Parish Council Minutes: January 2000

Minutes of the Shipton Bellinger Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 10th January 2000 in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre at 7.30pm.



MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING - Cllr Mrs Ball signed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record. Matters arising from those minutes

MILLENNIUM CELEBRATIONS - Cllr Mrs Ball reported that the response to the Millennium Relay has not as high as T.V.B.C. had hoped. However Mrs Batterby has reported that Villages in the Tedworth and Weyhill Wards have planned events and the Baton will be passed from Village to Village eventually reaching Andover as originally planned.

FOOTPATH No5 - Cllr Mrs Ball reported that work is due to start on 24th January 2000 - H.C.C. have yet to confirm this date. Cllr Mrs Ball will contact H.C.C., as notice of the Footpath Closure have to be posted before work can begin.

WARD BOUNDARIES - Cllr Mr Baxter reported that the new Ward Boundaries will be decided in mid February. he would be able to report more at the March Meeting.

ARMY REPRESENTITIVE - Cllr Mrs Ball reported that she has not been in contact with the Regiment Commander as they are serving in the Balkans until March. Cllr Mrs Ball informed the Parish Council that Simion Prowse has been awarded the O.B.E. in the New Years Honours list, she will write to congratulate him and to thank him for all the work he did for the Village. The Parish Council thought this very good news and a well-deserved honour.

BUS SHELTER - It was decided to keep the 2nd Bus Shelter Project on the Outstanding Items until after the AGM

SCHOOL HOUSE FUND - Cllr Mrs Ball thanked Cllr Mrs Tetlow for her hard work in getting all the parties together to discuss the School House Fund. The running of the School House Fund has now been made clear and the minutes of the meeting have been put up on the Parish Notice Board.

PUDDLE BY MANOR FARM BRIDGE - The Clerk has reported this to Mr Perrin.

MILLENNIUM PILLARS - Cllr Mrs Ball will liaise with Mr Brian Boxall on the Lottery Grant Application for this project. The Clerk reported that the site meeting has not yet been arranged.

SCHOOL USE OF THE VILLAGE CENTRE CAR PARK - It was reported that the school are now using the Village Centre Car Park again as additional parking for the afternoon Pick Up Time.

GREEN WHEELY BINS IN THE VILLAGE - The Clerk read out a letter from T.V.B.C. assuring the Parish Council that the Green Wheely Bins in the Village that are damaged or missing will be replaced it was reported that the Church Green Wheely Bin is at present in the river! The damaged wheel on the Plastic Bottle Recycling Bank will also be dealt with.

PLANNING - Nothing to report.

2000/2001 PRECEPT

There were no further comments on the 2000/2001 Precept and the Parish Council all agreed that the Precept will be set at 13,000.


The Parish Councillors had all looked at the Village Design Statement literature sent round in the merry-go-round. This was discussed and it was decided that due to all the information this project will need to gather and then collate that a Co-ordinator would be needed. Cllr Mr Marsh offered to report on the literature and it was agreed that this item will be put on the agenda for the February Meeting.


Cllr Mr Ball reported that time frame for the petition has changed and this now needs to be handed to the planners by March, Cllr Mrs Ball asked the parish Council to decide what wording should be put on the petition. This was discussed and it was decided that the wording should read


Cllr Mrs Ball will sort out areas for those offering to help with the petition and will produce and distribute the petition with in the next few weeks.

Cllr Mr Wilkins has spoken to the H.C.C. Bye-ways Officer, who will not make any comments until the Borough Plan has been published.


Cllr Mr Baxter reported that he can not make any comments at this stage of the events on the matter of future Development in the Village. Cllr Mr Baxter reported that the Ward Councillors discussed this at a meeting on the 21/12/99, at the end of February they will get back the Officers reports, the Borough Plan will then be discussed at the March Planning Meeting, in May the Borough Plan will be put out for consultation.

Cllr Mr Baxter reported that H.C.C. are reluctant to impose 20MPH Speed Limits outside Schools, unless there are exceptional circumstances. Cllr Mr Baxter suggested that it might be a good idea for the Parish Council. School and T.V.B.C. to meet to discuss this matter. Cllr Mrs Tetlow will speak to the School.

Cllr Mr Baxter reported that the annual T.V.B.C. budget has been set and has been increased by 1 and a 112%'.

Cllr Mrs Ball thanked Cllr Mr Baxter for his report.


CLLR MRS R TETLOW - Reported that the Millennium Service at the Church was very good but only 21 people attended. Cllr Mrs Ball stated that she had attended the Millennium Service at St. Mary's in Andover, this was also very good.

CLLR MRS J SAUNDERS - Reported that Gardeners Green are having problems with flooding, the water is running down from hedges close and missing all the road drains, that are higher than the road level, and flooding the last drain at the bottom of the close. Cllr Mrs Saunders reported that the water does eventually drain away, but her garage and other properties have been flooded several times. The Clerk was asked to report this to Mr Perrin as a matter of urgency.

CLLR MR P MARSH - Reported that when it rains puddles are forming on the Play Courts. The Clerk will report this to Courtstall.

Cllr Mr Marsh reported that when he used the Play Courts recently the Village Centre Car Park was covered in broken glass. Cllr Mrs Ball will speak to the Village Centre Caretaker.

CLLR MR C WILKINS - Reported that he now has the General Risk Assessment Certificate as a result of the course he attended in the autumn. Cllr Mr Wilkins stated that due to the change in his working hours he will have to resign as the Parish Paths Officer as he will not have the time to do all the paper work. Cllr Mr Wilkins will still be able to do the cutting of the paths etc.

The Parish Council were sorry to hear this and discussed a replacement Parish Paths Officer. Cllr Mrs Saunders with help from Cllr Mr Wilkins and the Clerk agreed to take on the job.

CLLR MR G BARNETSON - reported that the Telephone Boxes in the village have taken their turn at being vandalised. It was reported that they have now been repaired and are in working condition again.

CLLR MRS P BALL - Reported that the new Beech Tree in the Grave Yard has died due to neglect in the summer. However Mr A Fairhurst, who has relatives buried in the Grave Yard, has offered to replace the Beech Tree. The Parish Council thought this a generous offer and felt that a Watering Rota will have to be organised. The Clerk was asked to write to Mr Fairhurst thanking him for his kind offer.


S.B.V.C. - Grant Payment for Dec and January 200

M.O.D. - Lamp Bracket Rental 10

H.C.C. - Street Lighting Energy and Maintenance 595.95

T.V.B.C.- Grass Cutting 15

Mrs E Price - Litter collecting 90

R.N. Waterman - Wages 91.66


1. Footpath No5 - Problem Area.

2. Play Courts - Landscaping, Flooding and Weeds.

3. Grave Yard levelling.

4. Green Wheely Bins in the Village.

5. Responsibilities of the Village Centre Committee/Parish Council

6. Bus Shelter.

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