Parish Council Minutes: September 1999

Minutes of the Shipton Bellinger Parish Council meeting held on Monday 6th September 1999 in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre at 7:30pm.



Cllr Mrs Ball reported that Cllr Mrs B Vickers has tendered her resignations from the Parish Council as she will be shortly leaving the Village and this will be her last meeting. Cllr Mrs Vickers has been a Parish Councillor for 13 Years and has contributed a lot to the Village, the Parish Council thanked her for all the hard work she has done and wished her all the best for the future. Cllr Mrs Vickers will continue with the Millennium surrey providing the Village is successful in its Millennium funding.

Minutes of the Previous Meeting

Cllr Mrs Ball signed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record, matters arising from those minutes: -

FOOTPATH NO5 - Cllr Mrs Ball reported that the funding for the project is in place, Contracts are being placed by H.C.C. Three weeks notice will be given to the Village before work commences.

MILLENNIUM CELEBRATIONS - The Clerk reported that he has received a letter from H.C.C. and they have no objection to the Millennium Pillars on the A338, dimensions and materials to be used have to be forwarded to tile Area Surveyors Office, if everything is in order alley will issue a Licence for the project to go ahead. Mr Brian Boxall will be asked if he can attend the October meeting so that this project can be discussed further and if financing will be needed.

Cllr Mrs Vickers reported that Grants are available for projects to celebrate the Millennium, The Village Doomsday Style Book project should be eligible and a grant is being applied for.

SCHOOL HEDGE - Cllr Mrs Tetlow reported that the Hedge on the Path by the School Playing Field, Bulford Road is still causing an obstruction to pedestrians. she will speak to Mr Atkinson at the School and ask him if he could please get it cut back further.

BUS SHELTER - The Clerk reported that he has placed the order with Queensbury Bus Shelters Ltd and has written to H.C.C. Area Surveyors Office to apply for a licence to dig up the Pavement. It is hoped that the Bus Shelter will be in place before the Winter.

PLAYING FIELD HEDGE - Cllr Mr Baxter has reported that he should have news on the T.V.B.C. Shredder with in the next few days and will report to the Clerk with his findings. Staff Sgt Prowse reported that the Army plan to cut the hedge sometime in October.

CHILDREN'S CLOTHS FOR KOSOVO - Staff Sgt Prowse wished to thank the W.I. and the Village for their support in this plea, 1 Ton of Clothing was collected. The Parish Council thought this was excellent news.

STREET LIGHT - SARUM CLOSE - Cllr Mrs Ball suggested that when the budget for 2000/2001 is looked at the Parish Council consider putting some money into the Precept towards the provision of a Street Light in Sarum Close. The residents of Sarum Close bring this matter to the Parish Council's attentions every year, although an application to join the H.C.C. Street Lighting Science has been submitted it would be wise to have a back-up if the applications is not successful. The Parish Council agreed. The Clerk will ask H.C.C. to give an estimate in writing for the provision of a street light and the estimated running costs for a year.

GREEN WHEELY BINS IN THE VILLAGE - The Clerk will ask T.V.B.C. to come and inspect the posts for the Green Wheely Bins in the Village, as many are unstable or missing.

MULTI-FUNCTION PLAY COURTS - The Landscaping of the entrance to the Play Courts was discussed, the Parish Council preferred a plan that incorporated a built in seat. Several builders have been approached, but interest in doing the job has not been forthcoming. It is estimated that the job will cost in the region of 2,500. The Clerk will contact Test Valley Contract Services to ask them for a price; this will give a basis to work from. It is hoped that this can be discussed again at the next e meeting if more information can be obtained.

ROAD SIGNS - The Clerk reported that he has spoken to Mr Perrin about the missing Road Signs. Mr Perrin stated that the Hampshire sign on the A338 has been stolen (the theft of County Signs is on the increase) and will not be replaced for some time due to the cost involved. Mr Perrin has noted the Bulford Road sign is missing and has already replaced it once in the last 12 months.

SCHOOL HOUSE FUND - Cllr Mrs Ball reported that the meeting of the School House Trustees has still not been held and will speak to those concerned, the matter of the administration of the School House Funds was brought up at the Parish Council A.G.M. in April, it is now five months later and the information has not been forthcoming. -

SPRAYING OF THE FIELDS IN THE PARISH - Cllr Mrs White reported that she contacted the Environmental Health at T.V.B.C. about the spraying of fields in the Parish. There is no legal requirement by farmers to notify the Parish of spraying but they should out of courtesy, Cllr Mrs Marsh was assured that no harmful chemicals are used, but how can we be sure! The Clerk was asked to write to the Environmental Health Department with the Parish Council's concerns and to speak to Mr Currie at Snoddington Manor.


TVN 5956/1 - Single Storey Side Extension to provide a Family Room at Cleeve Cottage, High Street, Shipton Bellinger.

TVN 7741 - Erections of a Garage at rear of Meadow View, Bulford Road, Shipton Bellinger.

TVN 0342/13 - Removal of Existing Agricultural Tie - The Bungalow, Gilberts Farm. (this was in the Merry-go-round after the July Meeting - due to holidays this was not seen by all the Councillors!)

The Parish Council had no objections to the above Planning Applications.

Village Centre

Cllr Mrs Ball thanked the Councillors that made up the Sub-committee as their work paid off when she and Cllr Mr Marsh met with Representatives of the Village Centre. Cllr Mr Marsh reported on the meeting, two areas have shown a need to be changed: -

1. Vi1lage Centre Managment.

Cllr Mr Marsh, the Village Centre and the Charity Commissioners will have to meet to negotiate; discussions will be based on the report by the Sub-Committee. The only point not open to negotiations that the Parish Council are the Trustees and will be represented as now on the Executive Committee. The Parish Council agreed this was the way forward.

2. Money

The Village Centre is willing to take on all aspects of responsibility for the Village Centre with the exception of the Sports Courts and the insurance, which the Parish Council already pays. Cllr Mrs Ball and the Clerk will work out a fair increase to the Village Centre payment to cover the extra costs; it is also suggested that Parish Council transfer the mower to the Village Centre. The Parish Council agreed to this.

Cllr Mrs Ball stated that the area of negotiation comes in deciding if the Parish Council will pay the grant to the Village Centre in the future as it is doing now. Last year the Village Centre made its best profit ever. this was anticipated when the parish council agreed to subsidise the Caretaker. The Village Centre intends to bank this surplus to save up for the extension and to use are grant for running costs. This is not exactly what we had in mind when we originally agreed to the size of grant and it is not the view of the Sub-committee, this leaves us with several choices: -

1. To negotiate an increase grant to cover costs incurred from the new arrangements and pay as before. This in effect means that the Parish Council pays the grant and in doing so subsidises savings by the Village Centre for the extension. If the Village Centre apply to T.V.B.C. and H.C.C. for a grant we will then also have to pay in matching funds or the grants will not be given. The Council Taxpayers of Shipton Bellinger will then have paid twice in the precept and once in Council Tax for this extension, whether or not they use the Village Centre.

2. To cut the grant we make to the Village Centre in relation to their surplus.

3. To pay the full amount of the increased grant but in 2 portions. One reduced amount of running costs and the rest of the grant for the Village Centre Extension Fund. This will be minuted and appear in our budget and showed that we have paid matching funds.

4. As point 3 but the Parish Council will keep the Extension Fund until it is needed.

Cllr Mrs Ball suggested that whichever option is chosen it should be carefully minuted after agreement with the Village Centre so that there can be no misunderstandings and a period of time should be given for these arrangements so that the grant can be reviewed after a set number of years. The Parish Council thought this a good idea.

The Parish Council discussed the points made; the general feeling of the Parish Council was that option 4 made the most sense. This will be taken in to account in all negotiations with the Village Centre.

Cllr Mrs Ball reported that she has been stopped by the caretaker on several occasions to be told that the Village Centre Gates need replacing, the NO DOGS sign needs to be moved and an extra Bollard is needed. No written request has yet been received from the Village Centre on the matter of the Gates or the Sign. When this happens the Parish Council will then discuss the issues.

Financial Report

The Clerk produced a copy for each Councillor of the Statement of Accounts for the year 1/4/98 - 31/3/99. Questions were asked on the value of Assets and the P.P.P. Agency work. Cllr Mrs Saunders the Financial Officer confirmed that she has checked the Account and a score of 32/33 was obtained due to the Standing Orders not yet been adopted. Cllr Mrs Ball asked the Parish Council if they were happy with the accounts. The Parish Council agreed to the accounts.

Standing Orders

The Clerk produced a copy of the proposed Standing Orders for Shipton Bellinger Parish Council. The Parish Council read the points and agreed that they should be adopted. The Clerk will send these in with the Audit, the Auditor will then advice if everything has been covered and if extra points should be added.

Councillor's Reports

CLLR MR A LESLIE - Reported that a Car has been dumped up on the tracks, this has been reported to the Police. The hedge on the Village Centre boundary with Bulford Road have over grown and need cutting back, the Village Centre Committee Representative will report this.

Cllr Mr Leslie reported that while on holiday he saw an ingenious way of slowing speeding traffic down through a Village. Traffic Lights are placed at each end of the Village, if traffic travelling towards them is speeding sensors pick this up and the lights turn to red. The Parish Council thought this a good idea and would certainly work in Shipton Bellinger!

CLLR MRS J SAUNDERS - Reported that the Green Wheely Bin is missing from the top of Bulford Road. The Clerk will report this to T.V.B.C.

CLLR MRS R TETLOW - Wished to have a thank you minuted to Mr Alan Telfer for removing a Wasps Nest from Footpath No5. .

CLLR MR P MARSH - Reported that when he and his Family went to use the Play Courts last weekend there were broken bottles on the Courts, several bicycle tyre marks have been made, there is some damage to the Nets and more worrying Weeds are growing through the Play Surface. Cllr Mr Marsh stated that the broken bottles were swept up and an enjoyable evening was had using the Courts. The Police should be informed if the courts are really misused in this way, the Clerk has written to Courtstall Ltd about the weeds growing through the Play Surface.

CLLR MR C WILKINS - Reported that he has cut the grass around the Bus Shelter in the High Street and with Cllr Mr Marsh’s help will tidy up the area and cut the bushes back. The Small bridge across the gully has broken and will need repairing. Cllr Mrs Ball asked Cllr Mr Wilkins to ask Mr Jennings if he could do this job for the Parish Council.

Cllr Mr Wilkins reported that Children on Bicycles are riding down Muscot Close and straight across Parkhouse Road by the turning to Goodwins Close without regard for on coming traffic, this is an accident waiting to happen! Staff Sgt Prowse will look into this and have a word with those involved. Cllr Mrs Tetlow will ask the School to talk to pupils and Cllr Mr Leslie will do the same for the Play Group.

Cllr Mr Wilkins reported that Strimmer has been repaired and is in working order again, the Parish Council should start thinking about the possibility that the Strimmer will need replacing in the future at a cost of between 400-500. Cllr Mr Wilkins will be attending a Risk Assessment meeting with the B.T.C.V. in Winchester- and gave his apologies for the October and November Meetings.

CLLR MRS B VICKERS - Stated that she has enjoyed her 13 Years on the Parish Council and was sorry to be leaving the Village and wished the Parish Council all the best for the future.

Mr G BARNETSON - Reported that the part of the Bridge just passed Red Villas has collapsed into the River Bed. Cllr Mrs Ball stated that this was not a Parish Council matter and asked the Clerk to report this to Southern Water.

Mr Barnetson introduced Mr Bancroft who has set up the Web Site on the Internet for the Village; a handout on the project was given to the Councillors. Cllr Mrs Ball stated that the Parish Council did not have the time to digest this information at this meeting and asked if they could have time to read up on this matter so it could be put on the October agenda.

Mr Barnetson asked if there had been any feedback from the Police questionnaire circulated in the Village? The Clerk stated that there was a Police Liaison Group Meeting on the l4th September and he would ask Superintendent K Cockburn if he had any news.

CLLR MRS P BALL - Reported that she has heard of a Village Appraisal being carried out in the Borough and would ask Cllr Mr Baxter for more information on this matter before the next meeting.

Cllr Mrs Ball had replied to the letter frown Mott MacDonald regarding the closure of the Thruxton Gap on the A303, the general feeling of the Parish Council was that it was a good idea and had no objections. Cllr Mrs Ball thanked Mr Barnetson for his thorough report on the effects on local Villages and Roads and enclosed it with her reply.

PARISH CLERK - Suggested that as problems with the Village Street Light are cropping up through out the year, the H.C.C. Street Lighting Department could be asked to come to next years A.G.M. to give a presentation. The Village could then air their views to the people with all the answers. The Parish Council thought this a good idea and asked the Clerk to enquire if they would do this.

Members of the Public

MRS R FLOWERS - Reported that she has badly bruised her leg on the Hedge Stump on the footpath by the School Playing Field and asked if this could be seen to as a matter of urgency? Cllr Mrs Tetlow is going to speak to the School.

Mrs Flowers reported that the paint on some of the Play Area Equipment has chipped of back to the bare metal. It was reported that this is due to stones being thrown at the equipment, another act of mindless vandalism. Cllr Mrs Ball will see if some matching paint can be purchased to repair the Play Equipment.

Cheques Issued in August and September 1999

Outstanding Items

1. Bus Shelters.

2. Footpaths No5 - Problem Area.

3. Play Courts - Landscaping and Weeds.

4. Grave Yard - Levelling.

5. Green Wheely Bins in Village .

6. Street Lighting - Fact Finding - Sarum Close.

7. Responsibilities of the Village Centre - Parish Council / Village Centre Committee.

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