to have matching gateways either end of the village on the A338. Various designs were discussed with the option of having a white picket style fence gateway at the southern end and perhaps a smaller circular fence design around the signs at the north, both to include new village name signs. HCC doesn’t have a standard design.

Cllr Miss A Reynolds reported that if the Parish Council agreed Cllr Mr m Udale will be taking a sabbatical from the Parish Council as he is working away from the village at the moment. The Parish Council agreed and will revaluate the position in the new year.

CLLR MR T BOWEN - Reported that District Nurses will now be available to visit patients up till 10pm. This was noted.

Cllr Mr T Bowden reported that at the moment the village does not have a Post Office. Post Office Limited are trying to sort this and he will keep the Parish Council informed of any developments. It is hoped that the shop proprietors will be able to take over the Post Office in time after suitable training.

CLLR MRS S TURNER - Reported that the stile on footpath 8 has still not been replaced. The Clerk stated that this has been reported to Rights of Way and is on their list for replacement.

The Chairman reported that she had been in contact with Peter Watson for an up-date on the stiles on footpath 10.



Mr B Pearce Grass Cutting £105.00

T Services BMX Grass Cutting November £24.00

SBVC Hire of Room £40.00

SBVC Ceiling Grant £2749.29

HCC Street Lighting £1006.28

Mr C Wilkins Grass Cutting/ Bus Shelter/Litter £763.00

Standing Orders

R.N. Waterman Wages – November £400.00

Aviva Insurance – November £97.02


Burial Fee £110

Balance after above payments have been made £10,704.98


Cricket Nets Balance held £468.06

Allotment Deposit £500

Emergency Fund £500


The Parish Council were asked if other forms of traffic calming had been looked at for the village? The Parish Council have in the past considered several forms of traffic calming but the nature of the village does not lend itself to sleeping police men etc.

The Parish Council were asked if they had any objections to a proposed Fish and Chip vendor leafleting the village. It is proposed to site a mobile Fish and Chip van at two sites in the village (currently under negotiation) on a Friday each week. The Parish Council had no objections at all and would welcome the service. A Fish and Chip van used to visit the village and was very popular.

Mr D Stubbs reported that no work has been carried out to the overgrown tree in Hedges Close. The Clerk stated that he had reported it to Highways.

Mr Stubbs stated that the new gullies recently installed in Hedges Close did not work properly and that water was backing up in the car park. This was noted and will be forwarded onto Highways.






The Parish Council were copied in on a recent incident between Mr C Wilkins and a removal lorry blocking the road in Muscott Close, effecting the bus route. There was an exchange of words between the removal men and Mr Wilkins resulting in a letter of complaint being sent to the Police and copied in the Parish Council. The Chairman forwarded the letter on to the Garrison Commander. It is believed that the matter has been settled.


The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.


2nd December 2013 in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre at 7.30pm