Parish Council Minutes: November 2000

Minutes of the Shipton Bellinger Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 6th November 2000 in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre at 7.30pm.



Cllr Mrs Ball invited Master Tom White to address the meeting. Tom reported that he and his friends have had some ideas on fund raising, these include a sponsored Bike Race and 5-a-side Football. They also thought it would be a good idea to put a leaflet through every door, telling the Village about the project.

Tom produced three drawings (See Below) of a potential Skateboard/BMX area but said that they were finding it difficult to cost as the information is not readily available.

Cllr Mrs Ball thanked Tom and his Friends for the information and their ideas on fund raising, the Parish Council were very impressed and would put money into the Budget for this project. Cllr Mr Leslie suggested that if Tom had access to the Internet, he looked at the Skateboard and BMX Web Sites for information.

Cllr Mrs White reported that she has spoken to Mr K Phillips, one of the Youth Club Trustees, about releasing funds for this project. In principal Mr Phillips thought that at least £2000 would be available but would have to be agreed by the other trustee, Brigadier Fletcher. Cllr Mrs Ball said she would write to Mr Phillips and Brigadier Fletcher on this matter. The Clerk will get an application form for grant aid from T.V.B.C.


Cllr MD White suggested that the Parish Council give some guide lines for the Youth who are going to clean the Play Courts, so they know what is expected of them. This was discussed and it was decided that the courts needed to be cleaned three times a week, one day being a Saturday. All litter and any rubble etc. needs to be cleared and any damage reported to Cllr Mrs White. The Village Centre will provide a large brush.

Cllr Mrs Ball thanked Tom and his Friends for coming to the meeting.


Cllr Mrs Ball welcomed Mr Gordon Measures Chairman of the Village Centre and Mr Roy Price to the meeting.

Mr Measures stated that he had one word for the Parish Council HELP ! the Village Centre is being vandalised at such a rate that it is hard to keep up with the repairs, let alone the cost.

There have been fires lit in the entrance and even lighted paper pushed under the door to try and catch the floor tiles alight, in areas the mortar is being chipped away and the bricks are being dug out of the frame work of the building, the wall surrounding the ramp leading to the entrance has been knocked down and the base of the ramp itself. now exposed, is being dug away so will soon collapse.

Mr Measures had to hire a skip to get the bricks from the damaged wall away as these were being thrown at the Village Centre Roof and across the Playing Field. The Play Courts have not escaped the vandalism, the tennis nets and posts have been damaged and the courts are littered with rubble, due to this they have been locked. At the start of every day a clearing up job is needed before the Day to Day running of the Village Centre can begin.

Mr Measures was sorry to say that it is the Youth who are doing this damage (children between the age of 8 to 16) between the hours of 7 and 11pm. Mr Measurers feels that there are several ways to combat this vandalism and proposed that :-

  1. The Youth Shelter should be knocked down to deter the youth from congregating around the Village Centre.
  2. C.C.T.V. needs to be installed sooner rather than later.
  3. Removable Security Screens need to be fixed to the entrance way to stop the Youth from congregating in the porch.
  4. Extra High Security Lighting needs to be installed to Flood the area around the Village Centre with light, this could be extended to the Play Courts.
Mr Measures has reported the vandalism to the Police, who do not seem interested. By the time the Police arrive on the site, the culprits have gone and no one has seen anything! The Fish and Chip Van being on site has helped a little but as soon as it leaves the site the vandalism starts. The Village Centre is not covered on its insurance policy for the damage caused to the wall.

Mr Measures stated that he has retired and the job of Village Centre Chairman is voluntary, while enjoyable it is taking a lot of his time dealing with the constant vandalism, this is time he could be doing other things. He asked if the Parish Council had any comments to make on this matter?

The Parish Council was sorry to hear that vandalism has got so bad and agreed that it could not be allowed to carry on. This was discussed and the following points noted :-

  1. The Youth Shelter was built to encourage the Youth from hanging around in the Village Centre Door Way. Demolishing it was not an option at the moment.
  2. The Parish Council backs the use of C.C.T.V. and feels that when a culprit is caught on camera a prosecution must follow to set an example. Signs warning of prosecution must also be displayed around the Village Centre.
  3. The Parish Council felt that the Village Centre must ensure that they are insured against vandalism, unfortunately a fact of modern day life.
  4. Cllr Mrs Ball will write to the Police regarding the response time and their attitude to the problems the Village Centre are facing with the youth.
  5. The Play Courts must be unlocked as part of the Grant Conditions is that they must be open at all times. It is hoped that now Tom White and his friends are cleaning the Courts things might improve as they will keep any eye on them.
  6. Cllr Mr Leslie suggested a P.I.R. that operates a camera and flash to take pictures when someone gets within a pre-set distance. Mr Measures liked this idea and would speak to Cllr Mr Leslie after the meeting.
  7. It was also suggested that employing a Security Firm on a part time basis to patrol the Village Centre could be looked into. It was thought that a Security Firm could be employed to cover the duration of the landscaping work on the Play Courts. The Clerk was asked to find out the cost involved.
Cllr Mrs Ball stated that the Parish Council is behind the Village Centre in putting a stop to this vandalism. Mr Measures thanked the Parish Council. this is what he came to hear, and that with their help he was determined to get on top of this problem.

MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING - Cllr Mrs Ball signed the minutes of the previous meeting its a true record. Matters arising from those minutes :-

YOUTH SHELTER - Cllr Mr Leslie reported that he has had no response from the Youth for the painting of the Youth Shelter.

STREET LIGHT SARUM CLOSE - The Clerk reported that H.C.C. have written to the Parish Council's asking for applications to join the Street Lighting Scheme for the 2001/2002 period, applications have to be in by April 2001. This is a 50/50 scheme financed by matching Parish Council funds. The Clerk suggested that the Parish Council apply to have two Street Lights installed in Sarum Close, one between Hedges Close and the light at the top of Sarum and one between this light and Muscot Close. The Parish Council thought this a good idea.

BEST VALUE - Cllr Mrs Ball has met with Cllr Mr Barnetson to talk through Best Value, Cllr Mr Barnetson has produced a user friendly document, this will be discussed at the next meeting.

D.E.R.A. - BOSCOMBE DOWN - Cllr Mrs Ball reported that objection letters have been sent, other Parish Council's in the ward have been notified and have also written and Sir George Young has also written to the M.O.D.

VILLAGE DESIGN STATEMENT - Cllr Mr Mach reported that due to pressure of work he has got no further with the Design Statement and will resume in the New Year.

TRAFFIC ISSUES - Cllr Mrs Ball reported that she has had no further correspondence from Mr Jim Soutar and will telephone him to see if there is any progress from the site meeting.


TVN.03425/2 - Erection of single and two storey extensions to provide utility room and single garage with master bedroom and en-suite over, together with new vehicular access. Berriedale, Bulford Road, Shipton Bellinger.

TVN.06144/1 - Erection of first floor extension to provide bedroom and formation of balcony over existing kitchen at rear. - 15 Gilberts Green. Shipton Bellinger.

The Parish Council had no objection to these Planning Applications.


The Clerk produced an amended set of Grave Yard Rules to include item 15 - Raised Kerbs - these must not be more that 6 inches high, 3 foot in width and 7 Foot in length. Cllr MD Ball signed the amended Rules, these will be sent to all the Undertakers.

2001/2002 PRECEPT.

Cllr Mrs Ball and the Clerk will produce a Budget sheet for the next meeting and asked the Parish Council to decide what projects they would like to be included in the budget. This was discussed and the following will be worked into the 2001/2001 Budget for approval at the December Meeting.


The cost of providing Security at the Village Centre will be discussed at the December meeting to see if this should be included in the Precept as a separate item.


CLLR MRS BALL - Reported that Thruxton Parish Council are looking into holding a Councillor Training Session some time in the New Year, this will be run in conjunction with H.A.P.T.C., and has asked if any of Shipton Bellinger Parish Council would like to attend? All the parish councillors felt that they would like to attend this training session.

CLLR MR A LESLIE - Reported that he has received a concern from a Parishioner regarding the quality of the water running through the Village in the River Bourne. There has been talk of sewage leaking into the River from the Pumping Station at Tidworth. The Clerk was asked to contact Southern Water to ask them to do a water sample, the results can then be put on the Parish Council Notice Board.


The Parish Council has received two letters regarding the Fish and Chip Van. One complaining about it being parked in Kingfishers - this is not a Parish Council matter and should be taken up with the Borough Council. The other letter concerning the danger of Cars parking on the road by the Village Centre when the Fish and Chip Van is open - This will be passed on to the Village Centre, it was suggested that the gates to the car park are opened when the Fish and Chip Van is on site to alleviate this problem.

Mr B Pearce Grass Cutting £135.00
S.B.V.C. Grant £100.00
R.N. Waterman Wages and Expenses £145.05
T.V.B.C. Grass Cutting £60.00


  1. Millennium Pillars.
  2. Bus Shelter.
  3. Sarum Close Street Light.
  4. Play Court Landscaping.
  5. Village Design Statement.
  6. Traffic Issues.
  7. Responsibilities of the Village Centre/Parish Council.
  8. 2001/2002 Precept.
  9. Skateboard/BMX Project.

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