Parish Council Minutes: February 2000

Minutes of the Shipton Bellinger Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 7th February 2000 in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre at 7.30pm.




Cllr Mrs Ball reported that the Village Centre Committee is eager to reconvene negotiations with the Parish Council on the responsibilities of the Village Centre and that Mr Gordon Measures has been voted Chairman of the Village Centre.

MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING - Cllr Mrs Ball signed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record. Matters arising from those minutes :-

MILLENNIUM CELEBRATIONS - Cllr Mrs Ball reported that the walk from Shipton Bellinger to Kimpton to receive the T.V.B.C. Baton will not now take place. Shipton Bellinger will now receive the Baton from Amport School. The Baton will be handed to the Parish Council at the June Meeting the Parish Council can then add a message and hand it to the Primary School.

FOOTPATH NO5 - Cllr Mrs Ball asked the Parish Council for their views on the recent work carried out to Footpath No5. The Parish Councillors felt that the footpath looked dreadful and were not pleased with the surface. it was thought that the surface would be of the same standard as the job done by Mr Jennings in the area by the Old School House. The Rubbish Bin has also been left on its side and needs to be resited. Cllr Mrs Ball will read the specifications list and will contact the H.C.C. Footpaths Officer to relay the Parish Council's views, she will ask him to come out and look at the Path.

Cllr Mrs Tetlow reported that Footpath No5 is very slippery in several areas and felt that this also needs to be looked at.

BUS SHELTER - Cllr Mrs Ball reported that she had received a letter of complaint from Mr Phippard regarding the Children who use the Bus Stop outside his house in Parkhouse Road, the Parish Councillors all read the letter and noted the points raised. Some of the Children have vandalised the Bus Stop Post and Time Table, use the surrounding area as a Litter Bin, use foul language and at times prevent access to his property. He asked that the Parish Council please look very carefully at the siting of a second Bus Shelter in Parkhouse Road and the added problems this might cause to the Residents in the area.

Cllr Mrs Ball has written to Mr Phippard to inform him that this matter will be discussed at the Parish Council AGM and that the Parish Council will take his points into consideration when looking at the second Bus Shelter. However the behaviour and the problems from some of the Children is unacceptable. Cllr Mrs Ball has spoken to John Hanson School about the problem, the School have said they will look into the problem. The Clerk has informed the Bus Company of the vandalism to the Bus Stop.

SCHOOL HOUSE FUND - The Minutes of the School House Fund Meeting have now been on the notice board for two months, hopefully people have read them and are aware of the procedures to apply for funds and the criteria that needs to be met by the applicant. Cllr Mrs Ball reported an article on the School House Fund will be placed in the next issue of the Village News.

SCHOOL CAR PARKING - The School feels that the use of the Village Centre for additional parking at School Drop Off and Pick Up times is not needed. They feel that the parking problem has been eased by Staff being able to now park in the School grounds. The Parish Council were not convinced and felt the situation needs to be monitored.


DEVELOPMENT IN THE VILLAGE - No further news. Cllr Mrs Ball reported that the petition is going very well with a high percentage of the Village against the development of Gilberts Farm.

20MPH SPEED LIMIT AT SCHOOL - Cllr Mrs Tetlow reported that the School is to write to H.C.C.

ROAD DRAINS - Cllr Mrs Saunders reported that the Road Drains in Gardeners Green have been marked out by the Highways Department.

PLAY COURTS - The Clerk has spoken to Courtstall about the puddles on the Play Courts. Courtstall will send an engineer to look at the levels on the Play Courts and to also look at the problem with the weeds.

GRAVE YARD - Cllr Mrs Ball asked the Parish Councillors to look at the Grave Yard before the next meeting. Since the Parish Council changed the rules, more Headstones have been erected, this has had the effect of the straightening out the lines of Graves. The Grave Yard is now looking much better.


TVN.0211/20 - Outline - Erection of 20 Bedroom Motel - Parkhouse Stud, Shipton Bellinger.(Renewal of TVN.0211/17).

The Secretary of State has made the decision to refuse this Planning Application.

TVN.07854 - Erection of garage on land used as existing parking space - 8 Burselden Cottages, Shipton Bellinger.

TVN.07861 - Provision of brick skin around existing dwelling - 3 Vigors Bungalows, High Street, Shipton Bellinger.

The Parish Council had no objections to these Planning Applications.

TVN.3209/2 - Erection of Dwelling and Double Garage/Workshop/store and construction of vehicle access on land adjoining Parsonage Farm, High Street, Shipton Bellinger.

Col and Mrs Peacock stated that they have taken advice from the T.V.B.C. Planners and the exterior design of the planned dwelling has been changed to fit in with the Environmental Surroundings. A Court Yard effect has been proposed with the garage block and will tie into Parsonage Farm. No windows in the property will overlook Frog Cottage. The Parish Council all agreed to support this Planning Application.


Cllr Mr Marsh gave a summary of the Village Design Statement to the Parish Councillors

The Parish Council felt that the timing of the Village Design Statement was right and all

agreed that this was a good idea. A Committee will be formed to oversee this project. Cllr Mr Marsh will Chair the Committee and the Parish Council will be represented by Cllr Mrs Marsh, Cllr Mr Leslie and Cllr Mr Barnetson. The Team will meet to discuss the next stage and report at the next meeting.

Mrs Flowers suggested that Mr Jonathan Smith be contacted as he takes aerial photographs and might be able to help with the Village Design Statement. Cllr Mr Leslie said he knew Mr Smith and would have a word with him.


Cllr Mrs Ball reminded the Parish Council that in 1999 it was suggested that a stall at the 2000 Village Fete was discussed and asked if the Councillors still thought this a good idea? The answer was yes,

The Village Design Statement could be on display, T.V.B.C. and the parish paths Partnership could also be asked to attend. The Clerk was asked to speak to the Fete Committee to see if a pitch was available.


This was discussed and a draft agenda was agreed :-

1. Welcome to the Meeting
2. Sign the Minutes of the 1999 Meeting.
3. Chairman's Report.
4. School House Fund Report - Cllr Mrs R Tetlow.
5. Financial Report - Clerk.
6. Village Design Statement - Cllr Mr P Marsh and Team.
7. Millennium Celebrations - Pillars etc.
8. Parish Paths Partnership - Cllr Mrs J Saunders or Cllr Mr C Wilkins and Clerk.
9. Housing Development in Village - Cllr Mrs M White.
10. Cllr Mr Baxter's Report.
11. Police Report - To Confirm.
12. Questions and Close of the Meeting.


CLLR MRS M WHITE - Reported that when she was gathering signatures for the petition the received a lot of interesting comments from people on various issues in the Village and felt that it was a pity that people did not bring these comments to the Parish Council meetings or the AGM.

CLLR MR MARSH - Reported that he was interested to read an article that sometime in the future letters will only need the name, house number and Post Code to arrive. Will this mean that Villages will loose their identity?

Cllr Mr Marsh reported that there is an Open Afternoon for the County Surveyors Department on the 16th March at Winchester. Cllr Mr Marsh will attend, no other Councillors were free on that day.

Cllr Mr Marsh thought that the A338 Primary Route compiled by Collingborne Ducis made interesting reading. In the report H.C.C. had been consulted and had stated that the A338 from Tidworth to the A303 was adequate for the volume of traffic. Who ever made this statement does obviously not live in our Village! The Parish Council agreed.

CLLR MR LESLIE - reported that the road surface in the High Street and Parkhouse Road is breaking up, several Pot Holes have appeared in the High Street. The Clerk was asked to report this to Mr Perrin.

CLLR MRS R TETLOW - Reported that the Footpath in the field the other side of the Byway from Scotts Field has been ploughed making it difficult to walk and thought that an agreement with the Farmer had been made that he would leave enough room around the edge of the Field for people to walk. The last two stiles on footpaths by Snoddington Manor are rickety. This will be reported to Cllr Mr Wilkins.

Cllr Mrs Tetlow reported that the Bush that has caused many problems on the School boundary in Bulford road is to be dug up by H.C.C.

Cllr Mrs Tetlow brought the attention of the Parish Council to new rules regarding money recompense for New development.


Mrs Flowers stated that while looking through some old correspondence she noted that Cllr Mrs Haselden spoke about the possibility of Development in Shipton Bellinger in the 2011 Borough Plan back in 1994.



  1. Footpath No5 - Problem Areas
  2. Play Courts - Landscaping, Flooding and Weeds.
  3. Green Wheely Bins in the Village.
  4. Grave Yard Levelling.
  5. Responsibilities of the Village Centre Committee/Parish Council.
  6. Village Design Statement.
  7. Stall at Village Fete 10th June 2000.
  8. AGM Agenda.

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