Parish Council Minutes: July 1999

Minutes of the Shipton Bellinger Parish Council meeting held on Monday 12th July 1999 in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre at 7:30pm.



Minutes of the Previous Meeting

Cllr Mrs Ball stated if any corrections need to be made to the minutes they are altered on the Master Copy before it is signed, Councillors must correct their own set of minutes. Cllr Mrs Ba1l signed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record.

Matters arising from those minutes: -

FOOTPATH N05 - Cllr Mrs Ball reported that she has good news from Hampshire County Council, they have given the Parish Council a grant towards the work needed on Footpath No5, with the grant from T.V.B.C. it leaves a shortfall of 704. This could be included in next years Parish Budget. The Pariah Council agreed and thought this was good news.

MILLENNIUM CELEBRATIONS - The Clerk reported that the H.C.C. Area Surveyor has visited the Village to look at the proposed site for the Millenniums Pillars. No further news.

Cllr Mrs Vickers reported that she has now gathered all the information she needed on prices etc. for producing a Doomsday Style Book, and will report her findings at the next meeting.

SCHOOL HEDGE - Cllr Mrs Tetlow reported that the Hedge that was growing over the path in Bulford Road has now been cut back.

BUS SHELTER - The Clerk reported that he had met with a Representative from Queensbury Bus Shelters Ltd. Queensbury recommended that 6mm Toughened Safety Glass be used as if it easier to clean and will not turn opaque if graffiti is cleaned off with chemicals, unlike the Polycarbonate products.

The Bus Shelter can be erected with the Glass Panel on the Road Side or at the back on the Pavement side. The benefit of the Panel being sited on the Road Side is that it will protect persons from road spray etc. thrown up from traffic. Queensbury Shelters have quoted: -

1. Cantilever Bus Shelter with full length glazing in 10nm Toughened Glass 1190.00 Plus V.A.T.

2. "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" Lexan D Polycarbonate 1374.00 Plus V.A.T.

3. "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" 6mm Margard Polycarbonate 1514.00 Plus V.A.T.

The Parish Council discussed all that was reported and decided that they would opt for a Toughened Glass Bus Shelter with Dark Green Frame. Cllr Mrs Ball will speak to Mr Vigor who's property is directly opposite the site and to Mr Hughes to see if they have any objection to the Glass panel being sited on the road side of the Pavement. The Clerk will place the order with Queensbury and contact H.C.C. so that the service providers can be informed - a condition of law before the pavement can be dug up!

VILLAGE NEWS - Cllr Mrs Ball has spoken to Mrs Sperry. Editor of the Village News, about the Parish Council having a Page in each issue. Mrs Sperry stated that the Village News has a financial shortfall each issue, it would not be viable to provide the Parish Council with their own page.

Cllr Mrs Ball discussed this with Mrs Sperry and suggested that that the Parish Council take out a page in each issue and make up the financial shortfall with a payment each year to the Village News. The Parish Council thought this a good idea and agreed that 100 be put into the 2000/2001 Budget. Cllr Mrs Ball suggested that 25 be paid to the Village News in September to cover the remainder of this financial year. The Parish Council agreed.

HEDGE CUTTING - MRS ROLF - The hedge has been cut and the bill has been sent to Mr Rolf who agreed to have the work done.

PLAYING FIELD HEDGE - The removal of the hedge trimmings from the Playing Field, after Staff Sgt Prowse and his team have cut the Hedge is a problem that has to be tackled. Staff Sgt Prowse stated that due to a change in the numbers involved in deployment, it now looks that more of his regiment will be staying at base and they hoped to cut the hedge in September.

Cllr Mr Baxter reported that he has spoken to T.V.B.C. and due to insurance reasons can not allow the Army in the Land Fill Site or allow them to use a shredder. However T.V.B.C. could rent the Parish Council a Shredder and Man to operate it on a daily basis. Cllr Mr Baxter was asked if he could please find out how much this would cost?

The Clerk suggested that if the trimmings were shredded and bagged they could be offered free to any one in the Village who wanted shredded matter for their gardens. If the quantity of shredded material was greater than the need of the Village it could be offered to the other Parishes in the ward at 50p a bag. Any money made could be given to organizations in the Village. The Parish Council thought this a good idea and worth pursuing.

CHILDREN'S CLOTHES FOR KOSOVO - Cllr Mrs Vickers reported that a ''Drop Off '' point for Children's Clothes has been organised for Saturday l7th July at the Village Centre between 9.30am and 3pm. Teas will be served and it is hoped that this will raise some money so other items can be purchased to send to Kosovo. Cllr Mrs White will inform the School.

STREET LIGHT IN SARUM CLOSE - The Clerk reported that he now has the information from the Street Lighting Department on Grant aid and will fill in the forms and send them back. If the application is successful the Parish will be put on a waiting list. In reality this might take two to three years to come to the front of the list.

FIRE HYDRANT POST - Cllr Mrs White reported that when she and Jayne Tait went to look for the Fire Hydrant Post it had gone.

RE-CYCLING CENTRE - Cllr Mrs Ball reported that a smaller Bin for Cardboard has been placed at the re-cycling centre in the Village. The Residents in the area of the re-cycling centre have made it known that they are not in favour of the Parish Council organizing a Skip on a regular basis, it was therefore decided to drop this idea.

GREEN WHEELY BIN - The Clerk will contact T.V.B.C. again about the Green Wheely Bin by the Church, the post has still not been reinstated.

PLANNING - Nothing to report.

Army Visits

Cllr Mr Wilkins reported on the Visit he and Cllr Mrs Saunders attended on Salisbury Plain and how the Army takes Conservation of the land very seriously, keeping the plain in peak condition and protecting the many rare plants and habitat is a well planned exercise that's on going.

Cllr Mrs Ball reported on the Visit to the Army Presentation at Tedworth House the rest of the Parish Council attended on the 5th July.

Multi-Function Playcourts

The Landscaping of the Play Courts Area was discussed. It is proposed to make a patio area in front of the gate, this will be enclosed by raised flower/shrub beds with built in seats incorporated into the design, steps and a ramp will allow access for abled and disabled. Cllr Mrs Leslie is producing a drawing, which will be distributed to tile Parish Councillor's for their approval.

Village Centre

Cllr Mr Marsh reported on the draft document the Working Party had put together on the Village Centre. The Parish Council discussed points raised and were happy with the draft document. A meeting will be arranged for some time in August for both sides to get together to discuss the best way forward for the Village Centre. More details will be made available at a later date when points have been agreed.

Cllr Mr Andrew Baxter's Report.

Cllr Mr Baxter reported that the Local Borough Plan is at the forefront of discussion at T.V.B.C. and will be put out for consultation by Christmas. The figures are 3500 Dwellings in Andover and 250 in the outlying district. Cllr Mr Baxter will be watching the development figures for the rural areas with great interest and will keep the Parish Council informed at each stage. Cllr Mr Baxter did not know what effect the allocation of the 10,000 ''Floating Houses'' set by the Deputy Prime Minister would have on Hampshire and how they would be allocated.

T.V.B.C. are to transfer all their Housing Stock to a Housing Association, this will not make the Council Debt Free as at first thought but it is felt that this is the way forward for both the Council and the Tenants.

Cllr Mr Baxter reported that at a recent Planning Committee the Extension Application for a 20 Bedroomed Motel on the Parkhouse Site was turned down.

Cllr Mrs Ball thanked Cllr Mr Baxter for his report.

Councillor's Reports.

CLLR MR C WILKINS - Reported that the strimmer has been repaired, the cost was more than the 50 first thought due to extensive repairs, at a cost of 100. Cllr Mr Wilkins can now start cutting the Footpaths in the Parish and the area around the Bus Shelter in the High Street.

Mr Thompson from P.P.P. has informed Cllr Mr Wilkins that all the projects specified in the work/job application streets submitted for the P.P.P. have been authorised. This is good news for the Village.

MR G BARNETSON - Reported that the Hampshire and Andover Road Signs are missing on the A338 and the Bulford Road Sign is missing from the Bridge when entering the Village from Watery Lane. The Clerk has reported these in the past but will do so again.

Mr Barnetson reported that Shipton Bellinger will soon have its own page on the Internet and he will try to get everyone involved. Sponsorship has been obtained and maintenance of the web site has been taken care of. The Parish Council thought this a great asset for the Village and thanked him for setting it up.

Mr Barnetson also brought up the subject of speeding through and in the Village. He pointed out that on the A338 there are only the one set of 4OMPH signs at each end of the Village with no repeater signs in between. Cllr Mrs Ball stated that a survey on speeding was carried out by H.C.C. a few years ago and tile report found that there was not a problem, H.C.C. will not do another survey so soon, but she will speak to Sgt Phillips at Weyhill Police Station to see what he suggests.

STAFF SGT PROWSE - Reported that the old Basket Ball post has been taken down from the Village Centre Car Park and is waiting removal. Staff Sgt Prowse reported that his Regiment will be taking part in the T.V.B.C. Millennium Relay, just what they will be doing has not yet been decided.

Staff Sgt Prowse felt that Shipton Bellinger do a lot of things for the Benefit of the Village and should get more coverage in the Local Press. The Parish Council agreed and felt that many events have had coverage e.g. School Planting Trees. Building of tile Village Centre Extension, Annual Flower Show results and the Low Cost Housing in Shipton Bellinger.

CLLR MRS R TETLOW - Inquired about the meeting of the School House Fund. Cllr Mrs Ball assured her that she had checked recently and it was still on the School Governors Agenda of things to do.

CLLR MRS B VICKERS - Reported that the Land between Red Villas and Mrs C Heatons property is under offer. The Parish Council noted this and will watch for any Planning Applications on this site.

CLLR MRS P BALL - Reported that the Pot Hole by Hamble House in the High Street has been repaired at last and should not give any more problems.

CLLR MRS M WHITE - Asked if residents should be informed by the Farmer when spraying of the fields is to take place and what is being sprayed? The Parish Council were not sure, Cllr Mrs Ball suggested that Cllr Mrs White telephone Environmental 11ea1th at T.V.B.C. who would be able to answer this question and then report back at the next meeting. Cllr Mrs White would do so.

CLLR MR A LESLIE - Reported that it was nice to see the Police walking the beat on the day of the Fete. The Parish Council agreed.

Cheques Issued in July 1999.

S.B.V.C. June and July Payment of 100 - Re Debt = 200.00

T.V.B.C. Grass Cutting – Church Grave Yard = 30.00

Mr B Pearce Grass Cutting and Strimming - Play Courts, Village Centre Car Park, Play Area and Grave Yard. = 110.00

R.N. Waterman Wages - July and August and Expenses = 204.62

Outstanding Items

1. Bus Shelters.

2. Footpath No5 - Problem Area.

3. Play Courts - Landscaping.

4. Grave Yard - Levelling.

5. Green Wheely Bin - Church.

6. Fact Finding - Street Light Sarum Close.

7. Responsibilities of the Village Centre - Parish Council/Village Centre Committee.

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