Minutes of the Shipton Bellinger Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 4th February 2008 in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre at 7.30pm.

Present : Cllr Mr P Marsh - Chairman

Cllr Mrs P Ball - Vice Chairman

Cllr Mrs R Tetlow

Cllr Miss A Reynolds

Cllr Mrs G Naish

Cllr Mr D Davies

Cllr Mr G Richardson

Cllr Mr T Bowden

County Councillor Mrs P West

Richard Waterman - Parish Clerk

Mr D Sperry - Vice Chairman Village Centre

Members of the Public - 4

APOLOGIES : Cllr Mrs J Measures, Mr G Measures - Village Centre Chairman and Borough

Councillors Mr P Lashbrook and Mrs E Charnley.

WELCOME. Cllr Mr Marsh welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Mrs R Flowers reported that the pavement in Bulford Road from the Old Vicarage to the school is full of pot holes that are in desperate need of attention. The Clerk was asked to report this to Mr Clarke at Highways.

Mrs V Winfield reported that there is a large pot hole in Parkhouse Road just past the turning to Goodwyns Close. This pot hole could damage a car as it protrudes into the highway. Mrs Winfield also reported a pot hole outside Phoenix Cottage in the High Street. The Clerk was asked to report this to Mr Clarke as well.

Cllr Mrs West stated that if a car is damaged as a result of a pot hole, Hampshire County Council should be contacted by the owner as it may be possible to make a claim on the County’s Insurance to repair the vehicle. This was noted.

Mrs Linda Barrett asked if the police were present in the village on a regular basis. Cllr Mr Marsh stated that there is a regular police presence in the village. As well as the vehicle patrols throughout the day and night we are visited by the mobile police unit once a month and a policeman walks the beat. The Parish Council had been consulted some time ago about the police presence in the village and this has increased over the last few years.


Cllr Mrs R Tetlow declared an interest in Footpath 5

Cllr Miss A Reynolds declared an interest in Footpath 5

Cllr Mrs P Ball declared an interest in the WI




Mr D Sperry, Village Centre Vice Chairman reported that promoting the Village Centre was discussed at a recent Village Centre Management Meeting. The Chairman had suggested that an Entertainment Sub-Committee be set up to primarily promote the facilities the Village Hall has to offer and to organise events to boost revenue - leaflets and advertising on the website will be looked into.

It was also agreed that the publication dates for the Village Newsletter will change to :- February, April, June, August, September and December. This will fit in better with village events held through out the year.

Mr Sperry reported that since the CCTV was installed it has been noted that there have been fewer incidents of young people congregating around the Village Centre. Mr Sperry spoke about proposed plans to improve the way the Village Centre operated the CCTV system.

Quotes to alter and improve the front door area of the Village Centre are now in and the job is in hand. Mr Sperry reported that the Scorpion Band will be performing in the Village Centre on March 7th and all are welcome.

Cllr Mr Marsh thanked Mr Sperry for this report.

MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING - Some minor amendments were made to the January minutes; they were then signed as a true record. Matters arising from those minutes :-

TRAVEL PLAN - On further inspection of the High Street it would not be feasible to put a cycle route along its length. There are too many parked cars as some properties do not have off road parking, and safety issues have also been raised as a matter of concern.

Cllr Mrs West reported that Highways have looked at footpath 5 and are not keen on dual use: there are too many issues that need to be addressed and the limited width of the path in places only complicates the issue. Cllr Mrs West asked Cllr Mr Richardson to please check with the school to see how far they have got with the Green Travel Plan. Cllr Mrs West stated that there may be a possibility that she could push for the whole of Footpath 5 to be covered with tarmac. The Parish Council stated that they did not want footpath 5 to be tarmac, the surface just needs to be upgraded with compressed scalping with timber edging.

Mrs Linda Barrett reported that the School Travel Plan Working Group are looking at a “Walking Bus”. The working group are meeting with Hampshire County Council on the 12th February on site to discuss various issues and the Parish Council are welcome to attend. Cllr Mr Marsh suggested that any issues from this site meeting are followed up at the March meeting.

Cllr Mrs West spoke about lowering the speed limit to 20MPH outside the school and stated that she would send the information to the Parish Council.

GARDENERS GREEN ARCH - The Arch in Gardeners Green has still not been removed. Cllr Mrs West suggested that the Clerk contact Susan Tovey at the Borough Council legal department to relay the Parish Council’s concerns about the safety of the arch.

HEDGE A338 - The Clerk reported that he has spoken to Mr Tait about the removal of the hedge. Mr Tait has asked for confirmation that the Parish Council still wish the hedge to be removed, as the recent cutting back of the hedge has greatly improved sight lines.

The Parish Council discussed this and agreed that sight lines have improved considerably but the hedge will start to grow soon and regular cutting back can not be guaranteed. It was therefore agreed that the hedge should be removed as previously discussed. The Clerk will contact Mr Tait.


TVN.08/00189/FULLN - Erection of two storey side extension to provide family room, additional bedroom and en-suite, provision of dormer window to front elevation together with alteration to entrance to provide three car parking spaces - 20 Sarum Close, Shipton Bellinger. The Parish Council had NO OBJECTION to this Planning Application.

Cllr Mrs West reported that the recent Planning Application for the Travelling Showman’s Quarters at Thruxton Down has been turned down by the Planners as being totally invalid at this moment in time.


Cllr Mr Marsh read out a report sent by Cllr Mr Lashbrook - attached to these minutes.

Cllr Mrs West reported that Cllr Mr Lashbrook has been working with the various agencies on the problems the village have with the A338. Any alterations to the road have to be looked at in great detail and have to be sustainable. There is no timescale for this to happen, but the building of the Echo Echo tank crossing will have some effect on the process as safety issues on the A338 have to be addressed. The Parish Council will be consulted at every stage. The village will then also be consulted. Cllr Mrs West stated that David Wilson from Test Valley Borough Council has offered to come and talk to the Parish Council about the A338.

The Parish Council thought this a good idea as there are many issues that they would like to raise. The problem is not due to the upgrading of the Echo Echo crossing but the steady increase in traffic using the A338 over the years. Making Watery Lane one-way is of concern to the residents of Bulford Road and the entrance and exit points of the village onto the A338 are getting increasingly difficult to use.

Mrs Linda Barrett felt that the Parish Council did not keep the village informed of the road issues with the A338. The Parish Council disagreed. The A338 has been discussed at meetings for years, there are three Notice Boards on which the minutes are displayed, articles in the Village News and there have been two Public Consultation Meetings in the Main Hall of the Village Centre by the Army on the new track.

Cllr Mr Marsh stated that Cllr Mr Lashbrook had also put a letter through every house in Bulford Road to inform them of road issues. Mrs Barrett said she had not received one.


Cllr Mrs West spoke about Hampshire County Council’s budget. The Government subsidy to Hampshire is lower than to other areas in the country and it is hoped that any increase will be kept under 5%. The Police and Fire Service now set their own precepts.


CLLR MISS A REYNOLDS - Felt that the last Parish Council report in the Village News was too general and a bit misleading, the report needs to be precise and to the point. This was noted.

CLLR MRS R TETLOW - Raised the issue of the right of way in Gardeners Green/ Hedges Close. This has still not been resolved and it has been some time since this was first raised. The Clerk was asked to investigate this.

CLLR MR D DAVIES - Reported that the dog bin frame by the Village Centre had been ripped out of its base by some kind person. The Clerk reported that this has been reinstated at a cost of £50.

Cllr Mr Davies reported that there is a footpath sign in the river bed. It was thought that this has come down stream.

Cllr Mr Davies reported that a flood warning watch for the village was issued on the 24th January and was withdrawn on the 29th January. Ground Water levels are below average at the moment and are constantly monitored.

It was noted that there is water in the river at Tidworth but it is not flowing in Shipton Bellinger. Cllr Mr Bowden thought this may have something to do with a lot of debris in the river bed by the Tidworth Sewage Works. Cllr Mr Davies said he would investigate.

The state of the garages by the Horticultural Shed behind Hedges Close was raised. The Clerk was asked to contact Testway Housing and report that the Parish Council feel that this is a matter for Health and Safety and could they please do something to tidy up this area.

CLLR MRS P BALL - Reported that Mr and Mrs Tidy removed a lot of bottles from the area around Scott’s Barn. This was noted.

Cllr Mrs Ball felt that the Parish Council should start looking for someone to fill the last remaining vacancy on the Parish Council.

CLLR MR T BOWDEN - Reported that he had been speaking to Mr Henry Edmonds from Cholderton Water and he hoped to have the Parish Council visit his site soon.

CLLR MR G RICHARDSON - Reported that a helicopter had landed in Scott’s field to drop someone off, at the time there were people walking in the field and this could have been dangerous. He was not sure if the helicopter was military or civilian.

It was suggested that if Cllr Mr Richardson had time and date then either Middle Wallop or Boscombe Down may have information on what was flying in the area at that particular time, the matter should be reported to them.


Cllr Mr Marsh thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.