Minutes of the Shipton Bellinger Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 6th April 2009 in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre at 7.30pm.

Present : Cllr Miss A Reynolds - Chairman

Cllr Mrs R Tetlow

Cllr Mrs S Turner

Cllr Mr T Bowden

Cllr Mr M Bladen

Cllr Mr G Richardson

Mr Steven Bluff

Borough Councillor Mr P Lashbrook

Richard Waterman - Parish Clerk

Members of the Public - 6

Apologies : Cllr Mr M Davies, Cllr Mr M Udale, Cllr Mrs G Naish - Vice Chairman, County

Councillor Mrs P West, Borough Councillor Mrs E Charnley and Mr G Measures -

Village Centre Chairman.

WELCOME. The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Cllr Mrs R Tetlow declared an interest in Footpath 5, Flooding and the Allotments.

Cllr Miss a Reynolds declared an interest in Footpath 5 and the Allotments.

Cllr Mr T Bowden declared an interest in the Village Centre.

Cllr Mr M Bladen declared an interest in Watery Lane and the School Travel Plan.

VILLAGE CENTRE - There was no report from the Village Centre.


The Chairman reported that she has received a letter from Mr Steven Bluff registering his interest in becoming a Parish Councillor. Mr Bluff has lived in the village since 1997 and a keen supporter of village life and the country environment.

The Clerk reported that he has been notified by Test Valley Borough Council that the Parish Council can co-opt to fill the vacancy. Cllr Mr G Richardson proposed that Mr Bluff be co-opted onto the Parish Council to fill the vacancy, this was seconded by the Chairman and all agreed.

The Chairman welcomed Mr Bluff to the Parish Council and introductions were held, the Clerk will have the administration completed by the next meeting when Mr Bluff will become a member of the Parish Council.


Cllr Mr Lashbrook reported that Mr Ray Alborough is coming to the AGM in May and he will take the opportunity to report on the Echo Echo crossing and the proposed improvements to the A338. Work on the project will commence in 2009, the Shipton Bellinger Echo Echo crossing is planned for a start in the summer of 2010, the road improvements are due to start in the Autumn of 2009.

Cllr Mr Lashbrook reported that the recent Planning Application for a Showman’s Site at Topless Hill has been refused under Policy by the Planners, it is not known at this stage if there will be an appeal from the Applicant. Cllr Mr Lashbrook spoke about the aqua that runs under the site any possible pollution would have a devastating effect on the Thruxton Brook, and the rivers it runs into down stream. This site does infringe on Shipton Bellinger Parish and any further developments will be reported to the Parish Council.


The chairman signed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record. Matters arising from those minutes :-

SHIPTON RAMS - The Chairman reported that she has spoken to Tim Sheppard from the Shipton Rams. They are willing to assist the Village Centre with the maintenance of the Playing Field and feel that there needs to be more communication between the two organisations. The Chairman has not yet received any firm proposals from the Shipton Rams regarding the Astro Turf for the Play Courts.

RIVER MATTERS - The Chairman reported that she had spoken to Cllr Davies about the dirty water in the Bourne. Cllr Mr Davies had not received any reports of any additional water being released in the Bourne. There has been a new additional measuring devise installed by Red Villas.

BOURNE VALLEY LINEAR PARK - The Chairman had no further news to report.


COLD CALLING - Cllr Mrs Tetlow reported that a presentation to the elderly of the village from Trading Standards on Cold Calling will take place later this month.

FOOTPATHS - The issue raised by Cllr Mrs P West about an incident involving Mr and Mrs Miller being challenged by a Gamekeeper while walking on a footpath has been investigated. It seems that the Gamekeeper was correct and the footpath is no longer open to the public, it has been suggested that a sign be erected informing walkers.

Mr Bluff suggested that the Village Footpath Map be put on the Notice Boards, this was thought a good idea. The Chairman reported that she has some additional copies of the Village Footpath Map and will mention this in her report for the village news. The Clerk reported that a Footpath Map is included in the Welcome Pack for new residents distributed by the WI.

CAR PARKING - SATURDAY MORNING FOOTBALL EVENTS - Cllr Mrs Tetlow reported that parking on the corner and on the pavements has occurred several times since it was last reported and something needs to be done before an accident occurs.

The Chairman will speak to Tim Sheppard on this issue. It was suggested that No Parking bollards be put out on such events and that the Police are informed so that they can visit the village when these events are held.


ALLOTMENTS - The Clerk reported that he has again contacted Graeme Willis, the Land Agent for Hampshire County Council regarding the County owned land in Shipton Bellinger that has been identified as a possible site for Allotments. It has been a year now since H.C.C. were first approached and the Parish Council were told that a new lease with their tenant had been signed. The Clerk reported that Mr Willis had not got back to him and he had no further news to report.

Mr Thompson, a member of the public stated that there are 32 residents who have expressed an interest in having an allotment and he felt that the Parish Council were not pushing this matter forward. The Parish Council have a Legal Requirement to provide allotments for residents if requested and they are not fulfilling their obligations. It has been over a year and the village is no nearer getting allotments.

The Chairman stated that the Parish Council do not own any land, Test Valley Borough Council also do not own any land in the village, the remaining land, apart from the site in question belongs to the MOD. The Legal requirements of the Parish Council to provide allotments will have to be verified. The Chairman stated that the Parish Council are not against the provision of allotments, but finding land available is a problem.

The issue was discussed further and it was agreed that the Clerk will pursue Hampshire County Council for an answer on the availability of their land. Cllr Mr Lashbrook suggested that the MOD be contacted as they have assisted other villages on the Plain in providing land for allotments. Allotments will be put on the AGM Agenda.

PLANNING - No Planning Applications.


CLLR MISS A REYNOLDS - Reported that the Tidworth Sorting Office parcel collection desk will be shutting on the 13th April 2009. The parcel collection desk will be relocated to Bulford Sorting Office. Members of the public will be offered a re-delivery service for parcels/letters to either home or the Local Post Office - it is not known if there is a charge for delivery to the Local Post Office.

Cllr Miss Reynolds reported that since the last meeting she was invited to a site meeting to discuss the up-grading of Footpath 1, the bridle way running North from the village, crossing the wooded cross belt feature to Home Farm. The success of this project will rely on Hampshire and Wiltshire working together.

Cllr Miss Reynolds spoke about the various funding options that have been identified. Cllr Miss Reynolds suggested that if grants for access paths is available that we should try and secure funding for footpath 5, the Parish Council agreed. Peter Watson from Hampshire Paths has suggested that using the Offenders Community Project to help with Labour may also help to keep costs down, Hampshire paths have used them on several projects and they do a good job.

Cllr Miss Reynolds reported that she has been invited to attend a Plain Action meeting on the 7th April and she will enquire about any funding available.

Cllr Miss Reynolds reported that she has used the 101 Police telephone number and that it works and she was put through to the Hampshire Police. The Garrison annual ’sweep up’ is planned for the 13th May 2009 and Councillors have been asked to identify any areas that require attention in the parish. The broken fence on Footpath 5, rubbish on Footpath 17 at the top of Parkhouse Road and the rubbish mound by Horticultural Shed was mentioned.

Steven Bluff reported that there is a lot of litter along the footpaths in the village. The Parish Council do employ a Litter Collector who is out and about every day, it is very hard to keep on top of this.

CLLR MR G RICHARDSON - Reported that the MOD Forestry Department have cleared an area in the woods between Shipton and Tidworth to the North of the A338, all the Beech trees have been cut down and they have left the conifers. The reasoning for this was not known.

CLLR MR T BOWDEN - Reported that he has been asked by a Parishioner if the flashing warning lights by the school can be turned off during holidays. The Clerk will speak to the school on their return from the Easter break.

VILLAGE GREEN - Work on the village green is under way and should be completed this week.


MRS V WINFIELD - Asked if anything could be done about the state of the track at the top left hand side of Parkhouse Road, in the snow several cars got stuck and were dug out resulting in large holes in the surface, this is dangerous for anyone walking up the track at night. Responsibility for this part of Footpath 17 was not known and the Clerk will contact Highways in the first instance.

MRS R FLOWERS - Asked if there was any further news on the School Travel Plan, she understood that Linda Barrett was coming to give a presentation to the Parish Council. The Chairman reported that unfortunately Linda has several commitments that prevented her coming to the meeting and the AGM, however she will ask for a report that can be read out. Linda hopes to attend a Parish Council meeting later in the year.

MR MARK THOMPSON - Asked why the Parish Council precept has increased by 14%. The Clerk and the Chairman explained the increase was due to the Flashing Speed Signs and a donation to the Pr-School towards their building project. The Clerk explained the other expenditure the Parish Council were liable for - Street Lights, assisting with the costs for the up keep of the Playing Field, Insurance, Litter Collecting, Grass Cutting of the two Grave Yards in the village etc. The Chairman stated that a full financial report is given each year at the AGM.


The Chairman has received a letter from the Hampshire Lieutenancy Office. Shipton Bellinger have been unsuccessful in their nominations for the Royal Garden Parties this year due to the high volume of nominations received from Hampshire. The parish Council have been asked to re-submit two nominations for consideration to 2010 by September 2009.


The Chairman reminded the Parish Councillors that a short parish Council Meeting will be held at 7pm prior to the AGM on the 11th May 2009.


S.B.V.C. Hire of room for meetings £ 16.00

Richard Waterman Wages £ 312.50

Richard waterman Expenses £ 61.70

H.A.L.C. Subscription £ 300.00

Audit Commission Yearly Audit Fee £ 155.20

Mr D Yates Storage Fee - Filing Cabinet etc £ 50.00


The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.