Shipton Bellinger Parish Council - Monday 5th February 2007


A presentation from Defence Training Estate, Salisbury Plain on the Eastern Infrastructure Project (Access Track with Hard Standings) was held in the main hall. The purpose of this meeting was to present to the village an alternative route to the one discussed in December 2006 at the initial presentation.

Present : 11 Defence Training Estate Team

8 members of Shipton Bellinger Parish Council and the Clerk

56 members of the Public.

Borough Councillor Mr P Lashbrook

County Councillor Mrs P West

Please see separate notes on this presentation.

The Parish Council meeting was held after the presentation at 9.35pm in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre.

Present : Cllr Mr P Marsh - Chairman

Cllr Mrs R Tetlow

Cllr Mrs J Measures

Cllr Mrs J Tribbeck

Cllr Mrs L Jones

Cllr Mr G Richardson

Cllr Mr E Grimshaw

Richard Waterman - Parish Clerk

Borough Councillor Mr P Lashbrook

County Councillor Mrs P West

Mr G Measures - Village Centre Chairman

Members of the Public - 21

WELCOME. Cllr Mr Marsh welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Cllr Mr Marsh suggested that as the presentation on the Eastern Infrastructure Project had been so lengthy the minutes of the previous meeting should be discussed fully at the March meeting. The Parish Council agreed. Matters arising from those minutes :-

VILLAGE CENTRE - Mr Measures said that he would wait until the March Meeting to give his report on the Village Centre.

POTHOLES - The Clerk had reported the two large potholes to Highways. Work had been carried out to the one outside the Old School House, but this has sunk again and is now a large hole. The Clerk was asked to speak to Highways again on this matter.

WATER ISSUES - Cllr Mr Grimshaw reported that the water levels in the village are steadily rising and being constantly monitored. The village is on Flood Alert, and it is estimated that if there are two weeks of heavy rain we may have problems. The Parish Council is to purchase a supply of empty sandbags and will organise sand, so that if and when the need arises, householders can fill sandbags on a self-help basis. Additional sandbags can then be organised through Test Valley at the appropriate time.

Cllr Mr Marsh spoke about the very comprehensive flood plan that has been carried out for Shipton Bellinger. The Flood Threshold Plan had identified 6 properties as high risk and 24 properties as medium risk. Procedures leading up to a flood are clearly laid out in the Flood Wardens’ Manual.

GARDENERS GREEN ARCH - The arch from Gardeners Green to Footpath 5 was discussed. Questions over ownership of and responsibility for this arch have never been resolved. The safety of this arch is of concern and the matter needs to be resolved.

Cllr Mr Lashbrook suggested that the Clerk contact the police who will raise this matter with the borough as it is a Health and Safety issue. Cllr Mrs P West felt that Test Valley Borough Council has a duty of care and suggested that the Clerk contact Susan Tovey at the legal department at Test Valley Borough Council.

PRECEPT 2007/2008

Mrs P Ball asked why the Parish Council had made a provision of £500 in the precept for the cutting of Footpath 17.

The cutting of the overgrown hedges is the responsibility of the landowners on either side of the path. Mrs Ball stated that she has spoken to Hampshire County Council Paths and they have confirmed this. Mrs Ball asked why Cllr Mr Curry, who is the landowner in question and also a Parish Councillor, did not declare an interest when it was agreed to spend £500 on cutting the hedges and undergrowth on this footpath when it is his responsibility.

Mrs Ball felt that in her opinion the Parish Council had therefore voted £500 to one of their own members. Mrs Ball felt that the money should be withdrawn from the footpaths and spent elsewhere in the parish.

Mr Alan Telfer and Col John Peacock agreed with Mrs Ball’s comments.

Cllr Mr Marsh stated that the Parish Council has for many years put money into the precept to keep the footpaths cut and open. Cllr Mr Marsh stated that if it was indeed the responsibility of the landowners adjacent to the these routes to maintain them, then the Parish Council had been at fault and that, as Chairman, he took full responsibility for the decisions the Council had made. Cllr Mr Marsh tended his immediate resignation as Chairman.

The Parish Council were shocked at the turn of events and felt that they were all responsible. The Parish Council asked Cllr Mr Marsh to reconsider. Cllr Mr Marsh felt very strongly about the accusations raised and stated that he would stick by his decision. Cllr Mr Marsh said goodnight and left the meeting.

The Parish Councillors were speechless and asked the Clerk if the meeting should be adjourned. The Clerk stated that he did not know the correct procedure and asked County Councillor Mrs P West for advice. Cllr Mrs West suggested that an acting Chairman take over the meeting and carry on as there was other business that needed to be discussed.

Cllr Mr E Grimshaw offered to take the role of temporary Chairman. Cllr Mrs R Tetlow proposed that Cllr Mr E Grimshaw be acting Chairman, this was seconded by Cllr Mrs J Tribbeck. All agreed and Cllr Mr Grimshaw was elected acting Chairman.

Cllr Mr Grimshaw stated that the footpath cutting issue will be investigated. The Clerk reported that all expenditure on Parish footpaths has been put on hold.

Cllr Mr Grimshaw suggested that the meeting be continued with the next item on the agenda.


07/00115/FULLN - Erection of 2.75m high tennis surround fencing - Snoddington Manor

Snoddington Lane, Shipton Bellinger.

The Parish Council had NO OBJECTIONS to this Planning Application.


The Clerk reported that the Parish Council has been asked to comment on the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005.

Consultation on dog control orders for (1) not keeping a dog on a lead in a designated area (2) permitting a dog to enter land from which dogs are excluded.

Test Valley Borough Council has sent a map of the parish and has asked the Parish Council to mark any areas they would like to see included within the dog control order.

This was discussed briefly at the January meeting but it was unclear as to what exactly was required. The clerk was asked at the previous meeting to clarify the requirements so that it could be discussed at this meeting. Cllr Mr I Curry declared an interest being a major land owner in the parish.


The Clerk did not minute this item in the January 2007 Minutes and it was agreed that an alteration would be made to the January minutes before they were signed as a true record.

The Clerk reported that Test Valley has confirmed that the Parish Council should identify amenity areas in the parish that would benefit from the above dog orders. This was discussed and it was agreed that the only area to be included was the Village Playing Field where there is already an existing NO DOGS order.


The Parish Council discussed the proposed visit to Cholderton Water. It was agreed that, if convenient with Mr Edmonds, the 2nd April 2007 would be favourable. A Parish Council meeting will follow in the Village Centre at a later start time. The Clerk will try to arrange this with Mr Edmonds.

The Parish Council discussed the need for an emergency plan and whether Cholderton Water had one in place. The recent problem with the water supply had highlighted the problem of communication around the village. It was agreed that Cllr Mr Grimshaw and the Clerk would speak to Mr Edmonds about this issue and see what could be done to help get word around the village in times of need.

Test Valley Borough Council and Hampshire County Council will be asked about their emergency plans and if electricity and water supplies are included.


With reference to the recent avian flu outbreak in East Anglia, Cllr Mrs West reported that there are poultry businesses in our local area. Cllr Mrs West also spoke about the national requirements that are in place in Hampshire (Report attached to these minutes).

Cllr Mrs West confirmed that for the time being the Birthing Centre at Andover Hospital is safe. There are no immediate plans to make any changes to this service.


Cllr Mr Lashbrook reported that if a flood warning were to be issued, Test Valley Borough Council would be quicker off the mark issuing sandbags to the village.

Cllr Mr Lashbrook spoke about the Echo Echo crossing and stated that he has organised a site meeting with the Test Valley planners and the Army.


CLLR MRS J MEASURES - Asked if there was any news on the Village Green. The Clerk has regularly raised this issue with Highways at Totton and is due to contact Mr Erving again to chase up this matter. The Clerk reported that the Threadgill Way street sign is to be reinstated and that he believed that a new sign was on order by Test Valley Borough Council.

Cllr Mrs Measures reported that the glass in the telephone box by the church has been smashed. The Clerk was asked to report this.

CLLR MRS R TETLOW - Reported on Neighbours Unlimited. It is a principal of modern good neighbours schemes that volunteers should be reimbursed for any expenses incurred in providing assistance under the scheme, the major and in many cases sole expense being the cost of providing transport. Having waited for several months, the committee have recently received agreement that under certain circumstances clients in possession of a valid TVBC Farepass will not be expected to cover the driver’s expenses, which will be met by TVBC. Having received this decision we are now in a position to design our systems of operation and accounting accordingly and these are in hand.

The following permanent residents in TVBC may be eligible to have and use a TVBC Farepass :

1. Those aged over 60

2. Disabled

3. Those who are not permitted to drive or are likely to be refused a driving licence for

medical reasons.

Given a Farepass then Shipton Good Neighbours will be able to transport appropriate clients free of charge within Test Valley Borough Council Area, except for medical journeys within Hampshire and neighbouring Counties.

The Parish Council thought this good news. Cllr Mrs Tetlow reported that she would be attending a Neighbours Unlimited committee meeting later in the month.

CLLR MRS L JONES - Asked the Parish Councillors if they wished her to continue doing the report for the Village News. The answer was yes please.


The Parish Council was asked what had happened to the village website. It was recently unobtainable on the internet. The Parish Council were not aware of any problems, however a new webmaster is required. Mr Measures reported that Joanna Atkinson is keen to take over the job of webmaster for the village website.

It was also commented that the January minutes had taken an exceptionally long time to reach the village notice boards. The Clerk apologised; they are usually posted on the notice boards within a reasonable time.

The matter of horse droppings on the village roads, footpaths and tracks was raised. Dog owners are encouraged to clear up after their animals, but there seems to be no law about picking up after horses. The Parish Council suggested that this be put in the village newsletter asking for the co-operation of horse owners.

It was reported that a flashing speed warning sign has appeared by Astor Mews in the High Street. A comment was made that if it was placed further down the High Street it would be more effective. The Parish Council has no knowledge of who placed this sign in this position and thought it might have been placed there by a private individual.


The Clerk reported that the 30MPH signs for the wheelie bins have been ordered and should be delivered soon. Some of the members of the public present thought that this was a waste of time and would not slow drivers down. This was noted. The Parish Clerk reported that the 30PMH signs on wheelie bins is in operation in several parishes in Hampshire and has proved to be effective; only time will tell if it works in Shipton Bellinger.

Mrs Ball asked if there was a vacancy on the Parish Council as she would like to be considered for the role of Parish Councillor?

The Clerk confirmed that there were two vacancies and they can both be filled by co-option.

Cllr Major Luedicke has tendered his resignation due to the nature of his job with the Army and a continuing conflict of interests regarding the development of Tidworth and the effect it will have on Shipton Bellinger. The Parish Council were sorry to hear this and wished to thank him for all the work he has done during his time on the Parish Council.


Utopia Signs 30MPH Signs £619.23

S.B.V.C. Hire of Rooms and News Letter £124.00

R.N. Waterman Wages £229.16

T.V.B.C. Dog Loo Empting £221.28

Mrs C Roberts Litter Collecting £575.00

T.V.B.C. Sand Bags £105.00


Cllr Mr Grimshaw thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.


5TH March 2007 in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre at 7.30pm