Parish Council Minutes: November 1999

Minutes of the Shipton Bellinger Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 1st November 1999 in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre at 7:30pm.



MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING - Cllr Mrs Ball signed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record. Matters arising from those minutes

VILLAGE CENTRE - Cllr Mrs Ball reported that the Village Centre are very near to appointing a new Chairman. Cllr Mrs Ball stated that Mrs Julie Sparks has done a very good job of sorting out the Village Centre affairs ready for a new Chairman to take over.

PARISH COUNCIL VACANCY - The Clerk reported that the Parish Council should be informed any day on if they can co-opt to fill the vacancy. This matter will therefore be carried forward to the December meeting.

MILLENNIUM PILLARS - The Clerk reported that The Area Surveyors Department will be happy to grant a Licence to erect the Pillars, subject to several points being clarified

  1. Does the Local Planning Authority need to be involved?
  2. The proposed distance between the face of the Pillar and the edge of the Carriageway - Not less than 0.5m.
  3. No problems with the sight line will be created for any access close to the pillars.
  4. Account will need to be taken of any buried apparatus, gas, electricity etc. and any drainage pipe work within the verge.

The Clerk will look into these matters, the Area Surveyor will happily meet with the Parish Council or the contractor on site to discuss this project and agree details.

SCHOOL HEDGE - Cllr Mrs Tetlow reported that the offending branch on the border of the School Playing Field, raised at the last meeting, has not been cut back sufficiently and is still proving a problem to users of the footpath.

Mr Barnetson reported that the hedge is growing up and around the School Signs and is making them difficult to see. Cllr Mrs White will speak to the Head Teacher about both these points.

SHIPTON BELLINGER WEB SITE - Mr Barnetson reported that the Shipton Bellinger Web Site is up and running, the September Minutes are on site and information about the Village.

Cllr Mrs Ball was surprised that the minutes had been put put on the line, this was discussed at the October meeting where a delay had been asked for before they went on site. Mr Barnetson apologised and stated that he misunderstood what was said at the last meeting.

POLICING IN SHIPTON BELLINGER - The Parish Council were pleased to see that the Special Constables have now started in the Village, it is nice to see the Police walking the beat in the Village again. The Clerk will relay this to Superintendent Cockbum at the next Police Liaison Meeting.

DROPPED KERB IN PARKHOUSE ROAD - The Clerk has reported this to Mr Perrin

ABANDONED CARS - It was reported that the cars dumped by the Horticultural Shed have now gone. Cllr Mr Baxter reported that if any cars are dumped in this area again to please report them directly to T.V.B.C.

MOTOR BIKES - Cllr Mr Baxter reported that T.V.B.C. have received more complaints of noise from Motor Bikes in the field behind St Peters Close. T.V.B.C. who have now taken action against the owner of the field.

BUS SHELTER - The Clerk reported that Queensbury Bus Shelters are to meet Cllr Mrs Ball on

Tuesday 2nd November to finalise details, they will start work the same day on the Bus Shelter in the High Street.

FOOTPATH NO 5 - Cllr Mrs Ball reported that the contractor will not start work on Footpath No 5 until some repair work is done on the fence bordering this path. Cllr Mrs Ball has spoken to the owner who has agreed to get the repairs done. It was suggested that ducting could be laid during repair work to this footpath, so that in the future a Bulk Head light could be placed on the Arch in Gardeners Green. The Parish Council thought this a good idea.


STREET LIGHTING - It was reported that the street light outside the Village Centre is not working. The Clerk will report this to the Lighting Department.


TVN.38704 Erection of two-story rear extension to provide extended sitting room with bedroom over, includes veranda at first floor, single story front extension to provide garage, utility and extended hall, and provision of pitched roof to existing garaging to of Cloverley and Croftwood. - Cloverley, Salisbury Road, Shipton Bellinger.

TREE PRESERVATION ORDER To fell 1 x Sycamore at the Old Laundry, High Street, Shipton Bellinger. The Tree Preservation Order will be moved to another Sycamore Tree with in the properties boundary.

The Parish Council discussed these Planning Applications and had no objections.

2000/2001 PRECEPT.

Cllr Mrs Ball asked the Parish Council for any ideas or projects that could be considered for the

2000/2001 Precept. The following was suggested

Cllr Mrs Ball stated that the Precept for 1999/2000 was 12,000. It would be nice to keep it at the same level for the next financial year as the Village has had some high precepts for quite a few years. The Clerk and Cllr Mrs Ball will look at the figures and produce a financial report for the next meeting.


CLLR MRS WHITE - Reported that the Street Light on the corner of Hedges Close in on all day and the Village Centre Light is not working. The Clerk will report this to the Lighting Department.

MR G BARNETSON - Asked for some information on the Litter Collecting in the Village. The Clerk reported that in the past Children were offered the job of Litter Collectors and for a while this proved successful, but interest soon waned. Mrs E Price has been doing the job single handed for the last four years for 30 a month.

Mr Barnetson wished to bring the matter of people opening up their front gardens for off-street parking, to the Parish Council's attention and asked for their views. The Parish Council felt that if cars could be taken off the road it was a good thing and thought that this matter should be left well alone, as it will only open up a large can of worms!

Mr Barnetson asked if there was any news on the Village Map? As far as the Parish Council knew the map was still in the Draft stage, Cllr Mr Wilkins will be able to give more information on this matter on his return

CLLR MR A LESLIE - Reported that the overhanging trees in the problem area of footpath No 5 need cutting back again, they can be hazardous to negotiate in the dark. Cllr Mrs Ball will have a word with the owner.


Cllr Mr Baxter reported that the Ward Boundaries have been looked at and T.V.B.C. are to

Recommend that Appleshaw and the two Pentons join Shipton Bellinger, Kimpton , Fyfield and Thruxton to make up the Tedworth Ward with two Borough Councillors's representing the Ward. Cllr Mr Baxter reported that it was suggested that Shipton Bellinger be segregated with its own Borough Councillor, but this was not a popular choice.

Cllr Mr Baxter reported that T.V.B.C. will be sending all Parish Council's information on the "Village Design Plan". A grant of up to 1,000 will be made available to all Parishes in the next financial year. The Borough Council does not want to force Parish Council's to do a Village Plan, but Cllr Mr Baxter stated that it would be an advantage to the Village.

Cllr Mr Baxter reported that there has been some articles in the local press about the reliability of the Rubbish Collections, the contractor has stated that this is due to the European Working Regulations and Vehicles breaking down. Cllr Mr Baxter stated that any problems with Rubbish Collections should be reported to T.V.B.C.

Cllr Mrs Ball thanked Cllr Mr Baxter for his report.


A letter has been received from the A346/A338 Working Group Re - The Collingbournes, asking for the parish Council to do a survey of traffic on the A338 through Shipton Bellinger.

This was discussed and the Parish Council felt that this was the wrong time of year, the summer would be a better time due to the increase in Holiday Traffic and decided that they would not be taking part in this exercise.

Cllr Mr Tetlow suggested that when the Millennium Pillars are built that a "Gate" could be put on the road to bring the Speed limit to driver's attention. The Parish Council thought this a good suggestion and worth following up.



  1. Bus Shelter.
  2. Footpath NO 5 - Problem Area
  3. Play Courts - Landscaping and Weeds
  4. Grave Yard Levelling.
  5. Green Wheely Bins in the Village.
  6. Street Lighting.
  7. Responsibilities of the Village Centre - Parish Council I Village Centre Committee.
  8. 2000/2001 Precept.

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