Minutes of the Shipton Bellinger Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 1st October 2007 in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre at 7.30pm.

Present : Cllr Mr P Marsh - Chairman

Cllr Mrs P Ball - Vice Chairman

Cllr Mrs R Tetlow

Cllr Miss A Reynolds

Cllr Mrs J Measures

Cllr Mr T Bowden

Mr G Measures - Village Centre Chairman

Borough Councillor Mrs E Charnley

Richard Waterman - Parish Clerk

Members of the Public - 2

Apologies : Councillor Mr G Richardson, Cllr Mr D Davies, Borough Councillor Mr P Lashbrook

And County Councillor Mrs P West.

WELCOME. Cllr Mr Marsh welcomed everyone to the meeting.

MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC - Nothing was raised by the members of the public.


Cllr Mrs J Measures - Village Centre

Cllr Mrs R Tetlow - Footpath 5

Cllr Miss A Reynolds - Footpath 5


Mr Measures reported that the installation of the new CCTV system is nearing completion and he hoped it will be operational within the week. Vandalism has eased of late but the consumption of alcohol by young people has become a problem. On several occasions there have been bottles and metal bottle tops strewn all over the football pitch and one morning the car park was covered in broken bottles which Mr Measures had to sweep up.

Mr Measures stated that he has reported these incidents to the Police and is concerned that if this continues it will have an effect on the lucrative hiring of the football pitches. It was thought that the beer bottles are being bought from Lidl in Tidworth. Cllr Mrs E Charnley said she will speak to the manager at Lidl to make him aware of the problem.

Cllr Mrs Ball was concerned that the job of sweeping up the broken glass was left to Mr Measures and suggested that the Village Centre Committee look into employing a part-time handyman to do such jobs. Mr Measures thanked Cllr Mrs Ball for her concern and will take on board her comments.

Mr Measures reported that the football pitches are well used and providing a good income for the Village Centre. The adult football teams’ hiring fees for the month of September came to £125. The Village Centre Management Committee plans to alter and improve the entrance foyer. Coving will be added and new doors will be installed enclosing the porch so that the young people can no longer congregate there.

Mr Measures spoke about the fire extinguishers. These are now owned by the Village Centre and the new maintenance contract. Mr Measures asked the Parish Council if they could please confirm what the Village Centre Committee is responsible for. Cllr Mr Marsh said he would look at the original agreement and liaise with Mr Measures.

Mr Measures reported that the car park barriers have been the target of vandalism and need replacing. Alternative solutions are being investigated. Grass cutting is another area that needs to be looked at; it may be more cost effective in the long run to purchase grass cutting equipment and therefore this is an avenue worth investigating.


Cllr Mr Marsh signed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record. Matters arising from those minutes :-

TREES IN THE RIVER BED - Cllr Mr Davies has reported that the agency has been and cleared the river bed through the village and further downstream at Cholderton.

WATERY LANE - No further news.

SPEED LIMIT ON THE A338 - Cllr Miss Reynolds wondered if the proposed extensions to the village speed limit on the A338 would open the door to future development past the Pop Factory. This was discussed and it was felt that although further enlargement of the village along the A338 is not in the Borough Plan there would always be a possibility that this could happen in the future.

PARKING AT THE SCHOOL - The parking at the school at pick-up time has greatly improved. The Police have put out bollards and will continue to monitor the situation.

FOOTPATH - Mr C Wilkins will cut down the offending nettles.

101 SERVICE - It was confirmed that the 101 service to contact the Police is not available in Shipton Bellinger.

PLAY COURTS - Mr Measures reported that the 5-a-side use of the Play Courts is in hand.

YOUTH CLUB - No further news.

AFTER SCHOOL CLUB - Cllr Mrs E Charnley reported that she has received several complaints regarding the After School Club now located in Muscott Close. Cllr Mrs Charnley and Cllr Mrs P West are looking into the matter.

FOOTPATH 17 - Cllr Mr Marsh reported that he had no further news to report on the permissive right of way along Mr Curry’s field.

FOOTPATH AUDIT - Cllr Mrs Ball spoke about the Footpath Audit. Although it is still being carried out, several issues have already been identified. Horses are being ridden along the village footpaths which is not allowed, and should be mentioned in the Village News.

The school is blocking footpath 5 during break times by opening the gates across the footpath to give access to the playing field.

The reason for this is the children’s safety which everyone understands, but the footpath should not be obstructed. This will be taken up with the Head Teacher.

Cllr Mrs Ball spoke about a recent article in the Andover Advertiser Village Reports from St Mary Bourne, which discussed the annual footpath clearance by Hampshire County Council. Cllr Mrs Ball suggested that Shipton Bellinger ask Hampshire County Council if they will come and maintain the village footpaths in the village. The Parish Council agreed and the Clerk was asked to contact Hampshire Paths.

HEDGE A338 - The Clerk reported that he has met with Mr C Tait to discuss the removal of the hedge alongside the A338. Taking the hedge back to the telegraph pole as originally suggested by the MOD is impractical as it will open the village to the noise from the A338 not to mention removing a valuable windbreak. After standing at the junction and looking down the road it was agreed that the hedge will be taken out from the telephone exchange box to the crossroad sign, a distance of 25 metres in length. If necessary the hedge can be taken back an additional 10 metres to the tree. This will give a clear view down the A338 towards the High Street junction.

Mr Tait will liaise with the Clerk and Mr Curry as to when he can do the fencing and this will have to be done at the same time at which the hedge is removed. Mr Tait hopes to have a free window in his schedule in the middle of October. The Parish Council thought this good news.

TESCO DEVELOPMENT - Cllr Mrs Charnley reported that the recent article in the Andover Advertiser regarding the Tesco development at Andover Airfield and the comments made by Maddy Winters the Chief Planning Officer were not accurate.

TELEPHONE BOX - Cllr Mrs Measures reported that the telephone box by the church has now had all the glass and plastic panes broken. This has been reported to BT again.

TREES - RED VILLAS - The Clerk has reported the trees again to SEB.

ROAD MATTERS - Cllr Mrs E Charnley reported that major repair work is needed on the potholes in the village and that she is still chasing the Highways Department on this issue.

PLANNING - Nothing to report.


Cllr Mrs Tetlow asked the Parish Council to please consider making Footpath 5 a priority in next year’s budget. This is an important route that links the village and provides a safe route away from traffic. Cllr Mrs Tetlow and the Clerk met with Peter Watson on Footpath 5 to discuss what could be done about the area between Kingfishers and Gardeners Green.

On closer inspection of the area Peter Watson thought that the French drain installed many years ago has possibly silted up and water is not getting to the soakaway that was dug next to the Gardeners Green arch at the same time. The grid that filters the water into the drain was buried under three inches of earth.



After a lengthy discussion and consideration of the options available Mr Watson suggested that Highways be asked if they can clear out the drain grid and raise the level of the path which has dropped by several inches over the years. Mr Watson suggested that an additional soak away be dug in the corner of the field behind Gardeners Green and a drain grid installed further up the footpath.

Mr Watson also stated that when the original drainage system was installed one of the problems was the large amount of surface water running off the field down the ploughed furrows. Mr Watson felt that with the wide grass area that Mr Curry has now left around this field it should alleviate some of the problems with surface water running off the field.

Hampshire Highways has been contacted and has been asked to meet Cllr Mrs Tetlow and the Clerk on site. Once this meeting has taken place the way forward should be clearer and Mr Curry will be contacted to see if he would be willing to allow a soak away to be dug in the corner of his field.

The Clerk reported that grant aid is available from Hampshire Paths and that with Peter Watson’s backing we should be eligible for a grant of 50% of the cost up to £1000. Unfortunately we have missed the 7th October deadline for this year but could apply for the new grant year in March 2008.

The Parish Council must consider financing regular maintenance of this drainage system to ensure that it does not silt up again. All agreed.


The Parish Council was made aware of a recent article in the Salisbury Journal about proposals for a distribution centre for Asda at Solstice Park, Amesbury. The Parish Council discussed this and raised concerns about an increase in Traffic on both the A338 and the A303. It was agreed that a close eye will be kept on this issue and any updates will be discussed as they arise.


Cllr Mrs Charnley reported that most of the empty married quarters in Muscott Close have now been filled and the spate of vandalism has ceased. However a recent incident one Saturday night saw 14 cars attacked. The Police are investigating.

Cllr Mrs Charnley also reported that three vans in the village have been broken into and that she will look into the problem of drinking in the village. She wondered if a Alcohol Free Zone could be implemented.


CLLR MR T BOWDEN - Spoke about the A338 and the increase in traffic over recent years. Mr Bowden felt that a roundabout at the High Street junction is needed and that he is prepared to pursue this matter. Cllr Mr Bowden reported that he is still waiting to receive the information on the number of accidents on the A338 in the Parish.

CLLR MRS P BALL - Reported that the WI will be cleaning the War Memorial.

CLLR MRS J MEASURES - Asked the Clerk if there was any news on reinstating the footpath marker by the Church. The Clerk reported that this is hand and should be in place soon.

CLLR MISS A REYNOLDS - Spoke about footpath 18 and wondered if the Army would use this track to access the plain from the new track that is to be built. The Parish Council discussed this and felt that they could see no reason why the Army would use the track, but would wait to see.


Cllr Mr Marsh reported that he has received a letter from Mrs Gabi Naish asking to be considered for the vacancy on the Parish Council. Cllr Mr Marsh proposed that Mrs Naish be co-opted onto the Parish Council, this was seconded and everyone agreed. Mrs Naish was co-opted onto the Parish Council. Mrs Naish signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office and was welcomed onto the Parish Council.


Mr B Pearce Grass Cutting £95.00

Valarie Court Accounts for Audit £180.00

SBVC Hire of Rooms £8.00

Mr C Wilkins Footpath Cutting £184.50

R.N. Waterman Wages £229.16


Cllr Mr marsh thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.


5TH November 2007 in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre at 7.30pm