Parish Council Minutes: September 2000

Minutes of the Shipton Bellinger Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 4th September 2000 in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre at 7.30pm



WELCOME - Cllr Mrs Ball welcomed everyone to the meeting..

VILLAGE CENTRE - Nothing to report.

MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING - Cllr Mr Barnetson pointed out that any alterations to the previous meeting's minutes, should be minuted on the minutes of the meeting at which they were altered. Cllr Mrs Ball pointed out that any corrections are made to the minutes before she signs them and are kept on fïle, however the Parish Council could see his point and this will be done in future if the need arises.

Cllr Mrs Ball signed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record. Matters arising from those minutes :-

PLAY COURTS - The Clerk reported that Courtstall have quoted £2,300 plus VAT to install a Root Barrier, 3 x 2m x 1m concrete bases for benches and a Tarmac path from the Car Park to the Play Courts. The Clerk reported that due to the extra work involved in providing a Root Barrier, the quotes £500 more than the Landscaping Budget left from the Play Court Project.

The Parish Council agreed that this work needed to be done and authorised the Clerk to proceed with placing the work order with Courtstall.

PARISH PATHS PARTNERSHIP - Cllr Mrs Ball reported that there are several willing volunteers in the village who would like to get involved with keeping the footpaths clear. Names will be gathered and sent to the P.P.P. in Winchester so that a training course can be organised.

BUS SHELTER - The clerk reported that the order for the Bus Shelter in Parkhouse Road has been confirmed and work will commence in between the end of September and early November

YOUTH SHELTER - Cllr Mr Leslie reported that to date he has had no response from the Youth of the Village to the Design a Picture to decorate the Youth Shelter Competition. The closing date was the 3rd September 2000. Cllr Mr Leslie will speak to the Youth and will report back at the next meeting.

STREET LIGHT IN SARUM CLOSE - The Clerk reported that he has been in contact with the Street Lighting Department at H.C.C. regarding the extra Street Light in Sarum Close. Problems with getting the electricity supply to the light has meant that the project will be expensive, unfortunately due to regulations and the distance between Street lights it looks as though the cable will have to be laid under ground, this adds to the cost. The Street Lighting Department is still investigating if there can be an alternative route for the supply.

The Clerk suggested another possibility. that has been done in other Villages with the same sort of problem, is a House Holder agrees to have a security light placed on their house, this is placed in a position that will light up the pavement when someone walks past. the installation and running cost estimated at £10 a year is financed by the Parish Council. The Parish Council thought that this was an avenue worth looking at if H.C.C. can not provide a Street Light at a reasonable cost.

VILLAGE DESIGN STATEMENT - Cllr Mr Marsh reported that he is to contact the Test Valley Team to organist an ''Open Session'' meeting with the Village, and hoped that this will take place in late September or October. Several Villages have now completed a Village Design Statement and the Sub Committee has obtained copies from T.V.B.C. they make interesting reading and shows how information has been recorded.

MIILLENNIUM PILLARS - Cllr Mrs Ball reported that unfortunately the Application for funding to the National Lottery has not been successful and that Mr Brian Boxall has re-applied. Cllr Mrs Ball suggested that the Parish Council look at the Millennium Pillars as a possible project for the 2001/2002 Budget when it is discussed in November. Additional funding could be obtained from sponsorship from Local Firms and 'Buy a Brick'.

PARKING AT THE SCHOOL - The parking problems at the end of last term seems to have sorted itself out, bollards have been obtained, these are placed in the road and the Village Centre Car Park is now left open for parents to park their cars.

BEECH TREE - There have been no more reported incidents at. the Beech Tree, the Children have now moved to the Muscot Play area and are causing problems for the residents in this area now. The Army and the police have been made aware of the situation.

WARD BOUNDARIES - Cllr Mr Baxter has informed the Parish Council that the Boundaries Commission has agreed that Appleshaw and the Pentons will join the Tedworth Ward and will be called Penton Bellinger Ward.

WHEELY BIN IN THE GRAVE YARD - The Clerk has asked T.V.B.C. to remove this Wheely Bin as it has become unsightly and now has no wheels or lid. Visitors to the Grave Yard will in future have to use the Green Wheely Bin by the Telephone Box.

YOUTH CLUB - Cllr Mrs Ball reported that the Shipton Bellinger Youth Club has now disbanded, but hopes to get someone interested in starting it up again. The Parish Council thought this a shame as it provided much needed organised activities for the Youth of the Village.

BUS SERVICE - SWINDON TO ANDOVER - Cllr Mrs Ball reported that thanks to Cllr Mrs Saunders bringing this matter to the Parish Council's attention, it looks as though a regular Hourly Bus Service from Shipton Bellinger to Andover, without the need to change at Tidworth will soon be starting. Cllr Mr Baxter has been asked to try to persuade T.V.B.C. to subsidise this route in partnership with H.C.C. The contractor for this route is out to tender.

PLANNING - Nothing to report .


Cllr Mrs Ball reported that Mr Jim Soutar from the H.C.C. Traffic Management Team has agreed to meet the Parish Council on Thursday 21st September at 1pm at Alpine House, High Street and asked who would like to attend this meeting? Cllr Mrs Tetlow, Cllr Mrs Ball and Cllr Mr Leslie will meet with Mr Soutar.

Cllr Mrs Ball reported that she has spoken to Mr Soutar on the telephone and has written to the Traffic Management Department on the issues the Parish Council are concerned about, her impression from the feedback from these contacts is that the lack of funding will be a major issue of any finding from this site meeting.

Cllr Mrs Ball suggested that after the site meeting she will get details on what funding is available and if grants etc can be obtained. This can then be discussed at the October meeting.

Cllr Mr Barnetson has compiled a document on Shipton Bellinger Traffic Issues, he reported on this document and that he had obtained the specifications from the H.C.C. Speed Limit Policy Review. The Parish Council felt that this would come in useful when discussing the Traffic Issues with H.C.C.

Cllr Mrs Ball reported that Cllr Mr Pat Pierce is behind the Parish Council on this issue and would like to be kept informed of any progress with the Traffic Management Department.


Cllr Mr Barnetson reported on the Embracing Best Value Report he has compiled.

The Parish Council agreed to undertake to provide Best Value in its dealings. They felt that they are on the right road to achieving this, a lot of points Cllr Mr Barnetson highlighted are already being undertaken.

Cllr Mrs Ball asked the Parish Councillors to make a list of what items they think should be covered in Best Value practice, for discussion at the next meeting and thanked Cllr Mr Barnetson for his report.


Cllr Mrs Ball reported that Mr and Mrs Tidy, 4 O1d Farmhouse Close have written to the Parish Council regarding the growth of the trees in recent years and the immediate threat to their property. Mr and Mrs Tidy have suggested that a severe pruning by a qualified tree surgeon would seem the only course of action and enclosed an estimate for the work from Witt Tree Services :-

  1. Fell to ground level 3 No. Pine Trees
  2. Fell to ground level 1 No. Dead Elm Tree
  3. Reduce height of 4 No. Sycamores with the reduction of growth to property side as needed to give adequate clearance
  4. Chip and remove all debris from site.
Total £358.00 plus VAT The Parish Council discussed this and agreed that before anything could be agreed that a second quote must be obtained. The Clerk was asked to contact Mr Tony Ponting from A.J.P. Forestry Contractors to ask him to look at the problem and suggest what work would be needed and to give a price. Cllr Mrs Ball will inform Mr and Mrs Tidy of the Parish Council comments.


CLLR MR P MARSH - Reported that he has given up using the Play Courts and has made alternative arrangements to play tennis. This is due to the constant vandalism, broken glass and rubbish the Play Courts attract from the Youth of the Village. The Tennis nets and the winding mechanism have been the latest victims.

The Parish Council was sorry to hear this, a lot of work went into providing this facility for the Village, and past experience in other areas has shown that locking the Play Courts will only result in persons climbing over the fence and damaging it. Cllr Mrs Ball hoped that the provision of C.C.T.V. in the Play Courts will help to combat the vandalism, the Village Centre Chairman is looking into installing C.C.T.V. in this area.

Mr Richard Bourne stated that he might be able to get the Army Engineers to repair the winding mechanism. The Clerk reported that this has been removed and is with the Village Centre Caretaker, the other Tennis Net and Posts are to be removed and stored in the Village Centre.

MR RICHARD BOURNE - Reported that there has been a lot of trouble with the youth in the Muscot Close Play Area, vandalism and foul language being the large part, Parents are having to keep their younger children away from the Play Area as a result. Mr Bourne has reported this matter to the Military and Local Police and asked the Parish Council to back local views that this Play Area should be closed.

The Parish Council agreed that this Play Area has always been a problem and in recent years has become an eye sore. The need for this Play Area is not now so great as the Play Area by the Village Centre can cater for the Village needs. Cllr Mrs Ball will make some enquiries on how to go about getting this Play Area removed.

CLLR MR G BARNETSON - Reported that he has received 15 complaints from Parishioners regarding the content of the recent 'Christian Comment' article in the Sept/Oct edition of the Village News.

Cllr Mr Barnetson stated that the Village News is an excellent attribute for our village. It is well received and usually the articles are very relevant to Shipton Bellinger, an immense amount of voluntary work goes into its production and distribution. The Parish Council subsidises the Village News. which should be relevant, informative and most importantly a Village focussed publication.

The Parish Council discussed this matter at great length and felt that the Parish Council, whatever individual feeling on this recent article are, should not interfere with the Village News editorial . The writer of the Christian Comment like every other contributor to the Village News is entitled to Free Speech.

Cllr Mr Barnetson reported that the barrier in front of the school has a broken rung. Cllr Mrs Tetlow will report this to the head teacher, but was sure that the matter is in hand

Cllr Mr Barnetson was pleased to see that the post has been installed on Footpath No 5 at the rear of Kingfishers.

Courtstall Services Ltd 25% deposit for Play Courts Landscaping £575.00
Zurich Municipal Play Area inspection and increase in liability insurance £170.00
S.B.V.C Hire of Room and Grant Payment £136.00
T.V.B.C Grass Cutting £75.00
Mr B Pearce Grass Cutting £155.00
District Audit 1999 Audit £484.70
Shipton Bellinger WI Flowers £50.00
RN Waterman Wages plus expenses £167.23
Mr D Yates Storage Rental 1/5th share £59.16


  1. Millennium Pillars
  2. Play Court Landscaping
  3. Bus Shelter
  4. Village Design Statement
  5. Sarum Close Lighting.
  6. Bus Service.
  7. Responsibilities of the Village Centre/Parish Council.
  8. Youth Shelter Painting.
  9. Traffic Issues


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