Minutes of the Shipton Bellinger Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 2nd February 2009 in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre at 7.30pm.

Present : Cllr Miss A Reynolds - Chairman

Cllr Mrs R Tetlow

Cllr Mr T Bowden

Cllr Mr D Davies

Cllr Mr M Udale

Cllr Mr M Bladen

Borough Councillor Mrs E Charnley

Richard Waterman - Parish Clerk

Mr G Measurers - Village Centre Chairman

Members of the Public - 2

Apologies : Cllr Mrs G Naish - Vice Chairman, Cllr Mrs S Turner, County

Councillor Mrs P West and Borough Councillor Mr P Lashbrook.

Absent : Cllr Mr G Richardson

WELCOME. The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Cllr Mrs R Tetlow declared an interest in Footpath 5 and Flooding.

Cllr Miss A Reynolds declared an interest in the Pre School.

Cllr Mr Bowden declared an interest in the Village Centre.

Cllr Mr Bladen declared an interest in Watery Lane and the School Travel Plan.


The Chairman reported that Mrs Jean Measures has resigned from the Parish Council due to personnel reasons. The Chairman wished to thank Jean for all the work she has done during her time as a Parish Councillor. The Clerk will contact Test Valley Borough Council to inform them of the vacancy.


Mr Measures reported that the Village Centre Management Committee held a meeting on the 19th of January, the main topic of conversation was the grant from the Parish Council for the year 2009/2010, £2750 will not cover the ground maintenance costs for the year, there will be nothing for the Village Centre itself. The Village Centre Management Committee are very disappointed that they were not consulted, Mr David Sperry the Vice Chairman is researching the history of the grant from the Parish Council and the spirit in which it was given.

Mr Measures stated that he has had to persuade his Treasurer not to resign and he feels that the Parish Council Chairman and the Clerk need to meet with him and his Vice Chairman to discuss the way forward. Mr Measures reminded the Parish Council that they are trustees of the Village Centre and the Management Committee run the Village Centre for them, he felt that the Parish Council do not appreciate just what the VCMC do to keep the place in such good order. The maintenance of the field and the football pitches were discussed, the Parish Council were surprised to hear that a loss is made every time the pitch is marked out for the Under 9’s Football Team.

The Chairman stated that he Parish Council do appreciate what the VCMC do and welcomed the suggestion that a meeting to discuss the way forward.

Mr Measures reported that the new out side door has been fitted to the Fletcher Room and a new light has been fitted to the serving hatch in the kitchen. The hiring charges are to be increased by £1 across the board as from the 1st April 2009, this is the first rise since 2001.

Mr Measures reported that the Under 9’s Football Team is going well, 21 boys attend the training sessions in the Village Hall on a Monday evening. The Football Club have asked if they managed to get funding for floodlights and astro turf if the Village Centre would consider allowing the Play Courts to be used for football training through out the year?

The Parish Council suggested that the Football Club put their proposals in writing so that it can be discussed in detail.


The Chairman signed the minutes of the December 2008 and the January 2009 Minutes as a true record. Matters arising from those minutes :-

ROAD GULLIES - Mr B Pearce has cleared the road gullies in the High Street.

WATERY LANE - Mr Alborough will come to another Parish Council meeting to discuss the issue of Watery Lane and the other road issues in the village. The Clerk will invite Mr Alborough to the March or April Meeting.

PLAY COURTS - The Play Courts kick Boards have now been painted.

FOOTPATH 5 - The Chairman reported that she has written several letters regarding the broken fence but is no nearer to finding the owner of the land in question. A letter, and more recently an email, was sent, to Cholderton Water about the stop cock but a reply has not yet been received.

SPEEDING IN THE VILLAGE - Cllr Mr Udale has the matter in hand.

CHRISTMAS TREES - There has been a lot of positive feedback about the Christmas Trees.

VILLAGE GREEN - The Chairman reported that she had emailed Cllr Mrs P West asking for a firm commitment from Hampshire County Council about repairing the Village Green.

A reply has been received stating that an order has been placed for turfing the Village Green with the County Council Contractor, Amey. The start date will be in early March, as soon as the soil is warm enough to sustain the growth of new turf.

ENVIRONMENT AGENCY - The Chairman reported that she has received the following email from Guy Parker - Flood Incident Manager - following on from the presentation in January.

As far as the MOD situation is concerned they will have some form of agreement with their tenants as to who is responsible for maintaining watercourses. Malcolm Munro has been
in touch with Ian Robinson from Defence Estates seeking clar
ification, we will let you know what comes from that in due course.

Malcolm will no doubt be visiting with whoever is in the frame! Malcolm is in discussion with Mr Edmunds from Cholderton and will be covering his responsibilities as a riparian owner.

It is worth making the point that concentrating on the reach half a mile below Shipton Bellinger is most important, as below that there will be negligible impact upstream within the village. (Think of the river as a gutter not a pipe: if you block the river at the bottom the water finds a level at the top of the blockage.. it doesn't back up much a point upstream at the same level as the top of the blockage) I doubt that works undertaken more than a mile down stream would have much effect at Shipton Bellinger).

Deepening the watercourse under bridges sounds like a good idea, and if silt is removed will help a great deal, But.....care should be taken not to penetrate the bed of the river as this effectively allows increased flow from the aquifer up into the watercourse, (it also means the river dries up more quickly in the summer).
The Bourne through Shipton Bellinger underwent a major clean up in 2003/4 with annual ‘top ups’ since
, we normally do the major clean up about every seven years - so 2010 would be the next time we would undertake this work. Due to environmental constraints (nesting birds, invertebrates etc) and our existing commitments we could not do this kind of work until Autumn this year at the earliest.

Issues relating to multi-agency flood planning are undertaken through the Local Resilience Forum, (incorporating local government, police, fire & rescue, NHS trusts, utilities (including water companies) the E.A. I will refer your concerns to the Hampshire LRF at the next opportunity. I can perhaps re-assure you that a lot of work has been done to ensure that critical infrastructure such as the sub-station are identified and that plans are put in place to protect or bypass them.

Most insurance companies have their own databases of flooded properties: from this they can then determine an appropriate risk. They don't all use the same database - Norwich Union have developed a digital terrain model for example, some use our data, others use past claims If a property is at no risk but falls foul of the post code lottery we can usually help in an individual basis Where our mapping is concerned, we acknowledge that it is not perfect we review it very regularly. However a specific challenge requires the challenger to provide evidence that an error has occurred (that it hasn't flooded in 20 years isn't evidence that a 1:100 year flood plain is wrong!). It is always worth referring the Insurance company to our maps - a bit of bargaining usually pays off - after all they want to do business.


TVN.09/00011/FULLN - Erection of a pair of semi detached houses - Beech View, 90

Parkhouse Road, Shipton Bellinger.

The Parish Council discussed this Planning Application and agreed to OBJECT on the following points :-

1. The proposed dwellings are out of keeping with the neighbouring properties as this area of

Parkhouse Road is predominantly bungalows.

2. The Height of the proposed dwellings will overlook the surrounding bungalows both in

Parkhouse Road and Threadgill Way.

3. The proposed dwellings will block light to windows of the neighbouring property.

4. There is only provision for off road parking for 5 cars, concerns that more cars will park on

Parkhouse Road was raised.


The Chairman reported that she was invited to attended a Bourne Valley Linear Park meeting.

Consultations began in 2001 looking at a country park in Tidworth. This was later changed to become a linear park running along the river Bourne from Shipton to Collingbourne Kingston. The idea being that a linear park would mean being able to walk along the route of the river with points of interest highlighted and links to other walks. A pre-feasibility study was carried out and the project now entitled The Bourne Valley Linear Park project is being looked at again.

One of the other ideas from the consultations was a footpath/cycle path from Shipton to Tidworth. Several options are being looked at and mirror the discussions the Parish Council have had on this issue, it is early stages but quite exciting. The Chairman will continue to attend the meetings and run with the project to see where it goes and will keep the Parish Council informed. The Parish Council thought this good news.


Cllr Mr Bladen reported that there had been an article in the Andover Advertiser about Cold Calling and the availability of packs through Hampshire County Council and Trading Standards. Cllr Mr Bladen felt that the elderly and vulnerable in Shipton Bellinger should be aware of this issue and suggested that these packs are distributed. Cllr Mr Bladen spoke about the packs contents and the Parish Council agreed with his suggestion.

The Chairman suggested that Cllr Mrs Tetlow may be able to help with distribution through the Shipton Good Neighbours. Cllr Mrs Tetlow also suggested that the Coffee Pot may also be a good point of contact.


The Parish Council discussed the forming of a Sub Committee to run and organise the event. The Clerk suggested that a firm programme of events should be agreed by the September Meeting. It was felt that a venue needs to be found and agreed before a sub committee is formed, this was noted and the Chairman and Clerk will start approaching land owners of the few suggested sites.


Cllr Mrs Charnley spoke about a new scheme called ‘Push for Safer Homes’. Grants for additional insulation are available to top up the Government run grant scheme, There are of course conditions attached as to who can apply.

Cllr Mrs Charnley was pleased to report that the puddle in ‘Sam’s’ Car Park has been done.

Cllr Mrs Tetlow reported that a gap has been cut into the hedge to allow pedestrian access to the car park, unfortunately cars are parking blocking the access. Cllr Mrs Tetlow asked if markings could be put down in the car park to stop cars blocking this access route? Cllr Mrs Charnley said she would look into this.



CLLR MR T BOWDEN - Reported that the Footbridge on Footpath 14 is a bad state of repair. The Clerk will speak to Peter Watson at Hampshire Paths to see if he can look at the bridge and advise on the way forward.

Cllr Mr Bowden reported that he has spoken to West Down Camp about the issue of mud on the A338 At Echo Echo. After the large scale exercise that is currently being held special cleaning vehicles will come and clean the road. West Down Camp have advised Cllr Mr Bowden to report any problems direct to the MOD contractor Landmark.

CLLR MISS A REYNOLDS - Reported that the Tidworth Community Area have a Web Site that provides information of events in the area and is linked to Castle Down Radio. Cllr Miss Reynolds stated that Shipton Bellinger have been invited to use theses facilities to advertise village events.

Cllr Miss Reynolds has asked Mr B Boxall if he would quote to refurbish the Notice Board in the High Street, this may be more cost effective option than purchasing a new Notice Board.

CLLR MR D DAVIES - Reported that Katie Jay from the Environment Agency has contacted him

to confirm that there was water flowing in the Bourne through the village. There has been new monitoring equipment installed.

The missing glass in the bus shelter was discussed. The Clerk reported that with the Insurance excess on each claim the Parish Council end up paying approximately 85% of the cost of replacing the glass. It was suggested that it might be a good idea to put the Notice Board in the Bus Shelter, several options were discussed and it was agreed to investigate costs.

CLLR MRS TETLOW - Reported that the dip in the High Street outside Glebe House has still not been repaired, this will again be reported to Highways. Cllr Mrs Tetlow felt that a statement needs to be put in the Village News asking residents to be mindful that washing their cars and allowing the water to run into the road in very cold weather can leave roads very slippery if it freezes.

CLLR MR M BLADEN - Reported that Mrs C Estlick has voiced her concerns to him about the large scale development in Tidworth and the effect it may have on this village. The Parish Council have received a letter from Wiltshire Council stating that as from the 1st April 2009 they will be informed of any development in Tidworth and have a chance to make comment.

Cllr Mr Bladen has received several votes of thanks for the Parish Council for sorting out the hedge on the A338. The School Travel Plan would also like to thank the Parish Council for their support. The School Travel Plan have suggested that Sam’s car park be marked out with parking bays. The Parish Council agreed that this was a good idea.


The Parish Council have received information on Planning 106 Agreements, a copy was given to the Parish Councillors.



The state of the grass verge between the School and Hedges Close was raised, the resident of the property on the corner of Hedges Close has caused the problem by parking on the verge. The Clerk will contact Highways to look at the verge.


R.N. Waterman Wages and Expenses £292.07

KJM Fletcher Room Door £780.00

Mr B Pearce Clearing Road Gullies £150.00

SBVC Hire of Room £ 40.00


The Chairman thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.


2nd March 2009 in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre at 7.30pm.