Parish Council Minutes: June 2000

Minutes of the Shipton Bellinger Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 5th June 2000 in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre at 7.30pm.

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Cllr Mrs Ball welcomed everyone to the meeting. Mr Bazire brought the Test Valley Millennium Baton from Amport Parish and handed it to the Parish Council with Amport's good wishes. Cllr Mrs Ball read out the enclosed message from Amport and handed the baton to the Children from Shipton Bellinger Primary School. The Baton will be passed around various organisations in the Village before it is passed to Grateley Parish. Mr T. Ball took photographs to record the event.
Cllr Mrs Ball thanked Mrs Batterby for organising this event .

VILLAGE CENTRE -The Clerk reported that expenditure figures for the Village Centre from the Parish Council Budget have been given to the Village Centre Management Committee to look at. A meeting will be held shortly to discuss this matter.

Mr Gordon Measures, Chairman of the Village Centre, is looking into the cost of installing C.C.T.V. in the Village Centre as the bill for vandalism is escalating. Cllr Mr Barnetson offered to get some costings for C.C.T.V. as it is used at his place of work.

The Clerk reported that two quotes have been obtained for Power Washing the Play Courts, both were over 600. The Clerk has spoken to Mr Measures and put to the Parish Council that a Pressure Washer was purchased and kept at the Village Centre. The machine could be used to wash the Play Courts and for various other jobs around the Village Centre. It would be more cost effective in the long run to pay the Caretaker and Mr Pearce twice a year to clean the Play Courts (it was felt that it would be a two man job.) The Parish Council discussed this and agreed that purchasing a descent Pressure Washer was the path to follow. The Clerk will shop around for the best machine and price and report back to the Parish Council.

Cllr Mr Marsh reported on the Village Centre A.G.M

MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING - Cllr Mrs Ball had signed the Minutes of the April Meeting as a true record at the AGM in May. Matters arising from those minutes :-

FOOTPATH NO 5 - The Clerk reported that it will cost approximately 140 to have a collapsible lockable post fitted behing the properties in Kingfishers to stop lorries using Footpath No 5 for access. The Parish Council decided to go ahead and asked the Clerk to organise this job.

Cllr Mrs Tetlow reported that the some of the Trees along Footpath No5 are dead and action needs to be taken before they fall down. The Clerk will liase with Cllr Mr Wilkins and Mr R Thompson from the P.P.P. on this matter.

The general state of the Footpaths in the Village was discussed. Mr Brian Pearce has cut Footpath No5 and did a good job, the Footpaths linking the various areas within the Village will now be tackled. Cutting the footpaths and tracks surrounding the village will then need to be looked at by the P.P.P.

BUS SHELTER - The Parish Council discussed the second Bus Shelter for Parkhouse Road. It was decided to have the same style and colour as the one in the High Street and to have it installed in early September. The Clerk will contact Queensbury Bus Shelters to place the order and contact the Service Providers for their permission for work to be carried out on this site.

YOUTH SHELTER - The state of the Youth Shelter was discussed, initial response from the Youths on designing and painting the Shelter was good but the enthusiasm has waned. It was suggested that the project is made into a competition with a prize for the winning design. The Parish Council thought this a good idea and a prize of 50 would be awarded. 25 must be put towards an item of benefit for the Village Youth and 25 for the design team. Cllr Mr Leslie will speak again to the Youth of the Village.

STREET LIGHT FOR SARUM CLOSE - The Clerk still has not received a quote and will contact the Street lighting department at H.C.C. again.

VILLAGE DESIGN STATEMENT- Cllr Mr Marsh reported that he is still in the process
co-ordinating all the information gathered to date and had no further news to report.

GRAVE YARD RULES – Cllr Mrs Ball signed them at the AGM and the new fees now apply.

INSPECTION OF THE PLAY AREA - The Clerk reported that the Parish Council's insurance Company, Zurich Municipal offer a Play Equipment Inspection Service and have been asked for a quote.

MILLENNIUM PILLARS - Cllr Mrs Ball reported that the Lottery has telephoned to ask questions about this project, so the application must be under review. Fingers Crossed!

TVN.07947 - Erection of ground floor side extension to provide additional living accommodation, Glendale, High Street, Shipton Bellinger,

TVN.03425/1 - Single storey side and rear extensions to form garage and utility/wc, first floor side extension to form bedroom and en-suite. Berriedale, Bulford Road, Shipton Bellinger.

The Parish Council discussed these Planning applications and had no objections.

Cllr Mr Barnetson reported that he had been asked by several Residents for details of the development next to the shop and asked that something be put on the Notice Board. The Clerk will write to the Planning Department to ask then to clarify the situation on this site. the reply can then be placed on the Notice Board.

Cllr Mrs Ball asked for volunteers to man the stall at the Village fete on the 10th June. Cllr Mr Leslie, Cllr Mrs Tetlow and Cllr Mrs Ball will take turns to man the stand. The Clerk and Cllr Mrs Saunders are selling programmes at the gate and the other Councillors all had previous commitments. The Clerk reported that the Special Constables and the T.V.B.C. Dog Warden will also be attending the fete.

Cllr Mrs Ball thanked the Parish Council for their support at the AGM and felt that it was a good meeting. Several matters were raised at that meeting :-

l . Concerns about the speed cars travel through the Village and the danger of children playing on the grass verge by Manor Close were discussed.
2. Cars parking on the entrance to the High Street from the A338 were raised, this could cause a serious accident as sight is very restricted at this junction. This has been reported to the Police.
3. Another area for concern was the A338, Residents in Salisbury Road are having problems with the noise and vibrations from Army Convoys using the A338 in the early hours of the morning. The Speed cars travel along the section through the Village, ignoring the 40 MPH Speed Limit, is also getting a problems as the volume of cars using this road has increased dramatically over the years. Getting out of the Village can be quite hazardous at peak times.

The Parish Council discussed these points and felt that it would be a good idea to invite Cllr Mr Pat Pierce the County Council Representative to the next. meeting to discuss these points. The Clerk will contact Cllr Mr Pierce. AFTER NOTE: Cllr Mr Pierce has agreed to come to the July meeting.

The problem of Car Parking at the School during ''drop oft'' and ''pick tip'' times was raised, it was felt that when the Village Centre Gates were opened in the afternoons the problem was not so apparent. Cllr Mrs Tetlow will bring this up at the next School Governors Meeting.

The Parish Council felt that Mr Ian Woodcock gave a good report on the School House Fund and brought the Village up to date with proceedings. It was interesting to note that The School House Fund had been ill advised by the Education Department on the amount of money they could spend, this has now meant that spending will be halted for a number of years.

A letter has been written to the Charities Commission asking for it to be put in writing that the School House Fund Trustees will have some say in future grants awarded from this fund, when in operation again.


CLLR MR A LESLIE - Reported that the roads in the Village are getting bad again with Pot Holes especially in the High Street. This will be reported to Mr Perrin.

CLLR MRS BALL - reported that the puddle by Manor Farm has got worse since the repair work to try to rectify this problem was carried out. The Clerk will report this to Mr Perrin.

Cllr Mrs Ball reported that it is the time of year to get applications in for T.V.B.C. in Bloom. A poster will be put on the Parish Council Notice Board .

Cllr Mrs Ball will write to the Planning Department on behalf of the Parish Council to support the Local Borough Plan. The Parish Council agreed to this.

CLLR MR G BARNETSON - Reported that there have been complaints about the behaviour of the Youth playing in the area of The Beech Tree at the top of Parkhouse Road and Muscot Close Play Area. Trees have been cut down and Farmer is having debris thrown in his field making it difficult to plough. Cllr Mrs Ball suggested that the Special Constables be asked to include this area in their rounds. The Clerk will speak to the Police on this matter.

Cllr Mr Barnetson reported that the Orchard Road sign is down and the BEND sign on Parkhouse Road by the Village Centre has graffiti on it and is bent to face the wrong way. The Clerk will report this to the relevant authorities. The Bend Signs are to be upgraded as part of the Road safety for the School.

Cllr Mr Barnetson reported that a Drainage Pipe leading into the River Bourne by Kingfishers has been damaged. Cllr Mrs Ball stated that this has been reported to the N.R.A. by neighbouring householders.

Cllr Mr Barnetson reported that a Street Light in Parkhouse Road has been on during the day. This was reported and is now working as it should.

Cllr Mr Barnetson asked the Parish Council if they were aware of an exception to the Town and Planning Act allowing for Village Bought - Self Build Development at certain Rural sites ? Wiltshire has used this several times. The Parish Council was not aware and would like to have some information .

Cllr Mr Barnetson also reported that Wiltshire run a Youth Bus in some of the Rural Areas. Cllr Mrs Ball stated that this could become one of Cllr Mr Baxter's projects for the future and he hopes to get T.V.B.C. involved in funding a Rural Sub-Committee

CLLR MRS R TETLOW - Reported that the footpath sign by the Beech Tree has been knocked down. It was suggested that Mr Bruce Garrett be asked to do the job of reinstating this sign.

CLLR MRS BALL - Reported that she is trying to contact the Army about replacing Simion Prowse as the Army Representative on the Parish Council, since Simion’s departure communications have broken down which is such a shame as things were going so well. The Parish Council agreed.

Cllr Mrs Ball reported that she has been to two functions recently on behalf of the Parish Council :-

1st. A Lunch held by the Retiring Mayor at the Game Larder in Stockbridge, for Parish Council Chairmen at which the Chief Executive, Alan Jones gave a speech. He is looking at setting Seminar for Parish Councils so that they can meet representatives from all the T.V.B.C. departments and exchange views.
2nd. The Mayor Making Ceremony at Beech Hurst as a Guest of Cllr Mr Andrew Baxter.


R.N. Waterman -  Wages &. Expenses 182.05
Mr B Pearce -  Grass Cutting 75.00
S.B.V.C - Grant 100.00
Blacktop Surfacing Part Payment Footpath No5 -  1,500.00
Andover Picture Framing - First Day Cover Franked - 31.29

T.V.B.C.- Grass Cutting 30.00
S.B.V.C. – Year Grant, Grant, Room Hire 1,640.00
Mr B Pearce – Grass Cutting (P.P.P Work 35) 165.00
R.N. Waterman Wages & Expenses 151.85
Zurich Municipal – Parish Council Insurance 736.18

l . Play Courts - Landscaping and Surface Problems.
2. Responsibilities of the Village Centre/Parish Council
3. Village Design Statement.
4. Bus Shelter.

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