Parish Council Minutes: October 1999

Minutes of the Shipton Bellinger Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 4th October 1999 in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre at 7.30pm.




Cllr Mrs Ball reported that the Chairman of the Village Centre was not happy with the Minutes of the September Parish Council Meeting and has objected in writing. Due to this he has decided to resign from the Village Centre. A copy of this letter was given to all the Parish Councillor's prior to the meeting.

The Chairman of the Village Centre objected to the way the Village Centre finances were portrayed in the minutes and felt that the information given was being selective in the interpretation of the accounts and asked for the minutes to be changed.

Cllr Mrs Ball stated that there was no intention to mislead with the information given at the meeting, but the reading of the minutes could lead to misinterpretation of the financial position of the Village Centre, particularly if read in isolation from all the other discussion on the Village Centre Grant. It was at no time the intention to sour relations with the Village Centre and the Parish Council felt that the Chairman of the Village Centre has done an excellent job and that it was a shame that he wished to resign. This matter was discussed at great length.

Cllr Mrs Ball asked the Parish Council if they wished the minutes to be changed? This was discussed and the Parish Council felt that the minutes accurately recorded what was said and should not be changed. They agreed that they could have been misinterpreted but felt that the Parish Council is responsible for the Village Precept and needs to look at all aspects of payments as the Village Centre grant is one of the largest expenditures incurred by the Parish Council.

It was therefore felt that what had been minuted was a fair account of the Parish Council's feelings at the September Meeting. To clarify this minute it should be noted that when the Parish Council was discussing the expenditure and income of the Village Centre this was in relation to the running costs. The cost of new works and new cupboards were disregarded, as the grant is to help with the running costs of the Village Centre and not capital costs.

MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING - Cllr Mrs Ball signed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record. Matters arising from those minutes

PARISH COUNCIL VACANCY - The Clerk has informed T.V.B.C. of Cllr Mrs Vickers resignation and has asked for the process of filling the vacancy to be put in place.

MILLENNIUM PILLARS - Mr Brian Boxall has provided measurements for the proposed Millennium Pillars and has suggested that they are 6 feet high by 2 feet square. The Clerk will forward these measurements to the Area Surveyors Department. Mr Boxall has made some suggestions for this project and these will be discussed at the November Meeting.

SCHOOL HEDGE - Cllr Mrs R Tetlow reported that the School have acknowledged responsibility for the hedge along the School Playing Field and the offending branch has been cut back.

CHILDREN ON BICYCLES PLAYING IN ROAD - Cllr Mrs Tetlow reported that the School have brought this matter to the attention of the Children, The Play Group have spoken to their Children and Staff Sgt Prowse has spoken to the Army Families.

SHIPTON BELLINGER WEB SITE - Mr Barnetson reported that this is up and running through "Hants Web" at a cost of 175 a year. The Village History is now on site and it planned to add the minutes of the last three Parish Council Meetings. Cllr Mrs Ball asked Mr Barnetson to delay putting the Minutes on line.

Mr Barnetson answered questions on the Web Site and stated that any documentation or written article can be scanned and put on line. The Parish Council were impressed with just what could be done and agreed in principal to a trail period to see if it was used to its full potential. There would be no cost to the Village for the first three years.

POLICING IN THE VILLAGE - The Clerk reported that he had spoken with Superintendent K.Cockburn at a recent Police Liaison Committee Meeting; Shipton Bellinger is to get two Special Constables for 4 Hours each week for a trial period of six months.


TVN.3209 - Erection of Dwelling and Detached Double Garage/Workshop/Store and construction of vehicular access on land adjoining Parsonage Farm, High Street, Shipton Bellinger. The Parish Council looked at the Plans for this application and had no objections.


Cllr Mrs Ball asked the Parish Councillor's to think of any Projects or Expenditure for next year's budget. The Precept for the 2000/2001 period will be discussed at the November Meeting.


CLLR MRS J SAUNDERS - Reported that the Pavement outside 87 Parkhouse Road has been dug up to install a 'Drop Kerb'. The Kerb has been installed but the Pavement has been left and could be a danger to pedestrians. The Clerk will report this to T.V.B.C. and ask them to investigate.

CLLR MRS R TETLOW - Reported that two more cars have been dumped on the land by the Horticultural Shed. Cllr Mrs Ball will report this to the Police.

Cllr Mrs Tetlow reported that the Motor Bikes have returned to the field by St Peters Close and are making a lot of noise. Cllr Mrs Ball reminded the Parish Council that if they are approached by a Parishioner regarding Noise Nuisance that the Parishioner must report it to The Environmental Health Department at T.V.B.C.

MR G BARNETSON - Reported that there are no Cats Eyes on the A338 and the Sign Post opposite the turning to Snoddington Manor has gone. The Clerk will report the missing Road Sign to Mr Perrin. The Clerk reported that when the A338 was re-surfaced several years ago the Cats Eyes were taken up, a letter was written to the Highways Department, they replied that the White Lines are put down using a new reflective paint and there is no need for Cats Eyes, this also reduces the road noise through Villages.

Mr Barnetson also reported that a small fence has been put up around the trees in Gardeners Green by the Arch Way to Footpath No5. Cllr Mrs Saunders reported that this area has been seeded and the fence will be removed soon.

Mr Barnetson reported that the grass along the frontage to the Old Pop Factory on the A338 has got very long and needs cutting. It was reported that this is the owner's responsibility and not a Highways Matter, the Parish Council can bring this matter to the Owners attention.

Mr Barnetson stated that there was an article in the Sunday Times about the proposal by the Government to abolish Parish Councils. This was news to the Parish Council but were sure that H.A.P.T.C. would be writing to the Parish Council to keep them informed on this news.

STAFF SGT PROWSE - The Clerk reported that Sgt Prowse Unit has been in talks with the Defence Housing Executive discussing Community issues, the D.H.E. have agreed to carry out renovation and maintenance work on the Muscott Close Play Park and will install several waste paper bins. Staff Sgt Prowse has been given promotion and will be leaving the Village in December, he will bring his replacement to the November meeting to meet the Parish Council.

The Parish Council will be sorry to see Staff Sgt Prowse leave the Village, he has worked very hard to bring the two Communities together and achieved a lot for the Village.



1. Bus Shelter.

2. Footpath No5 - Problem Area.

3. Play Courts - Landscaping and Weeds.

4. Grave Yard Levelling.

5. Green Wheely Bins in the Village.

6. Street Lighting - Fact-Finding Sarum Close.

7. Responsibilities of the Village Centre - Parish Council / Village Centre Committee.

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