Minutes of the Shipton Bellinger Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 14th May 2007 in the Main Hall of the Village Centre at 7pm.

Present : Cllr Mr P Marsh - Chairman

Cllr Mrs P Ball - Vice Chairman

Cllr Mrs R Tetlow

Cllr Mrs J Measures

Cllr Ms A Reynolds

Cllr Mr E Grimshaw

Cllr Mr G Richardson

Cllr Mr D Davies

Richard Waterman - Parish Clerk

Borough Councillor Mr P Lashbrook

Members of the Public - 3


Cllr Mr Marsh welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the new Councillors.


The Parish Councillors signed the Declaration of Financial Interests. The Clerk reported that there is a new revised code of conduct for Local Authorities. Parish Councils have been given 6 months from the 3rd May 2007 to adopt this revised code, after the six months its mandatory conditions will automatically apply.

As soon as the Clerk receives copies of the new code he will distribute them to the Parish Councillors. The Clerk recommended that if all are in agreement with the new code the Parish Council should formally adopt it at the July meeting.


CHAIRMAN : Cllr Mr Grimshaw proposed Cllr Mr Marsh as Chairman, this was seconded by

Cllr Mrs Measures. There were no other nominations. Cllr Mr Marsh was

elected Chairman.

VICE CHAIRMAN : Cllr Mrs Tetlow proposed Cllr Mrs Ball as Vice Chairman, this was

seconded by Cllr Mr Richardson. There were no other no other

nominations. Cllr Mrs Ball was elected Vice Chairman.


Cllr Mr Marsh reported that the Parish Council have two vacancies. Mr T Bowden has expressed an interest in becoming a Parish Councillor. Mr Bowden has lived in the village for most of his life and has a wealth of local knowledge. The Parish Council had no objections to Mr Bowden becoming a Parish Councillor and all agreed that he should be co-opted to fill one of the vacancies.

Cllr Mr Marsh suggested that due to the time restraint of this meeting it would be better to co-opt Mr Bowden at the June Parish Council Meeting. All agreed.


Cllr Mrs P Ball : Declared an interest in Planning regarding the Planning Application for

Parsonage Farm.

Cllr Mrs J Measures : Declared an interest in the Village Centre.


07/01196/FULLN - Erection of two storey and single storey extensions to provide additional living accommodation with garages on the ground floor. porch, carport with balcony over, boundary wall and gate on front boundary - Parsonage Farm

The Plans had been sent around the Parish Councillors prior to the meeting. A letter from Brigadier T Ball, Alpine House, High Street, Shipton Bellinger regarding his concerns about this Planning Application was given to all the Parish Councillors (a copy is attached to the master copy of these minutes).

The Planning Application was discussed at length. The Parish Council after careful consideration agreed to object on the following grounds :-

1. Concerns that the front boundary wall is being build on the properties boundary and not encroaching on High Street verge.

2. The High Street is at its narrowest at this point and concerns were raised about pedestrians safety. The proposed wall will take away the escape route for pedestrians in an emergency if a car comes to close.

3. Site Lines on to the High Street from neighbouring drive ways are of concern. Cars visiting the Church and the Public House often park in front of Parsonage Farm and cause problems now. The proposed wall will push them further out into the High Street.


PARKING AT WILTON TERRACE - Borough Councillor Mr Lashbrook reported that Test Valley have looked at the problem of parking at Wilton Terrace and have passed the matter to Hampshire Highways. Cllr Mr Lashbrook hoped that there would be some movement soon on this matter.

GRAVE YARD - The Clerk reported that a recent survey has been carried out on the Headstones in the Parish Council Grave Yard. All are in order and there are no concerns regarding Health and Safety at present. The Parish Council thought this good news.

OVER 60íS TEA CLUB - Cllr Mrs Measures reported the sad loss of Vic Ceaton who had done such a lot to get the Over 60ís Tea Club up and running. Cllr Mr Measures reported that Val Winfield has now taken over the running of the Club and asked if the Parish Council are still prepared to held with financing the hire of the Fletcher Room. The Parish Council all agreed that they would continue as before.


Brigadier T Ball spoke about the Planning Application for Parsonage Farm and his concerns about the proposed boundary wall at the front of the property. Brigadier Ball spoke about the effect the wall will have if it is positioned to far away from the house in respect of flooding, wash from cars will just fill the void behind and flood Parsonage Farm, the closer the wall is to the house will reduce this happening, site lines are also a major concern for neighbours.


Cllr Mr Marsh closed the short Parish Council Meeting as members of the Public started to arrive for the AGM due to start at 7.30pm.

Cllr Mrs Ball gave her apologies as she did not feel well and could not stay for the AGM.