Minutes of the Shipton Bellinger Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 7th June 2010 in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre at 7.30pm.

Present : Cllr Miss A Reynolds - Chairman

Cllr Mr D Davies - Vice Chairman

Cllr Mrs R Tetlow

Cllr Mr T Bowden

Cllr Mr M Udale

Cllr Mr M Bladen

Cllr Mr S Bluff

Cllr Mr G Richardson

Richard Waterman - Parish Clerk

Borough Councillor Mrs E Charnley

Members of the Public - Mrs R Flowers

Apologies : Cllr Mrs S Turner, County Councillor Mrs P West and Borough Councillor Mr P


WELCOME. The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Cllr Mrs Tetlow declared an interest in Footpath 5, Flooding and the Allotments.

Cllr Miss A Reynolds declared an interest in Footpath 5 and the Allotments

Cllr Mr T Bowden declared an interest in the Village Centre

Cllr Mr M Bladen declared an interest in Watery Lane/ Bulford Road.

Cllr Mr D Davies - PC Village Centre Representative.

Cllr Mr S Bluff declared an interest in NHW.


The Chairman stated that she had received a letter of resignation from Cllr Mrs G Naish after the AGM. Cllr Mrs Naish has sold her house and is moving out of the village, the Chairman wished to thank Cllr Mrs Naish for her valued contribution during her time on the Parish Council.

The Clerk has contacted Test Valley Borough Council and the vacancy notices are being displayed on the village notice boards.


The Chairman signed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record. Matters arising from those minutes :-

GRIT BINS - The Clerk has still not received anything in writing from H.C.C. on the liability issue. Cllr Mrs E Charnley said she would speak to the legal department at TVBC so see if they could shed any light on the issue.

NOTICE BOARD - The Clerk reported that he has ordered the new notice board for the High Street and a cheque for the deposit will be issued.

HIGH STREET BUS SHELTER - The Clerk hoped the new glass panel will be in place shortly.

ROAD ISSUES - The Parish Council were saddened to hear of the fatal accident on the A338 involving a motorcycle, full details of the accident have not yet been made clear, so it was agreed not to make comment at this stage.

The repair of the pot holes is still ongoing. The Chairman reported that she has been notified that there will be surface dressing carried out on the A338 through the Parish and that a temporary 10 MPH will be imposed. The Chairman has contacted Highways to remind them that new surfaces have been laid at the Watery Lane junction and it would be helpful if these were not disturbed during this planed work.

The Flashing Speed Signs have now left the village and should be back early September for three weeks, they will then be in the village every 9 weeks as the rota between the four parishes will be in operation. It was felt that while the speed signs were in the parish there were definitely more cars braking as they drove through the 40 MPH.

OPERATION CLEAN SWEEP - The Chairman reported that the event was a success and that Test Valley Borough Council had also got involved. It is hoped that this will be an annual event and that more people will come and help as time progresses.

PARKING AT THE ALLOTMENTS - The Chairman had spoken to Carl Atkinson about the reported parking on Footpath 13 and he was going to raise it at their AGM. It was reported that the parking has not been a problem of late.

NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH - Cllr Mr S Bluff said he was not aware that Mrs P Hughes was the Village NHW Co-ordinator and that he will speak to Cllr Mr P Lashbrook about the issue.

BROADBAND - The Clerk has not yet contacted Tidworth Town Council on the issue of up-grading Broadband.

PLAY EQUIPMENT - Cllr Mr M Bladen reported that he has spoken to 2 Companies who supply Play Equipment and is due to hold a site meeting with one of them to discuss possible schemes. Three areas to be looked at are Additional Play Equipment, Trim Trail around the edge of the Playing Field and a meeting place for the Youth. Funding will have to be looked at once we have some idea of costs.

OIL CONTAMINATION TEDWORTH HOUSE - Cllr Mr D Davies reported that he has had an up-date from Chris Doyle at the Environment Agency. Please see attached printout.


There were no Planning Applications to discuss.


Flood Warden - Cllr Mr D Davies

MOD Liaison - Cllr Mr M Udale

School Governor - Cllr Miss A Reynolds

Village Centre Representative - Cllr Mr D Davies

Footpaths - Cllr Mr G Richardson, Cllr Mrs S Turner and Cllr Mrs R Tetlow

Planning - Cllr Mrs S Turner and Cllr Mrs R Tetlow

Education Trust and Shipton Good Neighbours - Cllr Mrs R Tetlow

It was agreed that a Firework Committee will be formed early next year to see if an event can be planned for 2011.

2010 AGM

The Parish Council discussed the 2010 AGM and felt that it went quite well. It was suggested that the loop system be used next year as people at the back had difficulty hearing what was being said. This was noted.


The Clerk reported that Steven Lugg from HALC has quoted 100 to come to Shipton Bellinger for Code of Conduct Training. If the Parish Council wish to expand the training session to other Parish Councils the fee would be 150.

The Parish Council discussed this and agreed to proceed, agreeing a date before the Summer Holidays proved difficult. It was agreed that the Clerk will speak to Steven Lugg to see if he could do the training on the date of the 6th September - the date of the Parish Council Meeting. If this can be arranged a short Parish Council Meeting will be held to discuss any urgent items.


Cllr Mrs Charnley spoke about the water leak in Gardeners Green and the problems Cholderton water have had getting Southern Electricity to come and isolate the power so repair work can be carried out. The Chairman has also been trying to get the matter sorted and has also been in contact with Cholderton water and Southern Electric.

Cllr Mrs Charnley spoke about the 2011 Census Preparations and how Test Valley Borough Council will proceed with gathering the information.


THE CHAIRMAN - Reported that PC Bill Williams has sent her the data from the Speed Survey carried out in the High Street. Between the 29th April 2010 and the 6th may 2010 the average speed was 22.8 MPH, the 85th average was 28.7 with 3 vehicles that could have been stopped. The data shows that there is not a huge problem with speeding in the High Street.

The Chairman reported that she had attended the T.V.A.P.C. Meeting with the Clerk. Susan Tovey the Borough Council Solicitor gave a presentation on the Standards Board and the Code of Conduct it was noted that the new Government are scrapping the Standards Board.

The Chairman reported that the funding for the Cricket nets has at long last come through and will be paid to the Parish Council. The Chairman asked Cllr Mr Davies to check with the Village Centre if they were still happy for the nets to be sited on the playing field.

The Chairman reported that she has been in contact with H.C.C. regarding the Speed Review on the A338. The Parish Council will not be consulted but will be kept informed of proceedings.

CLLR MR M UDALE - Reported that he will part of a Voluntary Week during September 20th -24th and will be doing some work in the school. He asked if anyone knew of any villagers who could do with some help during that week i.e. shopping but he will need to work it around any jobs at the school.

Cllr Mr Udale stated that he has been asked by a parishioner to raise the issue again of the lack of Street Lighting in Sarum Close. The Parish Council agreed but the cost involved due to the cabling having to be laid underground is far beyond the Parish Councils financial capabilities for an additional street light.

CLLR MR G RICHARDSON - Reported that people are still cycling on the footpaths, this was discussed and it was agreed that the Chairman will put something in the Village News.

CLLR MR D DAVIES - Reported that the Village Centre AGM was held on the 17th May. David Sperry was elected Chairman and Andrew Sullivan elected Vice Chairman. The remainder of the committee remain the same.

CLLR MR M BLADEN - Asked if there was any news on the replacement bridge on footpath 14?

The Clerk will speak to Peter Watson at Rights of Way.

Cllr Mr Bladen asked if there was any further news on the Filter Lane on the A338 at the Watery Lane junction? The Parish Council have received no further correspondence on this issue.

Cllr Mr Bladen asked if there was any further movement on the Astro Turf for the Play Courts?

And if it was worth getting out the tennis nets and posts for use this summer.

The Chairman stated that there has been no further discussion on the Astro Turf from the Shipton Rams. Cllr Mr Davies will ascertain where the post and nets are being stored and will get them out so that there condition can be looked at and any repairs needed can be looked at.

CLLR MR S BLUFF - Reported that the area adjacent to the footpath between Kingfishers and Footpath 5 needs tidying and that he will speak to the householder.

Cllr Mr Bluff reported that he has progressed with the task of finding out who owns Footpath 5 and has the relevant forms from the Land Registry, but will need help in completing them as they are not straight forward. The Chairman reported that some progress has also been made on who own the land at the top of Manor Close.

CLLR MR T BURDEN - Reported that the holes either side of the road drain in hedges Close have still not been repaired. This has been reported several times to Highways and the Clerk was asked to report this again to John Clarke.

Cllr Mr Bowden reported that the board advertising the Pub on a Sunday has again been placed blocking the view up the A338. This has been reported to the Landlord of the Boot Inn.


Mrs R Flowers asked if the Minutes on the Web Site could please be up-dated? The Clerk reported that as far as he knew the Web Site was up-to date to March 2010. The April Minutes will be added now that they have been signed, he will look when he returns home.


R.N. Waterman Expenses 86.45

Valerie Court Accounts for Audit 195.00

Mr D Davies Expenses Flood Warden - 3 Years 120.00

The Village Carpenter Deposit for Notice Board 100.00

R.N. Waterman Wages 318.75

Mr B Pearce Grass Cutting/ Maintenance 150.00

SBVC Hire of Room 70.00


The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.


6th July 2010 at 7.30pm in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre.