Minutes of the Shipton Bellinger Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 5th September 2011 in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre at 7.30pm.

Present : Cllr Miss A Reynolds - Chairman

Cllr Mr M Udale - Vice Chairman

Cllr Mrs R Tetlow

Cllr Mr S Bluff

Cllr Mr M Bladen

Cllr Mr G Richardson

Cllr Mr T Bowden

Cllr Mr R Luedicke

Borough Councillor Mr P Lashbrook

PC Roger Kitson

James and Jamie - BMX Bikers

Mr D Sperry - Village Centre Chairman

Richard Waterman - Parish Clerk

Member of the Public - 7

Apologies : Cllr S Turner, Cllr D Davies, Mr M Luedicke and County Councillor Mrs P West.


Cllr Mr T Bowden declared an interest in the Village Centre

Cllr Mrs R Tetlow declared an interest in Footpath 5, Flooding and the Allotments.

Cllr Miss A Reynolds declared an interest in Footpath 5 and the Allotments.

Cllr Mr M Bladen declared an interest in Bulford Road/Watery Lane and the Village Centre.


PC Roger Kitson gave the Reported Crime figures for the period 1st June 2011 to 31st August 2011 and the corresponding figures for the same period in 2010.

2011 2010

Antisocial Behaviour 12 8

Assault 2 4

Criminal Damage 1 4

Suspicious Activities 7 7

Theft of vehicle 1 1

Theft from Vehicle 0 2

PC Kitson reported that the last time there was a reported burglary from a dwelling was in April 2010, non dwelling burglary October 2010 and drug related crimes June 2010. PC Kitson reported that there is an ongoing problem with rowdy and inconsiderate behaviour in Gardeners Green. PC Kitson wished to thank Cllr Mr S Bluff for the hard work and time he is putting into Neighbourhood Watch.

Cllr Mrs R Tetlow raised the issue of young children playing out and not being supervised, this was discussed. PC Kitson felt that the issue is down parental supervision and how parents judge what is safe for their children. The Police can only monitor and take appropriate action when and if the need arises.

Mrs Reeves reported that children are using the river bank by the Church as a ramp for their bikes and there are concerns for their safety as they emerge from the river bank directly onto the High Street. It was also noted that as a result the footpath is now muddy.

Mr D Sperry stated that he was surprised that the Church has not taken any action to stop this as the river bank is their responsibility. Each property along the course of the river is responsible for the bank and he does not allow children to use the river bank in front of his property as a ramp for their bikes.

The Chairman thanked PC Roger Kitson for his report and he is always welcome to attend the Parish Council Meetings.


Mr D Sperry was happy to report that there has been no incidents of vandalism over the Summer. The CCTV cameras have been serviced and the zoom increased, the main hall floor has been sanded and sealed, PAT testing has been completed, new Perspex has been fitted to the notice board, a chairmans honour's board is to be displayed, two disabled parking bays have been painted on the car park and the Playing Field has been weed killed and chain harrowed.

Mr Sperry reported that the team of volunteer tradesmen have started work on refurbishing the Cleaning cupboard and the Village Centre have a new volunteer cleaner. Mr Sperry reported that new posts and a chain have been installed at the entrance to the field from the car park and a price has been agreed to install new knee posts to replace the old telegraph poles along the edge of the car park.

Cllr Mr S Bluff pointed out the parents are often seen sitting on the present telegraph poles while watching their children playing football and would the new posts be suitable for sitting on. Mr Sperry said the new posts had diamond shaped tops and so would not be suitable however he was not aware that parents used the telegraph poles as seating and made a note. Mr Sperry reported that he has had quite a time with the grass cutting this season, Test valley have cut the field on several occasions as the Shipton Rams have let him down due to faulty equipment, the Rams have now had their equipment repaired and have recently cut the field.

Mr Sperry reported that the Goal Posts have not yet been done and the Shipton Rams are borrowing posts until such time as the ones are installed. The Rams have been made aware that there is a Sunday Team waiting to start. Mr and Mrs Sperry have taken over as editors for the Shipton News while Mr C Cox is away.


The Chairman signed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record. Matters arising from those minutes :-

PLAYING FIELD - RECLAIMED AREA - Test Valley Contract Services have quoted 5000 to remove stumps, level area and sow grass seed. Cllr Mr T Bowden reported that the job was not big enough for the contractors he had contacted. Mr D Sperry said that he had found another contractor who may be interested in doing the job and he will ask for a quote.

The Chairman invited James and Jamie who had come to speak about BMX to address the meeting. James and Jamie spoke at length about the provision of a BMX dirt track in the village. A simple track with a few humps and pipes would be ideal, similar schemes have been provided at Alderbury and Collingbourne Ducis. James and Jamie also expressed concern about the safety of the children using the River Bed due to the traffic on the High Street.

The Chairman reported that Mr M Luedicke from Parkhouse Road has contacted her and is interested in pushing forward a BMX track facility in the village, Mr Luedicke is a keen BMX biker and feels that this is a sport that attracts many of the youngsters in the Parish.

The Clerk reported that he had contacted the Parish Council insurers to ask if they would insure a BMX Track. Aviva will insure a BMX Track but there are stringent conditions that apply and a recognised and approved supplier must be used for installation.

The Chairman reported that the Parish Council carried out an in depth report into the provision of a BMX/Skateboard track in 2003. At the time insurance and liability were a big issue and stumbling block, things have changed and it may now be the time to re-look at this issue.

After further discussion it was agreed that :

Jamie and James will look at the cleared site at the top of the field and report back to the Chairman the area they would ideally like for a track. It was suggested that they also look into setting up a BMX Club in the Village.

The Clerk will visit the sites at Collingbourne and Alderbury to take pictures of the tracks and contact the Parish Councils for information on how they set up and manage their tracks.

BUS SHELTERS - The results of the recent questionnaire on the Bus Shelters were :-

12 for the High Street, 2 for Bulford Road and 2 suggestions for Muscott Close. It was agreed that the two Bus Shelters will be positioned at Threadgill Way and the High street.

FOOTPATH 5 - The Clerk reported that the issue of over hanging trees between the Horticultural Shed and the Gardeners Green Arch was raised over the summer. Mr C Wilkins was contacted and has quoted 80 to cut back and remove the offending trees and bushes. The Parish Council agreed.

It was also reported that the pavement from Footpath 5 through to Kingfishers has got very overgrown again. It was agreed that Mr C Wilkins would be asked to quote to clear this back. Cllr Mr S Bluff will then visit the home owner regarding the overgrown vegetation and asked if it could please be cut back, Cllr Mr Bluff will also mention that we have a contractor working in the area and the price he has quoted to do the job.

The Chairman has not yet had a reply form the landowner regarding the overgrown trees behind Manor Close.

HIGHWAY ISSUES - There was no news to report on Highway Repairs or the A338 Traffic Speed Limit Survey. The Clerk confirmed that the order has been placed for the dropped kerb at the High Street/Bulford Road junction.

The issue of regular cutting of the grass at the top of Bulford Rd was raised with Cllr Lashbrook who promised to get it cut with the next few days. He told the Parish Council that it was only programmed in for 6 cuts between April and Oct with no cut during August due to holidays. He was asked for a copy of the schedule for the cuts so the village knew when it was due and therefore could monitor if it was done as at present a kindhearted villager was taking on the mowing when needed and therefore Cllrs were unsure if it was the TVBC who had done the work or not.

CRICKET NETS - The Cricket Net and Mat have been installed and are being used.

QUEENS DIAMOND JUBILEE - The Chairman had no news to report.

SOCIAL HOUSING - The Clerk reported that Jane Rukin from Community Action Hampshire and Donna Wages from Test Valley Borough Council will either come to the October or November Parish Council meeting to give a presentation on Social Housing and to discuss the proposed sites in Shipton Bellinger.

The Parish Council were asked to please inform members of the public what time this presentation will start as it is not always convenient to sit through a whole Parish Council meeting waiting for a particular subject.

The Chairman stated that the agendas are displayed through out the village but additional posters will be displayed when a date has been confirmed. The Clerk suggested that an additional notice board be positioned in Bulford Road for Parish Council information. The Parish Council agreed.

H.A.L.C. SUBSCRIPTION - The Clerk reported that forming a breakaway group is being looked into with Cllr Mr P Lashbrook, there is a lot to sort through and realistically this will not happen until April 2012. In the mean time it may be prudent to pay this years subscription. This was noted.


11/01751/FULLN - Erection of two storey and single storey extensions to provide additional

living accommodation with garages and porch, carport with balcony

over, boundary wall and gate on front boundary (amended scheme

showing redesigned porch) - Parsonage Farm House, High Street.

The Parish Council OBJECTED to this planning application, concerns about pedestrian safety regarding the boundary wall and site lines for neighbours entering the High Street. Parking on the High Street is also of concern.

11/01783/FULLN - Erection of two storey extension to provide 3 bedroom dwelling together

with erection of detached garage - 25 Sarum Close, Shipton Bellinger.

The Parish Council had NO OBJECTIONS to this planning application.

11/01746/FULLN - Erection of two semi-detached 3-bed dwellings and associated works

including renewal of perimeter fence, erection of 2 cycle sheds and

provision of off street parking on site of existing prefabricated garages -

Land Adjacent to Phoenix Cottage, High Street.

The Parish Council wished to study this application in detail before making comment.


Cheques to be issued 5th September 2011- Proposed by the Chairman, seconded by the Vice Chairman. Parish Council all agreed.

Shipton Bellinger Village Centre Hire of Room 80. Grant 2,125 2,205.00

Nelly Plant Hire Playing Filed levelling 200.00

Mr B Pearce Grass Cutting 240, Telephone Box Ref 260, Footpaths 25 525.00

Standing Order

R.N. Waterman Wages September 325.25

Aviva Insurance 97.02

Cricket Nets and Mat 2,364.94

Total 5,717.21


Opening Balance 1/9/2011 = 11,622.57

Plus Income = 10,500.00

= 22,122.57

Less Expenditure = 5,717.21

= 16,405.36


Cricket Nets Balance held 468.06

Allotment Deposit 500

VAT to be refunded 933.08


Cllr Mr P Lashbrook reported that he has been looking carefully at the rural boundaries in the Borough and County Review. TVBC have produce a new Flooding Information leaflet and he will liaise with the Shipton Bellinger Flood Warden.


Cllr Mr P Lashbrook reported that new traffic regulations come into force on the 5th September 2011 regarding parking on zig-zag lines including those outside schools. Offenders can now be issued with tickets/fines by Test Valley Officers and not just the Police.


CLLR MR G RICHARDSON - Asked who is responsible for hedge cutting on MOD land?

Cllr Mr R Luedicke stated that if it is on tenanted land then the tenant is responsible otherwise it is the MOD. Cllr Mr R Luedicke stated that if Cllr Mr Richardson gave him the sites of the offending hedges he will look into the matter.

Cllr Mr G Richardson reported that there is still a problem with parking on pavements and blocking drive ways in Gardeners Green. PC Roger Kitson noted this and stated that he is happy to investigate and will issue tickets.

Cllr Mr G Richardson reported that there is a lot of fly tipping again at the rear of Goodwins Close. Cllr Mr R Luedicke stated that he will deal with this matter.


Cllr Mr G Richardson reported that speeding is a major concern of residents in the village.

PC Roger Kitson confirmed that he now has the use of a radar gun and will come into the village to carry out a speed survey.

CLLR MR M UDALE - Reported that the ground water level in the village are currently at 64 metres (69 metres is the danger of flooding level). Cllr Mr Udale reported that he has contacted Dan Hart at the Environment Agency about the Japanese Knotweed, this has to be sprayed and not pulled to minimize its spread. He had hoped to have more to report but was waiting for Dan Hart to get back to him with a progress report.



The Parish Council were asked if there was any news on the Footbridge on Footpath 14?

The job will be undertaken by Sparshalt College working with Hampshire Rights of Way and there was no news to report on a date for work to commence.


The Parish Council have received correspondence on the following issues :-

1. Removal Lorries blocking the road in Muscott Close and Parkhouse Road causing bus services to miss out the Muscott Close bus stop leaving passengers stranded. The Chairman agreed to contact the MODs Parish Liaison Officer

2. The Church Christmas Tree Festival on the 2nd and 3rd December 2011.

3. Mr and Mrs Woodcock offering to pay for a water analysis after reading reports in the

minutes about Southern Water carrying out tests for nitrates. It was confirmed that

regular tests of the tap water are regularly conducted throughout the village

4. A copy of a letter from Mr B Boxall to H.C.C. Highways regarding the A338 and High

Street Speed limits. The Chairman had already responded to Mr Boxall.


The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.


3rd October 2011 in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre at 7.30pm