Parish Council Minutes: April 2003

Minutes of the Shipton Bellinger Parish Council Meeting held on Monday April 2003 in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre at 7.3Opm. (Approved June 2003)


WELCOME Cllr Mrs Ball welcomed everyone to the Meeting.

MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING — Cllr Mrs Ball signed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record. Matters arising from those minutes:-

VILLAGE MAP — This has now been delivered to every house in Shipton Bellinger.

JUBILEE BOOK —This should be ready for the Village Fete and may even be ready for the Parish Council A.G.M.

VILLAGE DESIGN STATEMENT — Cllr Mr Marsh reported that a V.D.S. Meeting was held on 12th March, a first draft is well under way, another meeting is planned for the 14th April and a draft Village Design Statement will be presented to the village at the Parish Council A.G.M.

Cllr Mr Marsh reported that the Village Design Statement has now been superseded by the Parish Plan a directive from Central Government. Shipton Bellinger will continue with the V.D.S. and bring it to its conclusion.

Cllr Mr Lashbrook reported that in deed this directive has come from Central Government and will be the first of many over the coming years. The Regional Assembly will be coming into force and will have its Head Office in Guildford, Surrey. Cllr Mr Lashbrook urged the Parish Council to keep an eye on this matter, the only way to make the rural areas feelings known is for lobbying at Parish level.

SAFER CROSSING AT SCHOOL — Cllr Mrs Ball reported that the School now has a Lolly Pop Lady and that slight alterations to the proposed scheme are to be made, the changes bring it in line with the Parish Council’s thoughts on the matter when it was first presented. The Parish Council thought this good news.

NOTICE BOARD — The Clerk reported that the new notice board is now in place and was donated by Test Valley Community Services. The new notice hoard is considerably smaller, Mrs Batterby suggested that another notice board is placed underneath the new one so that anyone can put up notices without the need for a key. The Parish Council thought this a good idea and asked the Clerk to contact Mr Pearce to see if he could utilise the old notice board.

KINGFISHERS SIGN — This is back in place.

VILLAGE FETE — The Clerk was asked to book a stand at the Village Fete for the Parish Council.

SAM’S CAR PARK SIGN - The Clerk has ordered the sign for Sam’s Car Park, this will be securely cemented in to the ground when it arrives!

It was reported that the footpath sign by the Church is loose and needs repairing. The Clerk will contact Mr B Pearce to ask him to look at it.

TVN.08688/l — Erection of detached 4 bed dwelling — Former Mission Hall, Salisbury Road, Shipton Bellinger. The Parish Council had NO OBJECTION to this Planning Application.
TVN.05430/3 — Erection of first floor extension to provide bedroom and bathroom over existing single storey rear extension. 3 Bursledon Cottages, Shipton Bellinger. The Parish Council had NO OBJECTION to this Planning Application.


Cllr Mr Bancroft produced a detailed report on his findings on the provision of a Skatepark/BMX Track in Shipton Bellinger (see below). This report contains the information gathered over several months of investigation, the report also introduced the idea of a Teen Park. Cllr Mr Bancroft thanked Cllr Mr Lashbrook for his help in gathering this information.
The Parish Council had all received a copy of the report prior to the meeting. The matter was discussed at great length and it was decided that the Parish Council would pursue the provision a BMX Dirt Track (Dirt Bumps and Track). It was also agreed that when the ground is cleared, space for future expansion of the facility will be included, this could take the form of a Teen Park or some other activity.
Cllr Mr Bancroft will now take the project to the next stage and report back to the Parish Council. The Parish Council thanked him for his continued hard work on this project.

Cllr Mr Tidy reported that he has received a letter from the Environmental Agency regarding the plans they have for Shipton Bellinger and will copy this to the parish Councillors. Cllr Mr Tidy reported that nothing can be done until the water level drops in the river. The Clerk confirmed that he has written to Neil Watson, Team Leader for Flood Defence Strategic Planning inviting him to the Annual Parish Meeting.

Cllr Mrs Ball suggested that the new Parish Council meet before the Annual Parish Meeting on the 12th May 2003 to sort out the election of Chairman, Vice Chairman and other officers. Also the co-option to fill the vacancies must be considered to bring the Parish Council up to strength. The Parish Council agreed and it was decided to hold a short meeting on Tuesday 6th May at 8pm.

Cllr Mrs Ball reminded the Parish Council that they would need someone to write the articles for the Shipton News. This was noted.

Cllr Mr Lashbrook thanked the Parish Council of Shipton Bellinger for the excellent way they ran the Parish Affairs, he felt that meetings were always constructive, views put forward, discussed and decisions were made for the good of the village. He thanked Cllr Mr Tidy for the work he has done on the flooding. ClIr Mr Lashbrook and Cllr Mr T Southern wished to thank Cllr Mrs Ball for the outstanding job she has done as Chairman of Shipton Bellinger Parish Council, he wished her all the best for the future.
Cllr Mr Lashbrook stated that he felt that the Parish Council have reached the right conclusion on the facilities for the Youth, he felt that the Youth need to be encouraged and he wished them all the success with the project, he stated that if he is still a Borough Councillor after the May Elections he will continue to give any support he can to the project. Cllr Mr Lashbrook spoke about the forthcoming Borough Elections and hoped that the Parishes would come out to vote, Parish and Borough Councils are a very important part of our democracy.
Cllr Mrs Ball thanked him for his kind words and for giving his report.


CLLR MRS P BALL - Reported that Testway Housing have written to her asking if Shipton Bellinger Parish Council knows of a need for Affordable Housing in the village. It is now some years since the Low Cost Housing was built in Gardeners Green and there may well now be a need, something for the new Parish Council to look at?
Cllr Mrs Ball also reported that several suggestions from Parishioners on making Watery Lane a One Way System, concerns on the danger approaching this junction for Tidworth direction on the A338 have been aired, especially as there was recently a bad accident at this junction. The Parish Council agreed that this junction has been of concern for several years and that with the increase in traffic on the A338 it needed to be looked at. Cllr Mr Lashbrook suggested that Sgt Philips is contacted and asked for his help on this issue.

CLLR MR T BANCROFT — Reported that he attended the T.V.A.P.C. Meeting at Kings Soinbourne. A presentation on Cycle Paths in Test Valley was given by Mr Alan Jones the Chief Executive. The Test Valley Transport Plan and the Freedom of Information Act were discussed. Shipton Bellinger display the Minutes on the Parish Notice Board and post them on the Shipton Bellinger Web Site and therefore comply to one of the criteria discussed at that meeting. Cllr Mr Bancroft said he would be willing to attend the next T.V.A.P.C . Meeting.

CLLR MRS R TETLOW — Reported that there was a rust old barrel in the river full of wood. Cllr Mr Tidy thanked Cllr Mrs Tetlow for this information and was aware of its presence, he would however take another look to make sure that it is the same barrel they were talking about.


Mrs Flowers — Asked what has happened to the report in the Andover Advertiser? The report for Shlpton Bellinger has been absent for some time. Cllr Mrs Ball stated that she will speak to the Village Correspondent to see if they were still willing to do the job, the Parish Council Meeting Minutes are delivered every month to the Village Correspondent.

R.N. Waterman Wages and Expenses £202.00
Mr B Pearce Fit New Notice Board 25.00

Cllr Mrs Ball thanked the Parish Council for their support over the years and thanked everyone for coming. ClIr Mrs Ball then closed her last meeting as Chairman and Parish Councillor for Shipton Bellinger.

1. BMX Track.
2. Village Design Statement
3. Flooding
4. School Safety Scheme
5. Annual Parish Assembly

Reports Submitted

The Following papers were presented at the meeting and can be downloaded in .rtf format. It must be borne in mind that whilst these are provided for public information and personal use, these are copyright and may not be modified or reproduced in any form without the express written permission of Shipton Bellinger Parish Council.

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