Parish Council Minutes: July 2000

Minutes of the Shipton Bellinger Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 3rd July 2000 in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre at 7.30pm.


APOLOGIES : WELCOME - Cllr Mrs Ball welcomed everyone and opened the meeting.

VILLAGE CENTRE - The Clerk reported that he has met with the Village Centre Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer to discuss the financial implications of the Village Centre taking over all responsibilities. The meeting went well, although the Village Centre had a few minor concerns which hopefully have been alleviated. The Clerk will meet with the Village Centre again before Christmas when a true picture of the Parish Council's expenditure for the year will be discussed. The Village Centre is keen to take over at the start of the 2001/2002 Financial Year in April 2001.

The Clerk agreed with the Village Centre that the Mower will be serviced once a year at the Parish Council's expense, all other related costs for the mower will be met by the Village Centre. It was also agreed that the Caretaker will sweep the Play Courts twice a week, the Chairman was pleased that the Parish Council plan to purchase a pressure washer to clean the Play Counts twice a year, this will come in handy for jobs around the Village Centre.

Mr Measurer's reported at that meeting that C.C.T.V. has now been installed in the Village Centre, it is hoped that this will ease the amount of vandalism aimed at the building and catch the culprits on video.

MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING - Cllr Mrs Ball signed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record. Matters arising from those minutes :

TEST VALLEY MILLENNIUM BATON - Cllr Mrs Ball reported that the events to record the passing of the Test Valley Baton all went without a hitch and the baton was passed to Grateley. Photographs of these events have been put up in the Fletcher Room in the Village Centre.

PLAY COURTS - The Clerk reported that he has met with Patrick Dolan, Area Manager for Courtstall to discuss the problems on the Play Courts :-

  1. The bumps in the Play Court Surface is the result of weeds growing between the hard core base and the Syne Pave top coat, on closer inspection of the site, weeds have taken over the loose stone drainage channel and are growing onto the counts.
  2. Mr Dolan has recommended that the area around the perimeter fence is sprayed with a non oil based Weed Killer on a regular basis to stop the spread of weeds, this will also aid in the surface water drainage.
  3. Mr Dolan has said that if the treatment of the weeds is successful and no more bumps appear he will send his team out to repair the surface.
  4. Mr Dolan has suggested that the Parish Council look at the problem that might be caused in the future by the tree growing next to the Play Courts. The Parish Council could remove the tree or dig a trench and fill it with concrete to deflect the root growth away from the Play Courts.
  5. Mr Dolan will quote to do the path from the Car Park to the Play Courts and estimates that this will cost approximately £1000 and will have concrete edging and a tarmac surface.
  6. The job of installing a concrete barrier to stop the tree roots and the bases for the benches will also be priced. Mr Dolan has stated that if the work can fit in between other projects Courtstall have in the area and all three items are agreed to be done, he will give the Parish Council a generous discount (The work will take three days and could be any time from July to October, maybe at a days notice ! ).
The Parish Council discussed this and will wait to see how much the quote is but thought this a good deal and installing the barrier to deflect the tree roots was a good idea

The Clerk reported that he has shopped around for a Pressure Washer and found that a Stilh RE115K will do the job of cleaning the Play Courts. The machine is an efficient high-pressure cold-water cleaner, is self contained and on wheels and is recommended by Scatts and several Agricultural and Garden Machinery Shops. The cost will be £312.50 + VAT with a One Year Guarantee. it is recommended that an annual service of the machine, depending on its usage, is carried out by a Stilh agent. and will cost below £50 a year.

The Clerk reported that a 50m extension hose pipe £14.75 and a 30m electric cable £17.99 both from Argos, will also be required to reach the Play Courts from the Village Centre.

The Parish Council discussed this and all agreed that the above is needed for the up-keep of the Play Courts and will be useful around the Village Centre. and should be purchased This will be given to the Village Centre. The Clerk was asked to organise this and hand the machine to the Chairman of the Village Centre.

FOOTPATH No5 - The Clerk and Cllr Mrs Saunders reported that they had attended a Parish Paths Training Session and Social Event at. Basing House, Basingstoke on the lst July 2000. The subject of volunteers and insurance was discussed with Rob Thompson. lt. appears that any volunteers are required to take a training course on the handling of any equipment and once obtained can be added to the B.C.T.V. Insurance Policy. The Health and Safety Act and associated restrictions discussed in the past. is a grey area at the moment and only applying to contractors. The P.P.P. are in the process of producing  booklet explaining all the laws and what it means to Parish Council's who are part of the scheme.

Cllr Mrs Ball thought this was good news as there are several volunteers who have come forward in recent months wishing to help clear the footpaths in the village. Once names have been obtained the P.P.P. will be contacted so that training can be organised.

Cllr Mr Wilkins reported that the dead trees on Footpath No5 are the responsibility of the Land Owner. If they fall down onto the footpath H.C.C. can then request their removal.

BUS SHELTER - The Clerk reported that he has received a quote for the second Bus Shelter. There has been no increase in price from last year. The Price is £1,250 +VAT. The Parish Council thought this good news, the Clerk will place the order.

YOUTH SHELTER - Cllr Mr Leslie produced a poster and a set of rules for the ''Paint the Shelter'' Competition for the Parish Council to approve. The Parish Council all agreed that the poster would attract attention and asked Cllr Mr Leslie to go ahead.

STREET LIGHT - The Clerk reported that he has still not received a quote from H.C.C. Street lighting department for an extra Street Light in Sarum Close. Cllr Mr P Pierce will follow this up and will get the details from the Parish Clerk.

VILLAGE DESIGN STATEMENT - Cllr Mr P Marsh reported that he has had conformation from T.V.B.C. that a grant will be available up to £1,000 towards the cost of producing the Village Design Statement, this will be paid against receipts at the end of the exercise.

The Test Valley Team are now available to help and give advice on the Design Statement, this is gaining momentum in the area. Test Valley Borough Council have estimated that it would take a team of 12 approximately 6 to 9 months to complete a Village Design Statement. Cllr Mr Marsh felt that it was now time for the Shipton Bellinger Team to take it to the next stage and hold an open session public meeting in September.

PLAY AREA INSPECTION - The Clerk reported that Zurich Municipal have quoted £100 plus VAT to inspect. the Play Area twice a year, This was agreed, getting an independent inspection of the Play Area is a legal requirement of the Parish Council.

The Clerk reported that the weekly inspection of the Play area by the Village Centre Caretaker will continue, the Village Centre are keeping a written account of these inspections.


VILLAGE FETE - Cllr Mrs Ball reported that the stand at the 2000 Village Fete was a great success and received quite a few visitors. Cllr Mrs Ball suggested that the Parish Council make this a regular event in the Diary. Cllr Mrs Ball suggested that next years stand should start to be planned in the spring and a rota to man the stand is put in place. Cllr Mrs Ball felt that any project the Parish Council does during the year should be photographed to display on the fete stand. The Parish Council agreed.

PARKING AT THE SCHOOL - It was reported that. the Village Centre Caretaker opens the Gates in the morning and they are left open all day, the School now locks them at the end of the day. The problem of parking was discussed and the lack of bollards to stop parking on the road. Cllr Mrs Tetlow will have a word with one of the School Governors who is a serving Police Man to see if some bollards could be obtained and kept at the school.

BEECH TREE - A letter has been received from Mr Curry, Snoddington Manor Farms regarding the Beech Tree at the top of Parkhouse Road. Mr Curry owns this land and is concerned about the behaviour of the youth who congregate around the Beech Tree, he has had problems with debris strewn around the area and the adjacent field. Mr Curry is also concerned with the effect it has had on the neighbouring properties and asked if the Parish Council can do anything to elevate the problem?

This was discussed and the Parish Council felt that they have informed the Police and made the School and the Army Representative aware of the problem, but had no powers to do anything else. As the land owner Mr Curry must surly have more power to act against trespassers and criminal damage. Cllr Mrs Ball will write to Mr Curry to give him the Parish Council's support.


TVN.03448/2 - Erection of first floor extension over existing single storey to provide bedroom, en-suite and dressing area and reconstruction of existing porch. Tecate, Bulford Road, Shipton Bellinger.

The Parish Council had no objection to this Planning Application.

TRAFFIC MEASURES IN SHIPTON BELLINGER. Cllr Mrs Ball welcomed Cllr Mr Pat Pierce to the meeting. The Parish Council discussed the concerns the village has with traffic :-

  1. Having a 20 MPH Speed Limit in the area of the school and yellow lines on the sharp bend by the Village Centre.
  2. Cars parking on the junction of the High Street and the A338 and the concerns regarding safety.
  3. The Speed Limit on the A338 through the Village and road users not keeping to it. making it dangerous exiting the village.
  4. The problems with the increase in traffic on the A338 especially at peak times - also making it difficult to exit the village.
  5. The Speed Limit on the A338 through the Village needs to be extended past the Bulford Road to slow road users before they reach the High Street junction.
  6. The need for a mini roundabout at the High Street junction of the A338 like the one in Collingbourne Ducis further along the A338.
  7. Mr Stanisforth reported that the residents along the A338 Salisbury Road also have a problems with the high number of Army Tracked Vehicles using the A338 in the early hours. Not only is the high decibel noise a problem but the vibrations that these vehicles make shake the house. The Drivers of these vehicles wear headphones to block out the noise .
Cllr Mrs Ball reported that she has spoken to the Army on this matter and two contact telephone numbers have been printed in the Village News for residents to make complaints.

Cllr Pat Pierce recommended that the Parish Council contact Mr Jim Soutar at the H.C.C. Traffic Management Department and ask him to come to Shipton Bellinger for a site meeting. All the above points can be put to him and a Traffic Survey of the Village will be carried out. Cllr Mr Pierce also suggested that the traffic Police are made aware of the Parish Council's concerns. Cllr Mr Pierce stated that those who shout the loudest and have deep pockets are always heard the first !

Cllr Mrs Ball will write to Mr Soutar to ask him to meet with the Parish Council, Cllr Mr Baxter would also like to be present at the meeting.

Cllr Mr Pierce stated that the Army have an Environmental Officer who is in charge of Salisbury Plain and he might be worth contacting to speak about the problems the residents of Salisbury Road are having with the Army transport.

Cllr M Pierce reported that the changing face of Local Government is going to mean that Parish Council's will have more power and be able to take on more responsibilities. This raised a few comments from the Parish Councillor's concerning H.C..C. relinquishing their responsibilities but still wanting the financial gains from the Council Tax. Cllr Mr Pierce could not comment on this issue.

Cllr Mrs Ball thanked Cllr Mr Pierce for coming and speaking to the Parish Council he had been most helpful with his suggestions.


Cllr Mr Baxter reported that he is working hard to get the Rural Youth Bus Scheme off the ground. Test Valley Borough Council Chief Executive Mr Alan Jones has pledged to work with Parish Council's to get their views on Borough Council issues. The recent draft Local Borough Plan has received the most comments from the Public.

Cllr Mr Baxter reported that the Ward Boundaries proposals that he reported earlier in the year might change. The results will not be known until after the Boundary Commission have met to look at the proposals. Cllr Mr Baxter will support the original proposals, the Parish Council agreed to this also.

Cllr Mr Baxter reported that the Development next to the Shop in Parkhouse Road has met a problems with drainage and has asked the Planners if the access to the site can be altered. The Planning Office have insisted that a full Planning Application will be needed to be submitted.

Cllr Mrs Ball thanked Cllr Mr Baxter for his report and continuing support.


CLLR MR C WILKINS - Reported that he has had a complaint about dog fouling in the Grave Yard and no provision for disposing of dead flowers. The Parish Council provide a Black Wheely Bill in the Grave yard and there is a Green Wheely Bin by the entrance next to the telephone box. The Clerk was asked to contact the T.V.B.C. Dog Warden to ask for his help with the other matter.

Cllr Mr Wilkins reported that he hoped to soon start cutting the Footpaths and the area around the Brick Bus Shelter in the High Street.

CLLR MR G BARNETSON - Asked if there was any news on the missing road signs in the village and on the A338. It was suggested that this matter be brought up at the meeting with the traffic Manager.

AFTER NOTE: Mr Perrin has stated that the ''HAMPSHIRE'' sign is to be replaced by H.C.C. as several have gone missing throughout the County, the cost is not coming out of his budget as each sign cost £1,800. The Bulford Road Sign, placed back on the bridge on several occasions, only to be ripped off again !. is with Mr Perrin and will be replaced in due course.

CLLR MRS R TETLOW - Asked if there was an age limit for children using the Village Centre Play Area as there was a confrontation recently at the Play Area regarding this issue?

The Parish Council has received two letters highlighting this confrontation and although concerned, felt that this was a Village Centre matter as they administer the running of the Play Area. Cllr Mrs Ball will speak to Mr Measurers to bring this matter to his attention.

CLLR MRS J SAUNDERS - Reported that she has been informed that a Bus Company is looking into providing an hourly Bus Service from Tidworth, through Shipton Bellinger to Andover. The Parish Council thought this an excellent idea and felt that the service would be well used. Cllr Mrs Ball will make some enquiries and will liase with Cllr Mrs Saunders.

Cllr Mrs Saunders asked if the Parish Clerk could please write to Mr Perrin to thank him for doing the drains in Gardeners Green, the problems with flooding have now stopped. The Clerk will do this.


A letter has been received from the Area Surveyor's Department inviting the Parish Council to an open afternoon and evening at The Castle, Winchester on Tuesday 5th September 2000. A tour of the following departments will be included :-

Highways Maintenance.
Traffic Management.
The new Traffic and Information Centre.
Passenger Transport Group
Transport Policy
Road Safety

Cllr Mr C Wilkins will attend the afternoon session and Cllr Mr G Barnetson will attend the evening session.

Mrs P Ball Expenses - Millennium Programme £21.00
Mr B Pearce Grass Cutting £105.00
Mr R Price Tennis Shields and petrol for mower £70.00
S.B.V.C. Grant and SEB Refund for removal of poles £250.00
RN Waterman Wages £133.35
PPP Account Transfer of Funds £703.00
C&O Tractors Ltd Pressure Washer £367.19
Argos Ltd Extension Cable and Hose Pipe £32.74
Mrs E Price Litter Collecting/Bus Shelter Cleaning - 6 mths £240.00


  1. Playcourts - Landscaping and weeds
  2. Bus Shelter
  3. Village Design Statement
  4. Responsibilities of the Village Centre/Parish Council
  5. Bus Service
  6. Youth Shelter Painting

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