Minutes of the Shipton Bellinger Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 4th March 2013 in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre at 7.30pm.

Present : Cllr Miss A Reynolds - Chairman

Cllr Mrs S Turner

Cllr Mr T Bowden

Cllr Mr M Bladen

Cllr Mr M Udale

Cllr Mr D Davies

Richard Waterman - Parish Clerk

Member of the Public - 3

Apologies : Cllr Mr S Bluff, Mr D Sperry - Village Centre Chairman.

Absent Cllr West, Lashbrook and Charnley


Following last month’s Parish Council meeting I received three resignations.

Firstly Geoff Richardson, who wasn’t in attendance for the last two meetings, had decided that he could no longer give his support to our earlier position on opposing the new rules for disclosure of interest. He now is in favour of the new rules and resigned with immediate effect.

I would like to point out at this stage that we didn’t vote against the new Code of Conduct but rather the ruling on having to declare pecuniary interests of spouses/partners. I have replied to Geoff wishing him all the best in any other interests he chose to pursue.

After the heated discussion at last month’s meeting regarding sandbags in the archway both Pat Saunders and Averil Shields have both resigned.

I need to remind everyone that you must treat others with respect. It is expected that each will campaign for their ideas, and they may also seek to discredit the policies and actions of their opponents. Criticism of ideas and opinion is part of democratic debate, and does not in itself amount to bullying or failing to treat someone with respect. Ideas and policies may be robustly criticised, but individuals should not be subject to unreasonable or excessive personal attack.

I would like to think that we are all aware and most of this is common sense and we could move on and put this behind us but I am also aware that perhaps we as the Parish Council haven’t supported new councillors as well as we could have. We need to be more mindful of what new councillors need to know.

This brings on to the fact we now potentially have 4 vacancies but hopefully one will be filled this evening. A few years ago we only had 8 councillors and a previous Chairman moved to increase this to the 10 we currently have. I propose we have a think about whether we still need 10 or should we revert to 8. (if we do decide on 8 we may have to wait until this current term is up in 2016 to make it formal – Richard to enquire)

DECLARATION OF INTERESTS - There were no Declarations of Interest recorded.


The Chairman welcomed back Dave Davies. As agreed at the February meeting Mr Dave Davies was co-opted onto the Parish Council. Cllr Mr D Davies signed the declaration of Office.


Cllr Mr M Bladen reported that the recent Quiz Night was a great success and raised £200.


The Chairman signed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record. Matters arising from those minutes :-

FOOTPATH 5 - The Clerk reported that the £7,000 from Sita has been paid into the Parish Councils account. Publicising the project will be done when the weather improves, the Andover Advertiser will be invited to come and take a picture.

FOOTPATH 6 - Richard Jannetta has carried out the work on the trees on Footpaths 5 & 6 alongside the school playing field. The cut trees have been laid adjacent to the path at the request of the school to act as a temporary barrier. The school fence is in a poor condition and they hope to replace the fence in due course and then they can then be tidied up.

FOOTPATH 1 - The Chairman reported that a report has been compiled, 26 Engineers have looked at the job. It may be possible to carry out the work in 2014.

HIGHWAYS - The Chairman stated that many of the pot holes in the village have been reported and work has started on their repair. Recent correspondence with Hampshire County Council on the state of the village roads has resulted in a site meeting with Mr T Lawson to be held on the 15th March.

The Chairman reported that Mr R Alborough has suffered a heart attack and is currently off work. The Parish Council have sent their best wishes for a speedy recovery.

GARDENERS GREEN FLOODING - No further news to report, but Hampshire County Council is looking into the construction of one, or possibly two, additional soakaways in Hedges Close to intercept as much of the surface water as possible before it finds it's way down to Gardeners Green.

FLY TIPPING - The Chairman reported that TVBC have investigated the recent incident of fly tipping and contacted the address found in the rubbish. TVBC have stated that they could not pursue the matter any further due to inconclusive evidence.

SEWAGE BLOCKAGE - There is no further news from Cllr Mr P Lashbrook on the suggestion that Southern Water leaflet drop residents on what not to flush!

WHEELY BINS - There is also no news from Cllr Mr P Lashbrook regarding leaflets TVBC have about leaving the wheels bins out.


13/00349/FULLN - Erection of shed to front of property - 5 Bursledon Cottages, High

Street, Shipton Bellinger.

The Parish Council had NO OBJECTIONS to this planning application.



March 2013

SBVC Hire of room £ 10.00

Ceaderwood Tree Services Tree Work - Footpath 6 £ 500.00

R.N. Waterman Wages adjustment for 2012/13 £ 500.00

Fleet Line Markers Line marking paint £ 216.80

SBVC Village News £ 100.00

Standing Order

R.N. Waterman Wages – March £325.25

Aviva Insurance – March £97.02


Sita Grant £7,000.00

Balance after above payments have been made £6,197.61


Cricket Nets Balance held £468.06

Allotment Deposit £500

Emergency Fund £500

Cllr Mr D Davies and Cllr Mr M Bladen will be additional signatories on the Parish Council bank account.


The Chairman reported that several parishioners have raised concerns about Footpath 13 that runs along side the solar panels. Mr I Curry has confirmed that the footpath will be maintained to the same width as footpath 17 and will have hazel planted 4 deep to screen the solar panels.

Mr Curry also confirmed that there will be additional planting to help screen the solar panels on both solar farms either side of the A338.


CLLR MISS A REYNOLDS - Reported that she and Cllr Mr S Bluff intended to attend the TVAPC meeting in Kings Somborne on the 7th March. Flood and water Management is on the agenda.

Cllr Miss A Reynolds reported that there has been problems with the emptying of the bottle bank, on contacting TVBC it appeared that the driver had been out on several occasions and had been unable to get to the bin due to parked cars. It is thought that he probably came during school drop off or pick up times. The times have now been given to TVBC and it is hoped that the problem will be resolved.

Cllr Miss A Reynolds has received conformation that the gritting of the bus route stops at the top of Parkhouse Road and does not continue through Muscott and Sarum Close.

Cllr Miss Reynolds reported that Mr I Curry has stated that he is happy for the allotment fund to build up if there have been no applications for funding. A meeting with the Chairman of the Shipton Allotment Society will be arranged to discuss this matter in due course.

CLLR MR T BOWDEN - Reported that stones are coming through the surface on Footpath 5 in several places. The Clerk will report this to Mr T Burden and ask him to come out and have a look.

Cllr Mr T Bowden asked if there was any news on the hard standing for the cricket mat so the nets could be moved out of the Play Courts? The Clerk will speak to Mr T Burden who has not yet provided the quote.

Cllr Mr M Bladen confirmed that he will be attending the Wildlife Tool Kit evening on the 19th March 2013 at Wherwell. Cllr Mrs S Turner stated that she would also like to attend. The Clerk will book her a place.


The Clerk reported that the benches have arrived and that he has instructed Mr Brian Pearce to install them. The position of the benches was discussed and will be forwarded on to Mr B Pearce who will liaise with Mr D Sperry for access to the field.

Once the benches have been installed there will be an official opening and a plaque placed on each bench - details to be decided.


Mr Derek Stubbs stated that he has been pushing for tarmac footpath at the bottom of Hedges Close for many years. The elderly have difficulty negotiating the uneven footpath and there have been several accidents. This was noted

Mr Derek Stubbs also mentioned the increasing problem with dog fouling in the village.


The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.


8th April 2013 in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre at 7.30pm