Minutes of the Shipton Bellinger Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 8th January 2007 in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre at 7.30pm.

Present : Cllr Mr P Marsh - Chairman

Cllr Major R Luedicke - Vice Chairman

Cllr Mrs R Tetlow

Cllr Mrs J Measures

Cllr Mrs J Tribbeck

Cllr Mr I Curry

Cllr Mr G Richardson

Richard Waterman - Parish Clerk

Borough Councillor Mr P Lashbrook

Mr G Measures - Village Centre Chairman

County Councillor Mrs P West

Members of the Public - 10

Apologies : Cllr Mrs L Jones, Cllr Mr E Grimshaw and Borough Councillor Mr T Southern.

WELCOME. Cllr Mr Marsh welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Mr Measures reported that in 2006 the Village Centre spent £2000 on repairing the fabric of the building due to vandalism. The roof has been repaired twice over the Christmas holidays; the No Dogs sign has been broken and has been replaced, and more graffiti has appeared. The perpetrators responsible are a group of 12 children, mainly girls. Mr Measures spoke about the CCTV system and was asked several questions from the floor about its capabilities. Mr Measures believes that the only way to combat vandalism is to have this sophisticated CCTV system installed and is pursuing grants towards the cost.

Mr Measures reported that following Col. Peacock’s article in the Andover Advertiser a reporter from the Hampshire Chronicle contacted him about the goal posts. After further investigation the goal posts do not need to be changed.

A new tap has been installed in the changing room end of the building, which will make life easier when using the pressure washer in this area.

The New Year function was a great success. The next Film Night is on the 22nd January 2007, when the film “The Queen” will be shown.

MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING - Cllr Mr Marsh signed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record. Matters arising from those minutes :-

HEDGE REMOVAL A338 - Cllr Mr Curry reported that the hedge removal is proceeding.

SPEEDING IN THE HIGH STREET - The Clerk reported that he has ordered the 30MPH self-adhesive speed signs for the wheelie bins. Cllr Mrs West has also organised a quantity of self-adhesive SLOW DOWN signs from the County Council at no cost to the Parish.

POT HOLES - These have been reported and are due to be repaired.

WATER ISSUES - Cllr Mr Grimshaw has sent word that the water level in his well is continuing to rise.

NEIGHBOURS UNLIMITED - Cllr Mrs Tetlow had no news to report.

FOOTPATH SIGN - The Clerk reported that he has organised a replacement footpath signpost for the path next to the War Memorial.

RECYCLING CENTRE - It was reported that the dumping of rubbish at the recycling centre was especially bad over the Christmas period. Test Valley Borough Council were very good and cleared it away soon after each incident was reported. This matter has been put in the Village News on several occasions, but the message does not seem to be getting across.


06/03093/FULLN - Demolition of existing bungalow and erection of detached dwelling

(amended Scheme) - 3 Cosy Bungalows, Bourne Lane, Shipton Bellinger.

The Parish Council discussed this Planning Application at length and all agreed that they had NO OBJECTIONS as it was a replacement dwelling, but asked the Clerk to note on the Planning Response form that there are concerns about building on the Flood Plain.

06/30610/FULLN - Erection of conservatory to side and rear of property - 61 Gardeners

Green, Shipton Bellinger.

The Parish Council had NO OBJECTIONS to this Planning Application.


The Clerk produced a balance sheet showing the estimated results for the year ending 31/3/2007 and the budget for the year ending 31/3/2008. Each item was discussed.

The Parish Council discussed the next year’s budget at great length. The Village Centre has asked for an increase in its grant from £5000 to £6000 and produced a budget sheet supporting this request. The Parish Council felt that money needed to be spent on opening up footpath 17 from the Beech Tree to the A338 (this is a popular route with walkers as it joins up with Footpath 13 and back into the village) as well as keeping the other footpaths in the village cut back and in good condition. £500 for the hedge removal on the A338, £200 for the 30MPH signs and £260 for the emptying of dog bins were also included in the budget.

It was agreed that the grant to the Village Centre would remain at £5000 and that an additional £500 would be held in reserve by the Parish Council to be released if the need arose for extra funding during the forthcoming year.

The Parish Council all agreed that the Precept for the Year 2007/2008 will be set at £17,190. This is an increase of £2,490.


Cllr Mrs West spoke about Hampshire Council Funding and the £23.5 million overspend on adult care. This will have a knock-on effect on the services H.C.C provides. Cllr Mrs West thought that there would be less money for roads, heritage sites etc.

Cllr Mrs West also envisaged that there will be cuts in the voluntary grants. Otherwise it is business as usual at the County. Cllr Mrs West stated that she hoped that Shipton Bellinger would soon get the temporary use of flashing signs on the A338.

Cllr Mrs West suggested that with the large-scale development at Tidworth it might be prudent for the Parish Council to form a working party to look at the plans and point out any potential problems that may arise in the future. The Parish Council thought this a good idea. Cllr Major Luedicke stated that this was part of his job with the Army and that he may be able to assist if it does not put him in a compromising position.

Cllr Mrs Tribbeck asked Cllr Mrs West about the future of the Andover Hospital Birth Centre since rumours abound that it is to close. Cllr Mrs West had no knowledge of these rumours and was sure that the future of the Andover Hospital Birth Centre was assured. However Cllr Mrs West said that she would look into this and report back to Cllr Mrs Tribbeck.

Mr Measures asked Cllr Mrs West if Hampshire County Council had any influence with the Hampshire Constabulary. Villages need to have their local police back on the beat! All those present agreed. Cllr Mrs West also agreed and noted this comment.


Cllr Mr Lashbrook stated that he had good news on the police matter. The rural beats will be getting more cover in the future. The beat will operate from Stockbridge and will get first call for cover in the evenings and weekends from Andover Station.

Cllr Mr Lashbrook reported that Test Valley is working closely with the MOD on the Echo Echo Tank Crossing in the Parish and are looking into the noise issue. One of the problems with statistics for accidents on the A338 at this point is that many accidents are, for one reason or another, not reported to the Police and so are not included in the accident figures for this stretch of road.


CLLR MRS J MEASURES - Reported that the Threadgill Way sign has been knocked down again at the junction with Parkhouse Road. The Clerk was asked to report this again.

Cllr Mrs Measures asked whether the Parish Council could request the installation of resident parking bays at the Threadgill Way bungalows. A dedicated Disabled bay is also needed for Johnathon at number 2 Threadgill Way. Elderly residents are having to park some distance away as Army personnel are using the parking spaces.

This matter had been discussed some time ago. Highways said at the time that this could not be done as the area was part of the public highway. Test Way Housing did not seem keen at the time to assist. The Clerk will speak again to Test Way Housing on this matter. Cllr Mrs West suggested that Johnathon also get in touch with Social Services as they should be able to assist with the provision of a dedicated Disabled parking space.

CLLR MRS TETLOW - Reported that when it rains a large puddle forms in Sams Car Park. The Clerk was asked to report this.

CLLR MR CURRY - Reported that on New Year’s Eve there was a problem with a fallen tree across the A338. From the junction of the A303 coming back towards Shipton Bellinger there is an area running alongside the A338 which contains many trees, about 20 of which are in a dangerous state and need removing. Some belong to Snoddington Farm, and after much negotiation Hampshire Highways have agreed that they are also responsible for those trees on the verge.

Cllr Mr Curry said that he will be arranging for the trees he is responsible for to be removed and requested that the Parish Council please contact Hampshire Highways to ask them to do the same. Cllr Mr Lashbrook stated that the matter was in hand and work would be carried out soon to remove the offending trees.

CLLR MRS J TRIBBECK - Reported that one of the bollards at the school crossing pinch points is broken and needs replacing. The Clerk has already reported this to Highways and the Education Department. Cllr Mrs Tribbeck also mentioned the pothole that keeps appearing outside the School House. Hampshire County Council have been to look at this matter.

Cllr Mrs Tribbeck reported that there was a recent noise incident at Tedworth House. Loud music was played into the early hours one Saturday night. Cllr Major Luedicke stated that this matter was unfortunate and he assured Cllr Mrs Tribbeck that it would not happen again.

CLLR MR P MARSH - Spoke about the recent problems with Cholderton Water Supply over the New Year festivities. The problem was caused by road surface flood water entering the bore hole as water was being pumped into the reservoir. The water in the reservoir became contaminated and got into the domestic system. Cholderton water acted immediately and started informing people not to drink the water from their taps. Cholderton Water dealt with the affected water and after getting the all clear from the Environmental Agency the normal water supply was resumed. Cholderton Water has taken preventative measures to make sure that this does not happen again. Most people understand that this was a one-off incident and is not a regular occurrence.

However there was a lot of confusion in the village and not everyone knew of the problem. Reports that there would be bottled water available in the village were sketchy, and times for this to happen varied. It was felt that communication in an emergency needs to be looked at. Word needs to get round the village quickly, and information needs to be precise and to the point. It was felt that some sort of emergency plan needs to be put in place.

The Parish Council is due to meet with Mr Edmonds in the spring at Cholderton Water and will discuss this matter with him.


MR G MEASURES -Stated that he had received many compliments from hirers of the Village Centre on the excellent Christmas Decorations. He wished to publicly thank Mrs V Winfield for the excellent job she did in making the Village Centre so festive.





Cllr Mr Marsh reported that residents of Gardeners Green have raised concerns about surface flood water coming off Scott’s Field, funnelling down Footpath 5 and through the arch into Gardeners Green. The area in front of 76 Gardeners Green floods and the water will not soak away. Photographs were distributed showing the extent of the flooding.

The Clerk reported that from experience the small drain in the drive outside 76 Gardeners Green leads to a small soak which is unable to take the large amount of water that accumulates in this area. Before Kingfishers was built residents used to dig a channel into the back of the old laundry site to take the torrent of water coming down Footpath 5. This was looked into about 15 years ago and no solution was found. It is obviously time to look again. The Clerk will initially contact Test Valley Borough Council to report this matter.


S.B.V.C. Hire of rooms for meetings £72.00

Mr C Wilkins Clear fallen tree footpath 5 £30.00

Audit Commission Yearly Audit fee £141.00

Mr B Pearce Clear Road Gullies £150.00

R Waterman Wages £229.16


Cllr Mr Marsh thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.


5th February 2007 in the Village Centre at 7pm.


The Defence Training Estate Salisbury Plain Team have confirmed that they will be attending to give a further presentation.