Parish Council Minutes: December 1999

Minutes of the Shipton Bellinger Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 6th December 1999 in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre at 7.30pm.


Mr G. Barnetson signed the Declaration of Office and was co-opted on to the Parish Council.

MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING - Cllr Mrs Ball signed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record. Matters arising from those minutes

VILLAGE CENTRE - Cllr Mrs Ball reported that Mr Gordon Measures bas taken over as Chairman of the Village Centre. The Parish Council thought this good news.

MILLENNIUM CELEBRATIONS - Cllr Mrs Ball reported that there is a Church Service at St Mary's in Andover at 12pm on 31st December 1999 to celebrate and bring in the New Year and she was invited to represent the Parish Council. A similar service is to be held at St Peters Shipton and parish Councillors were invited to attend.

Cllr Mrs Ball asked if any of the Parish Councillor's will be in the village over the New Year as their assistance might need to be called upon if any thing goes wrong in the Village i.e. Electricity going off. Cllr Mrs Ball stated that they will not be needed to done overalls! but a voice on the end of a telephone can be reassuring in a crisis. Several Parish Councillors' will be in the village and would be available if needed.

The Millennium Pillars project was discussed and the meeting brought up to date on its progress. A site meeting will be organised for early in the New Year, Cllr Mr Leslie, Mr Brian Boxall and the Clerk will be present. T.V.B.C. and Hampshire Highways will also he asked to attend.

Mr Boxall reported that he will be applying to the Lottery for a grant for this project, he hoped that the Millennium Pillars might be a "Self Help/Build" project but would also get three quotes from builders (These will be needed for the Lottery Grant).

SCHOOL HEDGE - This has now been cut back.

SHIPTON BELLINGER WEB SITE - The Parish Councillor's that have seen the Web Site reported that they are impressed with its contents.

DROPPED KERB - The Clerk reported that the Dropped Kerb in Parkhouse Road has been repaired.

BUS SHELTER - The Bus Shelter in the High Street has been installed. The Parish Council were very pleased with the Bus Shelter and felt it was a good choice for the site.

FOOTPATH N05 - Cllr Mrs Ball reported that this is in hand. It was noted that the trees overhanging the Footpath in this area need to be cut back.

WARD BOUNDARIES - Cllr Mr Baxter reported that a decision on the recommendations put forward has not yet been made.

VILLAGE DESIGN STATEMENTS - An Information Pack has been given to the Parish Council by Cllr Mr Baxter and will be put in the Merry-go-round. The Information Pack makes more sense of the way the Village Design Statement should be produced. Cllr Baxter reported that several Parishes are due to publish their Village Design Statements in the New Year, these should be available to look at and provide more background information.

ARMY REPRESENTATIVE - Cllr Mrs Ball reported that Staff Sgt S Prowse has now left the Village to take up his new post. No news of his replacement.

PLANNING - Nothing to report.

2000/2001 PRECEPT

The Clerk ran through the estimated budget for 2000/2001. Funding for the following has been included in the Budget

  1. Street Light - Sarum Close 1000
  2. Bus Shelter - Parkhouse Road 1200
  3. Donation to Village News 100
  4. Extra Grass Cutting around the Village Centre 350
  5. The Parish Council agreed to bring the Clerks Wages up to the recommended level by the National Association of Local Councils, This has been set at 1503 (Scale SP~9) and will be reviewed every two years. An Office Allowance of 100 a year will be added to this figure.

The Parish Council discussed the Precept and agreed that the Shipton Bellinger Parish Precept will be set at 13,000 for the Year 200012001.


VILLAGE CLEAN-UP - It was suggested that to avoid the problems the Village had with the ever increasing Rubbish Pile in the Car Park that the collection point for 2000 is the lay-by in Watery Lane. Mr T Jennings was asked if he would help to organise the event again, Mr Jennings said he would and felt that next year a lot more publicity is needed to make people aware of this annual event. The Parish Council agreed that more publicity is needed, Cllr Mrs Ball will do an article for the Village News.


Cllr Mr Baxter reported that the Government have now decided on the level of New Housing Hampshire have to accommodate. T.V.B.C. have been given their allocation and must find placement for 250 in the Rural Areas.

Cllr Mrs Ball asked Cllr Mr Baxter if he could comment on the rumours that Gilberts Farm has been earmarked for development in the 2011 Local Borough Plan? Cllr Mr Baxter stated that he could not make any comment this matter as he is on the Voting Panel, any comment he made would loose him his right to vote. This issue will be discussed and voted upon at a T.V.B.C. Meeting on 21/12/99.

The Parish Council discussed the implications of the development of Scotts Field Points raised will be sent to Test Valley Borough Council - Please see attached Gilberts Farm Development document.

The Parish Council discussed the best way to get a petition against a large development in started in the New Year. The Shop, Village News and the Pantomime could be used to bring it to the Villages attention. Rev McCloud thought that he might be able to help by enlisting the services of the people who deliver the Winchester Way. The Parish Council thanked him and would take him up on his offer.


CLLR MR A LESLIE - Reported that he has looked at Parkhouse Road and felt that a few yards from the Bus Stop (towards the shop by the telegraph pole) is an ideal site for a Bus Shelter. The verge is deeper and would not cause problems with Children getting off the School Bus. The parish Council will look at this suggested site, the Residents in this area will also have to be consulted.

CLLR MRS R TETLOW - Reported that a School House Fund have held a meeting to establish a clear and unambiguous basis for the Management Committee to operate. Minutes attached to these minutes. It was agreed that Cllr Mrs Tetlow will represent the Parish Council on the Management Committee.

CLLR MR G BARNETSON - Reported that he had read that 20 MPH Speed limits can be imposed by Schools. The Parish Council thought this a good idea, Cllr Mr Baxter will to look into this and report back at the next meeting.

CLLR MR WILKINS - Reported that the Village Map is now on Computer Disc, the next stage is to decided on Photographs to be included on the map design. Cllr Mr Wilkins stated that the financing for this project has been guaranteed by the P.P.P.

Cllr Mr Wilkins reported that due to the new Health and Safety Regulations for Volunteers have several implications for Shipton Bellinger. Cllr Mr Wilkins will have to go on a First Aid Course, Grass Cutting can not be undertaken unless the Volunteer is accompanied and a Mobile Telephone must be carried. Funding for this has yet to be confirmed by the P.P.P.

Cllr Mr Wilkins reported that a new "Kissing Gate" has been installed in Watery Lane and asked if the Parish Council wished him to carry on as P.P.P. Officer for 2000. The answer was yes and he was thanked for all the good work that he has done.

CLLR MRS M WHITE - Reported that she was concerned that Youth Workers from Village Youth Matters have been in the Village talking to the Children, no prior notice was given and identification was not produced. With all the publicity in the press about things happening to Children and encouraging them not to talk to strangers, this seems very irresponsible of Village Youth Matters. The Parish Council agreed The Clerk will speak to Mrs Jean Roberts-Jones who is in charge of Village Youth Matters to bring this matter to her attention.


MR T JENNINGS - stated that he was disappointed with the design the Parish Council had chosen for the new Bus Shelter in the High Street, he feels that the design does not offer much protection from the elements. The Parish Council chose the design because of the location and got the approval of those present at the 1999 AGM Comments received so far from the Village have been favourable.

Mr Jennings also stated that he hoped that no funding from the Parish Precept would be put into the Millennium Pillars Project. Cllr Mrs Ball noted his comments.

MRS P HUGHES - reported that when it rains a large puddle forms by the new bridge at Manor Farm. The Clerk will report this to Mr Perrin.

MR B BOXALL - Reported that due to the new Owners of the Old Pop Factory not allowing cars to park on their land, the entrance to the High Street is being used as a Car Park by some of the residents of Salisbury Road, this could be quite dangerous. Cllr Mrs Ball suggested that Mr Boxall reported this to the Police.

MR JENNINGS - reported that the Village Centre Car park has not been opened for the Afternoon School Pick Up Time and parking has been a problem outside the School. Cllr Mrs Ball reported that the matter is in hand, and the Village Centre Car Park will be used again. Due to the new entrance the Teachers are now parking in the School Grounds the Head Teacher thought that the extra Car Parking would not be needed and the keys were handed back



  1. Footpath No 5 - Problem Area
  2. Play Courts - Landscaping and Weeds.
  3. Grave Yard levelling.
  4. Green Wheely Bins in the Village.
  5. Responsibilities of the Village Centre Committee / Parish Council.
  6. 2000/2001 Precept

Parish Council Meeting: December 1999

The last Shipton Bellinger Parish Council Meeting of the Twentieth Century held in the Fletcher Room at the Village Centre on Monday 6th December 1999. Back : Mr B Boxall, Cllr Mr C Wilkins, Cllr Mrs J Saunders, Mr T Jennings, Rev ARH MacLeod, Cllr Mr A Leslie. Middle : Cllr Mrs M White, Cllr Mrs R Tetlow, Mrs P Hughes, Cllr Mr A Baxter, Mrs A Gerrett & Mrs T Reeves. Seated : Mr R Waterman (Clerk), Cllr Mrs P Ball (Chairman), Cllr Mr P Marsh (Vice Chairman), Cllr Mr G Barnetson

Taken by Mrs R Flowers who was also present at the meeting.

Reproduced with the kind permission of Cllr Mr A Leslie.

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