Parish Council Minutes: March 2000

Minutes of the Shipton Bellinger Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 6th March 2000 in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre at 7.30pm.

Present :


VILLAGE CENTRE - Mr R Price reported that the Perspex in the Notice Board for Bookings of the Play Courts has been vandalised. The Parish Council was sorry to hear this, but would not be replacing the broken Perspex.

MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING - Cllr Mrs Ball signed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record. Matters arising from those minutes :-

FOOTPATH NO5 - Cllr Mrs Ball reported that H.C.C. Footpaths Officer came to look at the Footpath after hearing the Parish Council's comments on the repair work. He was also not impressed and asked the contractor to come back on site. A new layer has been added to the surface and this looks much better. The Parish Council agreed, Cllr Mrs Ball asked why the drains stand proud of the path and was told that it. was just. the casing and was assured that this will have no effect on their performance.

It was reported that between the new area of the Path and the Horticultural Shed has got very muddy, this is due to a Lorry reversing down the Footpath to deliver an Oil Tank to the rear of one of the houses in Kingfishers. The Parish Council discussed this and felt that this was not a Right of Way for vehicles and were concerned that this will be used as a route to access the Oil Tank when it needs filling? It was suggested that a collapsible post is installed and the House Holder, if he wished to use this route for access to the rear of his property, could pay a yearly rent and have a key to use the post. This fee could then be put towards the upkeep of this area of Footpath. The Parish Council will monitor the situation.

Cllr Mrs Tetlow reported that further up Footpath No5 the children have been playing and dug out big boulders from the path, the trees and shrubs along this stretch of path also need cutting back.

BUS SHELTER - The position of the second Bus Shelter was briefly discussed. Cllr Mrs Ball will speak to the Families who live near the site and suggest a site meeting and report back to the Council at the April Meeting.

SCHOOL HOUSE FUND - The recent Village News has an article about the School House Fund and asked that anyone interested in sitting on the Board should contact the Parish Clerk before the end of March.

GREEN WHEELY BINS IN THE VILLAGE - This matter is with Test Valley Borough Council and the Clerk had no further news. Cllr Mrs White reported that her husband had retrieved the Green Wheely Bin from the River and placed it back in its position by the Church.

DEVELOPMENT IN THE VILLAGE - Cllr Mrs Ball reported that the petition was quite successful with 648 signatures out of an Electoral Role of 1100. Well over half the voters signed. Some people couldn't be contacted and some households gave only one signature. if necessary Cllr Mrs Ball would like to gather in those who were missed. The figures have been passed to Cllr Mr Baxter who was impressed with the outcome. Cllr Mrs Ball had no Official news to report about the Development.

20 MPH SPEED LIMIT BY SCHOOL - Cllr Mrs Tetlow will report if there is any progress on this after the next School Governors Meeting.

HIGHWAY MATTERS - The Clerk has reported the Pot Holes in the High Street and the large Puddle by Manor Farm to Mr Perrin. Mr Perrin will look at these problems as the High Street is due for Surface Dressing in the Summer. The problem with the surface water in Gardeners Green is on the Highways Work Schedule.

PLAY COURTS - Cllr Mr Leslie and the Clerk have looked again at the Landscaping of the Play Counts and presented a plan to the Parish Council.

This was discussed and the Parish Council agreed that this was a more cost. effective design. By placing the benches at the top of the bank- will enable observers to view sports being played on the courts over the Kick Board Fence. The Plan has been given to the Horticultural Society and contractors are in the process of being contacted. It is hoped that with this revised plan money will be available to help with the cost of the planting.

The Clerk reported that Cllr Mr Leslie has advised that the levels on the Play Courts are correct while the puddles look a problems they are in fact less than 1 mm deep, this problem will be solved by simply brushing them away before play begins. The problem of the weeds might be more serious than first thought, on closer inspection it is thought that roots from a nearby tree are growing through the surface. The Clerk has contacted Courtstall on this matter.

GRAVE YARD - Cllr Mrs Ball asked the Parish Councillors if they had had a chance to look at the Grave Yard? The Parish Councillors all agreed that the Grave yard is looking a lot better since Headstones have been erected. The Grave Yard Levelling will now come off the ''Outstanding Items.''

The Clerk reported that the recent Audit has raised the question of charges in the Parish Council Grave Yard. The Audit has suggested that the erection of Headstones and internment of Ashes be a separate charge to the original fee. which they also felt needed to be increased.
Cllr Mrs Ball suggested that this be put on the agenda for the April meeting and asked the Clerk to make sure every Councillor had a copy of the Grave Yard Rules.

PLANNING - Nothing to report.

Cllr Mr Leslie gave a report on the Village Design Statement Committee's first meeting. The Parish Council briefly discussed the financing of this project and decided that at this stage it was too early to forecast the overall cost to the Parish. Cllr Mr sparse is to meet with the Planning Department to get more information on the projected costs. Cllr Mr Baxter did report at a previous meeting that a grant will be available from T.V.B.C. of  1000.

Mrs Flowers asked if when the Design Statement is completed will the Public be able to buy a copy? Cllr Mr Leslie reported that in the background information this was suggested as a form of recuperating costs, so yes he thought that it would be made available for purchase.

This was discussed, it was suggested that the Parish Council Stall could include the. T.V.B.C. Dog Warden, The Village Design Statement could be promoted, P.P.P. and the responsibilities of the Parish Council. The Clerk will contact those mentioned.

The Clerk reported that he has received the Clear Litter Bags from T.V.B.C. and has arranged for the Rubbish to be picked up on Monday 27th  March from the Lay-by in Watery Lane. Cllr Mr Leslie will speak to Mr Jennings to see if he is still willing to co-ordinate the Clean-up. Cllr Mr Tetlow will speak to the School who are going to do their bit on Friday 24th.

The Clerk reported that the Audit has raised the following points :-
1. The Expenditure Column in the Accounts Book needs to be broken down into more headings e.g. Grave Yard Grass Cutting and Parish Grass Cutting etc.
2. The Play Courts and Play Area were not shown on the Parish Council Asset List The Clerk explained that the Play Area was a Village Centre Asset and the Play Courts were not handed over to the Parish Council until the Year 1999/2000.
3. The Auditor asked why the Parish Council had paid the VAT on the Play Area Project - This was explained by the Extra Ordinary Meeting Minutes.
4. The Auditor asked why there was a delay in the banking of some of the Burial Fees The Clerk reported that it depended what time of the week the cheques were received as the Clerk only goes to the bank once a week.
5. Grave Yard - Discussed earlier in the meeting!
6. The Auditor pointed out that 10.50 of VAT was outstanding and needed to be reclaimed.
7. The Auditor questioned the legality of the gift to Mrs Haselden from the four Parishes - Please see letter attached. The matter has been referred to the Head Auditor.
8. The Auditor asked why the Play Courts had not been included in the Insurance Cover. The Clerk explained that the insurance Company had added them for the three months remaining on that years cover free of charge as a goodwill gesture. Documentation was supplied to support this.

The Audit Certificate has not been given due to the Head Auditor deciding if any action will be taken on the matter of Cllr Mrs Haselden's Bench.


CLLR MR G BARNETSON - Asked if the Parish Council had any clarification on the area of Pavement in front of the Hillside Garage on the A338 Salisbury Road. The Garage is using the Pavement to display Cars. This makes the pavement impassable for pedestrians, you have to either walk through the Garage Forecourt or cross the busy A338 to use the pavement on the opposite side of the road, this can be dangerous at the best of times. The Parish Council felt that this was a Police matter and suggested that Cllr Mr Barnetson speak to them. The Clerk will contact the Planning Department to clarify this area of pavement and to draw their attention to this problem.

Cllr Mr Barnetson suggested that as there is an increasing number of Horse Riders in the Village that Signs be put up in the Village warning the Motorist. The Parish Council was not convinced that this would have any effect but asked the Clerk to contact T.V.B.C. to enquire out about these signs.

Cllr Mr Barnetson reported that the Light in the Youth Shelter was not working and that the Youth Shelter is looking very tatty and in need of make over, the Youth are very keen to paint a Mural on its walls similar to the one in Thruxton Parish. Cllr Mrs Ball reported that the light is not working due to the Electricity Cable being cut, it was felt that it was safer not. to reinstate the light. The Parish Council thought that the painting of the Youth
Shelter was a good idea and would finance the project if the Youth are willing to do the work.

Cllr Mr Barnetson asked if the Special Constables are still patrolling the Village? The Clerk reported that unfortunately they were not and would speak to Superintendent Cockburn at the next Police Liaison Committee Meeting on the 14th March to find out the reason why.

CLLR MRS M WHITE - Reported that she is still concerned with the Spraying of the Gilbert's Farm Field, she has had several established garden shrubs die back and has decided to get them analysed as she believes that something chemical has killed them. Cllr Mrs White is going to speak to the houses along the Field side of Gardeners Green to see if any one else has experienced this in their garden. Cllr Mrs White stated that she is concerned for the health of the children who play in these Gardens and would like to be reassured that no harmful chemicals are being used.

CLLR MRS J SAUNDERS - Reported that Snares are being set in the Woods on the Cholderton Estate. Cllr Mrs Ball reported that the Cholderton Estate is not in our Parish or our County. The use of some types of Snares is illegal and should be reported to the Wiltshire Police Wildlife Officer.

CLLR MR A LESLIE - Reported that a Visitor to the Shipton Bellinger Web Site has reported that he was impressed by its contents and layout. The Parish Council agreed and thanked Cllr Mr Barnetson and asked him to pass on these comments.

CLLR MRS R TETLOW - Reported that the Street Light on the corner of Hedges Close is on all day. This will be reported to the Lighting Department.

Mr Paul Jarrett, Shipton Bellinger Church Warden reported that the Bench In the Parish Council Grave Yard is looking very nice, but is out of sight and attracting the youth to congregate in this area. On several occasions Mr Jarrett has had to pick up beer cans and rubbish from this area and suggested that a Litter Bin is installed to replace the Wheely Bin that has gone missing. The P.C.C. are also concerned about the loose stones placed in the base for the bench, last year the Church suffered badly with broken windows, these small stones will provide the ideal ammunition to those concerned. Mr Jarrett asked if some sort of Plasticiser could be placed over the stones to stabilise the stones and make them secure?

The Parish Council thanked Mr Jarrett for bringing these matters to their attention and noted the P.C.C.'s concerns. Cllr Mr Leslie will enquire if there was something on the market that would stabilise the stones. The Parish Council will look into placing a Litter Bin in the Grave Yard. Cllr Mrs Ball suggested that the P.C.C. ask the Police to include the Grave Yard in their Patrolling of the Village.

It was suggested that the police be asked to attend the Parish Council Stall at the Village Fete, they could use the opportunity to promote the recruitment of Specials to the Rural Areas. The Clerk will mention this to Superintendent Cockburn .

Mrs Avery from Ashdown View, Bulford Road reported that they are still having problems with the large puddle outside their Property when it rains. Cars splash water into their drive way, which runs down and around their house causing a large puddle by the back door. Mr Perrin has not been to see them and it has been nearly a year since this was first raised.

Cllr. Mrs Ball reported that the Parish Council is sympathetic to these problems and did report this to Mr Perrin at the time. Mr Perrin is very helpful and offered to come out to inspect the site and speak with Mr Avery. Mr Perrin's telephone number was given to Mr Avery by the Clerk at the time. This is a matter between the Highways Department and the Householder. The Parish Clerk will give Mrs Avery Mr Perrin's Telephone Number again after the meeting.

6/3/2000 Colour World Printing of Millennium Leaflet 52.50
6/3./2000 Mrs E Price Litter Collecting/Bus Shelter Cleaning 110.00
6/3/2000 South Western Litho Account Books (4/5th to be billed) 82.31
(18.68 to be reclaimed from Kimpton, Fyfield, Grateley and Appleshaw Parish Councils)
6/3/2000 H.C.C. Street Lighting Maintenance 1999/2000 531.00
6/3/2000 H.A.P.T.C. Yearly Subscription 173.00
6/3/2000 R.N. Waterman Wages 91.66
6/3/2000 R.N. Waterman Expenses 74.00
6/3/2000 541. R Price Petrol Money for Mower 15.00

1. Play Courts - Landscaping and Surface Problems.
2. Green Wheely Bins in the Village.
3. Responsibilities of the Village Centre Committee/Parish Council.
4. Village Design Statement.
5. Stall at the Village Fete 10th June 2000.
6. A.G.M. Agenda.

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