Parish Council Minutes: May Extra 2003

The PC AGM was held in May 2003 but will not be approved until 2004. Report items from that meeting of interest to the village, in particular a presentation from the Environment Agency, will be loaded to the website in due course.

Minutes of the Extra Shipton Bellinger Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 6th May in the Village Centre at 8pm.


WELCOME Cllr Mr Marsh welcomed everyone to the meeting. Cllr Mr Marsh stated that as outgoing Vice Chairman he would chair the meeting. The purpose of this meeting was to co-opt to fill the vacancies on the Parish Council and to elect a Chairman and Vice Chairman.


Cllr Mr Marsh introduced Mrs Julia Tribbeck, Mr David Yates and Mr Edward Grimshaw to the Parish Council and suggested that they each said a few words.

Mr David Yates stated that he and his wife have been in the village for 10 Years and live in Threadgill Way. Mr Yates gave a brief history of his working life and that due to recent ill health is due to retire from the work place and feels that he would like to take on a new challenge.

Mrs Julia Tribbeck stated that she and her husband have been in the village for 4 Years and lives in the Old Police House, Bulford Road. Mrs Tribbeck has had two daughters since she moved to the village and before having her children had a career in Catering Management and is now a full time mum. Mrs Tribbeck was involved with the organisation of the Millennium Party and enjoyed the experience and would like to get involved with the running of the village.

Mr Edward Grimshaw stated that he has been in the village for 5 Years and lives with his wife in the Old Vicarage, he spends his time doing consultancy work and restoring his house. Mr Grimshaw now feels that he would like to get more involved with the village.

The Parish Councillors and the Clerk then took it in turn to introduce themselves and give a brief history of time in the village etc. Cllr Mr Marsh spoke about the Role of the Parish Council and the limited powers that the Parish Council have in Local Government Administration. However the Parish Council do control the Village Finances through the Parish Precept and have total control as to how the money is spent, the accounts are audited by District Audit every year and an Audit certificate is issued.


Cllr Mr Marsh reported that the Shipton Bellinger Parish Council had four vacancies and proposed that Mrs Tribbeck, Mr Yates and Mr Grimshaw be co-opted onto the Parish Council to fill three of the vacancies, this will leave one vacancy on the Parish Council. The Parish Council all agreed and Cllr Mr Marsh welcomed them on to Shipton Bellinger Parish Council.

Mrs Julia Tribbeck, Mr Davis Yates and Mr Edward Grimshaw were co-opted onto the Shipton Bellinger Parish Council. All the Councillors signed the Declaration of Office form.

The existing Councillors signed the form to say that their situation regarding the register of Financial and Other interests had not changed, this will be sent to the Monitoring Officer at Test Valley Borough Council. The Clerk gave the three new Councillors the forms for the registration of Financial and other interests.


CHAIRMAN Cllr Mrs R Tetlow proposed Cllr Mr P Marsh for Chairman, this was seconded by Cllr Mr T Bancroft. There were no other nominations. All agreed and Cllr Mr P Marsh was elected Chairman.

VICE CHAIRMAN - Cllr Mr P Marsh proposed Cllr Mr J Tidy as Vice-Chairman. This was seconded by Cllr Mrs R Tetlow. There were no other nominations. All agreed and Cllr Mr J Tidy was elected Vice Chairman.

Cllr Mr Marsh stated that the other Parish Council Officers would be discussed at the June Meeting. All Agreed.

Cllr Mr Marsh thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.

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