Parish Council Minutes: April 2000

Minutes of the Shipton Bellinger Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 3rd April in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre at 7.30pm



VILLAGE CENTRE - Mr T. Jennings has the Perspex from the old Parish Council Notice Board and
has asked if it will be of any use to repair the salvaged notice Board on the Play Courts? Cllr Mr Leslie will speak to Mr Jennings on this matter.

MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING - Cllr Mrs Ball signed the minutes of the previous
meeting as a true record. Matters arising from those minutes :-

FOOTPATH NO 5 - It was reported that a lorry has again used the Footpath to gain access to the back of the properties in Kingfishers. The Parish Council decided that before this becomes a problem that a Collapsible Bollard should be placed on this stretch of the Footpath. If the householders want to gain access to their properties for any reason they can ask the Parish Council for use of the key and pay a charge towards the upkeep of the footpath. The Clerk was asked to contact T.V.B.C. Contract Services for a price to do this job and also to inform the Emergency Services of the Parish Councils intentions, in case they need access down this stretch of path.

BUS SHELTERS - On going.

GREEN WHEELY BINS IN THE VILLAGE - The Clerk reported that T.V.B.C. are looking at other designs for the posts that hold the Green Wheely Bins, the present design is not vandal proof and are easily broken. This choice for posts will have to be finalised before they replace the missing Green Wheely Bins in the Test Valley Parishes.

DEVELOPMENT IN THE VILLAGE - Cllr Mrs Ball reported that Gilbert's Farm is not a preferred site for development in the 2011 Borough Plan. Cllr Mrs Ball wished to thank all those who helped with the petition and to Cllr Mr Baxter for his support and help in this matter. The draft Borough Plan has been published and will be put in the Merry-go-Round.

20 MPH SPEED LIMIT BY SCHOOL - Cllr Mrs Ball reported that the school has had a reply from H.C.C. regarding the introduction of a 20 MPH Speed Limit outside the school . Although the Government encourages the lower speed limit, the County Councils do not have the finances to fund a scheme at every school, Grants are available on a 50/50 basis. H.C.C. have been out to look at the site and feel that the bend in the road is a natural speed break, the existing signs are dull and will be replaced with new ones, financing for a 20 MPH Speed limit in Shipton Bellinger is unlikely as H.C.C. feel that the school is low priority due to the lay out of the road. However several trial schemes are to be set up in the County.

Cllr Mrs Ball asked Cllr Mrs Tetlow if she could please find out the schools views on this letter and to ask them if they would write to ask to be included in the 20 MPH Speed limit trials. Cllr Mrs Tetlow will bring this up at the next School Governors Meeting. Cllr Mrs Ball will also contact H.C.C. about this trial.

PLAY COURTS - The Clerk reported that getting a Builder interested in quoting for the Landscaping work has been difficult, the project is either too small or too big. Test Valley Contract Services are the next port of call and it is hoped that they will be within the budget.

SPECIAL CONSTABLES IN SHIPTON BELLINGER - The Clerk reported that the Special Constables have not stopped Patrolling the Village, their absence was due to deployment at the recent Tangley House Fire and the Hurstbourne Tarrant Murder Case. Superintendent K Cockburn has assured the Parish Council that the project is ongoing and eventually the scheme will be evaluated and questionnaires will be sent to village residents. The Parish Council thought this excellent news.

PARISH COUNCIL STALL VILLAGE FETE - The Clerk reported that the Police will be attending the Village Fete and will bring a Display Stand and a Panda Car. The Specials that patrol the Village will also be present. Cllr Mrs Ball asked the Councillors who will be in the village on fete day if they would all take a turn on the stall ? the answer was yes, the Clerk and Cllr Mrs Saunders will be selling Programmes on the gate.

AUDIT - Still no news on the Audit Certificate. AFTER NOTE : Audit Certificate received 10/4/00 and letter stating that no action will be taken on the presentation of Cllr Mrs Haselden's Bench.

CARS ON PAVEMENT AT HILLSIDE GARAGE - Cllr Mr Barnetson reported that he telephoned the Police on this issue . The cars have not been on the pavement since .

HORSE SIGNS FOR VILLAGE - The Clerk has spoken to Highways, signs are available but will be a cost to the Parish Council as they feel that the number of horses using the Village Roads does not warrant the erection of signs.

YOUTH SHELTER - Cllr Mr Leslie reported that it has been suggested that the youth put forward designs for the painting of the Youth Shelter to the Parish Council, this they have agreed. The Parish Council will fund the project. Cllr Mr Leslie reported that Quarley Parish Council have some paint left from the painting of their Bus Shelter that Shipton Bellinger are welcome to.

STREET LIGHTING - It was reported that the Street Light on the confer of Hedges Close Is still on all day and has been reported several times. The Clerk has not yet received any information on the proposed Street Light in Sarum Close and will ring the Street Lighting Department.

GRAVE YARD SEAT - Cllr Mr Leslie reported that he has been able to find a suitable plasticizer for the grave yard seat base but it is very expensive and suggested that the stones be replaced with a concrete base of paving slabs.

MR AVERY - BULFORD ROAD - The Clerk reported that Mr Perrin has been to see Mr Avery and the problems he is having with flooding from surface road water. Mr Perrin is to put a small hump in Mr Avery's drive way to stop the road water entering his drive way, when the High Street is being surface dressed Mr Perrin hopes to tackle the dip in the road outside Mr Avery's property.

TVN-02377/1 - Erection of 2.75m and 0.9m high tennis court surround - The Old Vicarage, High Street. Shipton Bellinger.
The Parish Council had no objections to this Planning Application.

Cllr Mr Marsh had no further news. Feed back has come in but has not yet been analysed by the Committee

Cllr Mrs Ball wished to thank those who helped with the Village Clean Up especially Mr Tom Jennings. The event was a success and the rubbish was collected this year without any problems. Mr Jennings suggested that the event be held in the afternoon next year. It was also suggested that this could be followed by Tea and Cakes in the Village Centre for those who turn out to help. The Parish Council thought this a good idea.

Cllr Mrs Ball reported that Mrs Francesca Wilson and Mr lan Woodcock have applied to become Parish Representative on the School House Fund Management Committee. The Parish Council discussed this appointment and felt that they had two very good candidates. It was agreed that Mr Ian Woodcock will be asked to take up the position due to his experience . The Parish Council would like Mrs Wilson to contribute in some other way, Cllr Mrs Ball will speak to her to see if she will be willing to get involved in some other project. The Clerk will write to Mr Woodcock.

The Parish Council discussed the charges for the Parish Council Grave Yard. The Parish Council agreed that the fee for a grave, including permission to erect a memorial will be 75 as from 1/4/00. An additional charge of 25 will be made for opening a grave for a cremation casket.

The refund of 25 for levelling the grave after two years will be deleted from the Grave Yard Rules. The Clerk will produce the appended G rave Yard Rules for signing at the next meeting.

Cllr Mrs Ball went through the AGM Agenda. The last item on the agenda will be the election of Chairman and Vice Chairman by the Parish Council. The clerk will issue each Parish Councillor with a ballot paper at the meeting.

Cllr Mr Baxter thanked the Parish Council for their support over the proposed development in the 2011 Local Borough Plan . Cllr Mr Baxter will display the information on the Local Borough Plan at the AGM.
Cllr Mr Baxter is pushing for a Rural Strategy to be set up within T.V.B.C. He feels that the Rural Communities need to be looked after and is going to push for Youth Events and Rural Transport.

Cllr Mrs Ball thanked Cllr Mr Baxter for his report.


CLLR MR G BARNETSON - Asked if the Play Ground Equipment was inspected regularly as the recent report on the vandalism to the Charlton Play Ground Equipment in the Andover Advertiser is of concern? Cllr Mrs Ball reported that the Village Centre Caretaker inspects the Play Area Equipment daily. It is now law that Play Equipment has to be inspected by an Independent Engineer each year and the report submitted with the audit, this is being looked into and it is hoped that one can be employed to inspect all the Play Areas in the Tedworth Ward at the same time to keep costs low.

Cllr Mr Barnetson asked if there was any news on the Army Representative for the Village ? Cllr Mrs Ball reported that she has no news at present but hoped that good news would be forthcoming soon.

Cllr Mr Barnetson reported that the problems with cars parking at the junction of the High Street and the A338 is getting very bad and is an accident waiting to happen, this has been reported to the Police but cars are still parking in this spot. The Parish Council agreed and asked the Clerk to speak to Highways and the Traffic Police to see if any action can be taken against these motorists.

Cllr Mr Barnetson read in the Andover Advertiser that several Parishes In the area are to swap minutes, is Shipton Bellinger included in this? Cllr Mrs Ball reported that the other Parishes in the area are closely linked by distance. Shipton Bellinger is isolated and has not been asked to participate.

CLLR MR P MARSH - Reported that Kitchen Units and Sinks have been dumped on the Cross Belt. This is not in our Parish and has been reported to the Police .

CLLR MRS BALL - Reported that Cllr Mr Marsh, the Clerk and herself had attended a Reception at H.C.C. The evening was a formal get together where Parish Councillors could meet and talk to the County Councillors. Cllr Mr Pierce was not present. talk turned to the need for more Lay Visitors for the Police, a recruitment drive will hit the national press soon.

CLLR MR A LESLIE - Reported that that the Road Surface water in Bulford Road is not only affecting Mr Avery but also Mr Stevens property on the opposite side of the road. The constant splash of water from this puddle is damaging the walls of the property. The Clerk will bring this to Mr Perrin's attention.

CLLR MRS TETLOW - Reported that Mr Boxall has said that the Village Sign needs some repair work and has asked for permission to carry them out, the costs will be for materials only. The Parish Council asked Cllr Mrs Tetlow to ask Mr Boxall to proceed.

Cllr Mrs Tetlow asked if there was any news on the Millennium Pillars? Cllr Mrs Ball reported that the Lottery Funding Forms are near completion, the Parish Council is awaiting the Audit Certificate to accompany the last years Accounts and the applications can be sent off.


3/4/00 S.B.V.C. Grant 300
3/4/00 R.N. Waterman Wages and Expenses 155.75
3/4/00 Mr B Pearce Grass Cutting 75.00


1. Play Courts - Landscaping and Surface Problems.
2. Green Wheely Bins in the Village.
3. Responsibilities of the Village Centre/Parish Council.
4. Village Design Statement.
5. Stall at the Village Fete - 10th June 2000
6. AGM

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