Parish Council Minutes: October 2000

Minutes of the Shipton Bellinger Parish Council Meeting little on Monday 2nd October 2000 in the Village Centre, Fletcher Room at 7.30pm.




Cllr Mrs Ball invited the Youth to speak to the Parish Council. Master Tom White addressed the Parish Council and stated that the Youth of the Village would like the Parish Council to consider the possibility of building a Skateboard/BMX track on the Playing Field, and made the following points : -

All though the Play Courts are an excellent facility for the Village they do not offer much for the under Teens.

There is no area in the Village set aside for Skateboards Roller Blades and BMX Bikes and the Youth are frowned upon for using the Village Centre Car Park and Pavements.

The nearest purpose built Skateboard/BMX is in Andover. It is not always convenient for parents to take you there and there is no other transport in the evenings/week-ends.

The Youth feel that there is space to build a Track in the area of land past the Play Area along the hedge, the hedge is very thick and could be trimmed back to provide the land needed.

The Youth in the Village would be prepared to help with Fund Raising and Physical Work.

Cllr Mrs Ball thanked Tom White for a well prepared presentation and asked the Parish Council for their views of this request. This was discussed and the Parish Council felt that the project was worth looking into, Grants might be available and the Army may also be able to help.

Cllr Mrs Ball asked the Youth to look into what they would like to see in a Skateboard/BMX Park and if possible to get an idea of the cost involved and how they could contribute to the cost. The Parish Council will also look at costs and if grant aid is available and from who. Cllr Mrs White will be the liaison between the Youth and the Parish Council . Cllr Mrs Ball thanked the Youth for attending the meeting.

PLAY COURTS - Cllr Mr Leslie has spoken to the Youth about the Parish Council's idea of a Part Time Job keeping the Play Courts tidy and free from litter. Master Tom White and two of his friends are interested in doing the job. This was discussed and the Parish Council agreed to pay 25 a month in total for this job starting in October 2000. Tom White thought that this money could be put towards the Skateboard/BMX track and would discuss the matter with his friends.

VILLAGE CENTRE - Nothing to report.

MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING - Cllr Mrs Ball signed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record. Matters arising from those minutes : -

PARISH PATHS PARTNERSHIP - Cllr Mrs Ball explained that she has four names interested in taking the training course for use of Grass Cutting Equipment, it is hoped that a course can be organised for early next year. The Clerk will inform the P.P.P. Officer at H.C.C.

YOUTH SHELTER - Cllr Mr Leslie reported that the Youth are interested in a collective design for the painting of the Youth Shelter, but progress is slow.


VILLAGE DESIGN STATEMENT - Cllr Mr Marsh reported that he has spoken to T.V.B.C. about holding a Public Consultation Meeting for the Village Design Statement. The Test Valley Team suggested that two open sessions are held, one on an evening and the other at a weekend to introduce the idea. This will be followed by a workshop at. which two teams (New Residents and Old Residents) are asked to take photographs of what they feel are important areas of the Village. The results are compared and the photographs discussed, Cllr Mr Marsh and his team will look at this and will agree on dates. An introduction to this will be placed in the Village News, a draft was given to the Parish Councillors.

MUSCOT PLAY AREA - Cllr Mrs Ball reported that the Army is not keen to see this Play Area closed. The Army is to install high fencing to their properties bordering the Play Area, it is hoped that this will cut some of the noise and provide privacy. The installation of C.C.T.V has also been mentioned, the Military and Civilian Police have been asked to include the Play Area in their beat.

GRAVE YARD WHEELY BIN - The Clerk has asked T.V.B.C. to remove the Wheely Bin in the Parish Council Grave Yard . The Litter Bin on the corner of Goodwins Close is also to be removed, the Children keep pulling it off the lamppost and it is again laying on the ground.

BUS SERVICE - SWINDON TO ANDOVER - Cllr Mrs Saunders reported that Stage Coach were the only tender for the route. Due to the cost this service will not be running. The Parish Council thought this a shame.

BEST VALUE - Cllr Mr Barnetson produced another document on Embracing Best Value - A Suggested Approach. This was discussed, the Parish Council agreed that a statement needed to be made on the Parish Council's adoption of Best Value, but to what extent and detail need to be looked into further. The feeling was that a basic Statement should be produced, this can be added to if the need arises.

VISIT TO COUNTY SURVEYORS DEPARTMENT - Cllr Mr Barnetson reported that he attended the open evening on 5th September 2000 in Winchester. The evening was hosted by John Elkins., Hampshire County Surveyor. His department is responsible for :-

  1. Highway Maintenance
  2. Traffic Management
  3. Bridges
  4. Transport Policy
  5. Passenger Transport etc
  6. Waste Disposal

The main focus is sustainability and to invest in people's understanding in changing the way we live. Items discussed at the open evening were :-

  1. Passenger Transport
  2. Network Management
  3. Transport Policy
  4. Traffic Management and Road Safety

Cllr Mrs Ball thanked Cllr Mr Barnetson for his report.

PLANNING - Nothing to report.

Cllr Mrs Ball stated that she has been informed that there are big expansion plans for DERA Boscombe Down, but has no firm details of this expansion and how it will effect the village. Cllr Mrs Ball will find out what is planned for the site and will keep the Parish Council informed of any developments.


Cllr Mrs Ball has written to Mr Hammond, Planning Office, Salisbury District Council.


Cllr Mrs Ball reported that at the site meeting with Mr Jim Soutar from H.C.C. Traffic Management Team on Thursday 21st September the following points were discussed :-

  1. Shipton Bellinger Primary School - The problems with parking were looked at, Mr Soutar felt that improvements could be made under the Safety to School scheme. Funding is available from the Government for such projects and he will look into this.
  2. Millennium Pillars - Mr Soutar thought that the Pillars when built would help to define the Speed Limit area and would be an asset to the Village.
  3. Reduction of the 40 MPH Speed Limit to 30 MPH.
  4. The Junction of the High Street and the A338 - Mr Soutar looked at this junction and stated that there is enough room to make some improvements but dismissed the idea of a mini roundabout.

Cllr Mrs Ball stated that Mr Soutar will put his findings in writing to the Parish Council, when these are received the Parish Council can then decide what action to take. However Mr Soutar stated that the lack of money available for improvements is a big factor of any future work, he also pointed out that the cost of administration on some of the improvements will be greater that the cost of the actual work !


Cllr Mrs Ball asked the Parish Council for any projects they felt should be included in the 2001/2002 Budget. This was discussed and the Parish Council felt that money should be set aside for the Skate Park, Millennium Pillars, Village Design Statement and Traffic Measures. This will be discussed further at the November Meeting.


CLLR MR A LESLIE - Reported that the Street Light opposite the Shop in Parkhouse Road is out and has been reported to H.C.C. Lighting Department.

CLLR MR G BARNETSON - Reported that the 40 MPH sign on the A338 from Tidworth Direction is bent into the hedge. The Clerk will report this to the Highways Department.

Cllr Mr Barnetson stated that it was nice to see the Fish and Chip Van in the Village Centre Car Park and it is proving a big hit with the Village. The Parish Council agreed.

PARISH COUNCIL GRAVE YARD - The Clerk reported that he has received several requests from relatives who have loved ones buried in the Grave Yard, to be allowed to plant out the graves and to put a raised stone edging around the plot. Comments have been made that people would like to see the grave yard take on a more formal approach to unite it with the older Church Grave Yard.

This was discussed and it was decided to allow the inclusion of stone edging and the planting of the Grave . This will be monitored by the Parish Council and if a grave is allowed to become overgrown then the family will be asked to return it to grass. The. dimensions of the allowed enclosure will be written into the Grave Yard Rules, this must allow for ease of mowing between the Graves.


S.B.V.C Half Year Payment and Grant 1,600.00
S.B Village News Grant 100.00
Mr B. Pearce Grass Cutting 155.00
R.N. Waterman Wages 133.35


  1. Millennium Pillars
  2. Bus Shelter
  3. Sarum Close Lighting
  4. Play Court Landscaping
  5. Village Design Statement
  6. Youth Shelter Painting
  7. Traffic Issues
  8. Responsibilities of the Village Centre/Parish Council
  9. Skateboard/BMX Project
  10. 2001/2002 Precept

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