Parish Council Minutes: June 1999

Minutes of the Shipton Bellinger Parish Council meeting held on Monday 7th June l999 in the Fletcher Room, Village Centre at 7pm.


Parish Council Vacancy

Cllr Mrs Ball welcomed Mrs Marsha White and Mr Graham Barnetson to the meeting and introduced them to the Parish Council. Mrs White and Mr Barnetson both gave a brief presentation to the Parish Council, at which they were asked questions, and then left the room.

The Parish Council then discussed the best possible applicant for the vacancy and stated that it was a hard choice. Cllr Mrs Ball asked the Parish Council to vote, the vote was in favour of Mrs Marsha White but the Parish Council felt that a non-voting position on the Parish Council should be offered to Mr Barnetson until another vacancy arose.

Cllr Mrs Ball left the room to speak to Mrs White and Mr Barnetson. Cllr Mrs Marsha White signed the Declaration of Office. Mr Barnetson accepted the non-voting position on the Parish Council and will sit on the Sports Association.

Multi-function Playcourts Landscaping.

The Parish Council went and looked at the Multi-Function Play Courts and the area surrounding to see what landscaping is needed.

Minutes of the Previous Meeting

Cllr Mrs Ball signed the minutes of the previous meeting as a true record. Matters arising from those minutes: -

FOOTPATH NO 5 - No further news.

MILLENNIUM CELEBRATIONS - The Clerk reported that the H.C.C. Surveyor will visit the Village to look at proposed Millennium Pillar Project, no date has been given.

Cllr Mrs Vickers reported that she is looking into the costs of producing a Doomsday Style Book which will be called ''A Day in the Life of Shipton Bellinger''. The book will be professionally compiled on Sheepskin Paper. and will contain personal information about the people living in the village e.g. Age, Sex and Occupations.

Cllr Mrs Ball reported that the insuring of the Millennium Celebration Events in the Village will be covered by the Parish Council insurance, if they are under a Sub-committee Banner and specified in a letter to the insurance Company before the date they are to be held. The Parish Council thought this a good idea and it would save the various organisations in the Village raising extra money to cover insurance.

ABANDONED CAR - The abandoned car by the Horticultural Shed has been removed. Cllr Mrs Ball thanked Cllr Mr Baxter for his prompt action in this matter.

WEEDS IN THE GUTTERS – The Clerk has to report this to Mr Perrin. Mr Perrin has no plans to weed kill the road gutters until the Autumn.

OVERGROWN HEDGE - Mrs 'I'etlow reported that she is attending a School Governors Meeting after the Parish Council Meeting and will ask the School to cut back their overgrown hedge on the footpath between the O1d Vicarage and the School House.

PROBLEMS RAISED BY MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC AT MAY MEETING - Cllr Mr Baxter reported that he could not go into details but the matters raised at the last meeting are being dealt with by the Housing Department at T.V.B.C.

BUS SHELTERS - The Clerk reported that he is to meet with a Representative from Queensbury Bus Shelters Ltd from Portsmouth on the 16th June on site. As the two other Companies are some distance away they do not seem so keen to meet on site to discuss matters and would prefer to use the postal system!

PLANNING - Nothing to report.

Multi-Function Playcourts

After visiting the site earlier in the meeting the Parish Council discussed the Play Courts and the initial landscaping that would be needed to tidy up the area. It was decided that: -

l. Due to the lay of the land and the position of the Play Courts below the Car Park, Cllr Mr Leslie will look at levels to find the best route for a path, so that surface water will not run on to the Play Courts. He will then speak to Mr Jennings to see if he would be interested in doing the job and to get a price.

2. The Clerk will ask Mr Brian Pearce to strim the area of long grass around the perimeter of the Play Courts and to grass seed the banks. It is hoped that once the banks have been grassed it will stop mud being washed on to the Courts.

3. The Clerk will contact Courtstall as there is a blemish on the Play Courts that the Parish Council are not happy with.

4. A ''NO SMOKING'' sign will be placed on the entrance to the Play Courts and a Litter Bin will also be put in this area.

5. The cost of providing a free standing Tennis Net will be looked into, this will allow for tennis to be played at any time without the need for posts and nets to be collected and erected.

6. Courtstall have suggested that the Play Courts are washed every now and again with a pressure washer to keep them clean. The Clerk will look into the cost of purchasing such an item, the costs of hiring the equipment and getting professionals to do the job on a regular basis.

7. A meeting of the Sports Association will be organised as soon as Mr Sperry (Chairman) returns from his holiday.

Village Centre

Cllr Mrs Ball reported that she has written to the Village Centre (Copy in the Merry-go-Round) after the discussions on who is responsible for what at the last Parish Council meeting. Cllr Mrs Ball stated that the response is good and felt that both Parties wish to sort this matter out amicably.

The Parish Council discussed this matter further. several points were raised: -

1. It was suggested that the Village Centre be responsible for the whole area within the boundary of the Playing field, managing their own funds, but informing the Parish Council if any major expenditure is needed.

2. The Village Centre Management Committee should be free to run the day to day business as they see fit.

3. It was suggested that the first item on the Agenda of each Parish Council Meeting should be Village Centre Business. This would give the Village Centre a regular slot and the opportunity to send a spokesperson, items could then be discussed and a decision made. The Parish Council thought this a good idea and worthy of further discussion by both parties.

Cllr Mrs Ball thought that the best way forward for the Parish Council and the Village Centre was for a Working Party to look at all aspects of Village Centre during June, report back to their respective bodies in July and for both parties to meet in late July or August to finalise details. The new agreement could then be put into action to start in September. The Parish Council thought this a good idea. Cllr Mr P Marsh, Cllr Mr C Wilkins, Cllr Mr A Leslie and Mr Barnetson make up the Working Party.

Local Government Review

Cllr Mrs Ball asked the Parish Council if they had all seen the Local Government Review in the merry-go-round and if they had any comments they wished to make on the Document? Cllr Mr Baxter explained the reasoning behind the Local Government Review and the implications it might have to local Wards. The Parish Council's feelings were that things should stay as they are, the Clerk was asked to write to T.V.B.C. with the Parish Council's views.

Cllr Mr Andrew Baxter's Report.

Cllr Mr Baxter reported that he has been allocated seats on the Northern Planning, Transport and Environmental Health Committee's. Cllr Mr Chattel has been allocated seats on Northern Planning, Housing and Leisure Committee's.

Cllr Mr Baxter reported that T.V.B.C. are looking at the Structural Plan and the implications the Governments figures for new dwellings in the area will have, most development will probably be in the area surrounding Andover, however an eye must be kept on the Rural Areas. T.V.B.C. are also looking at all the By-Laws in the District.

Cllr Mrs Ball reported that a letter had been received from T.V.B.C. asking the Parish Council if there were any areas in the Village that could be incorporated into a new By-Law to kerb Dog Fouling. This will mean that Dog Owners allowing their Dogs to foul in these areas and not clearing it up will be committing an offence and could be prosecuted. Due to the time scale Cllr Mrs Ball named the following areas in the Village: - High Street, Bulford Road, Parkhorse Road, Playing Field, GraveYard and Footpath No5. T.V.B.C. will publicise these areas when the law is put into force. The Parish Council agreed that it was about time that something was done about the Dog Fouling problem

Councillor's Reports.

CLLR MR P MARSH - Suggested that the Parish Council should put some sort of information in the Village News each time to keep the Village informed of proceedings. The Minutes are displayed on the Notice Board and Mr Flowers put an article in the Andover Advertiser, but not everybody sees these points of communication and the Village News goes to every house in the Village. The Parish Council agreed, Cllr Mrs Ball will speak to Mr Sperry to find out what space is available etc.

CLLR MRS R TETLOW - Reported that the litter bin half way along Footpath No5 is full and has been for some time. Also the Hedge at Burselden Terrace has grown very thick and makes access difficult on this area of Footpath No5. The Parish Council will contact Mrs Rolf to see if some arrangement can be made to cut the hedge back and the Clerk will speak to the Litter Collector.

CLLR MR C WILKINS - Reported that the Strimmer has broken and needs repairing, while cutting the grass outside the Village Centre wire got caught in the Strimmer Head causing it to break, the cost will be around 50. The Parish Council agreed to this expenditure.

Cllr Mr Wilkins reported that the Contractor who cuts the Footpaths needs to buy a new mower and with the threat of fund cutting from the P.P.P. has asked if the Parish Council are still going to financially support the Paths in the Village, as he does not want to invest in a new machine if there is no work for him. The Parish Council discussed this and felt that they will be supporting the Parish Paths in the future but this should not have a bearing on the Contractors decision to purchase a new mower.

STAFF SGT S PROWSE– Reported that Mrs Pafit from T.V.B.C . has been around the Village and put up signs regarding Responsible Dog Ownership. It is hoped that the old Basketball Post will be removed with in the next few weeks and the Barbecue's will be ready next week. It is hoped to cut the Village Playing Field hedge in July but removal of the cutting's might prove difficult as T.V.B.C. will not allow the Army onto their Tipping Site. Cllr Mr Baxter will investigate this to see if there is a way the trimmings can be removed, it was suggested that the trimmings could be shredded

Staff Sgt Prowse reported that his regiment will be going to Kosovo in September and are aiming to collect Children's Clothes to take to the refugees. and asked if there were any suggestions for a pick-up point in the Village? Cllr Mrs Vickers thought that the W.I. might be able to help and she would speak to the group when they next meet, the School and the Village Shop were suggested as contact points.

CLLR MR A LESLIE - Reported that the Street Light on the corner of Hedges and Parkhouse Road has been on during day light hours. The Clerk will report this. The Clerk reported that he has asked for the grant forms from the H.C.C. Street Lighting Department to be sent to him. it might be possible to get financial aid to put a Street light in Sarum Close.

CLLR MRS J SAUNDERS - Reported that a Fire Hydrant Post is lying in the long grass at the bottom of Mayfield Close. It was thought that this might have been moved when the new bridge at Manor Farm was installed. Cllr Mrs White will speak to Jayne Tait.

Cllr Mrs Saunders asked if at the Parish Council Meetings the Public could be allowed to speak at the beginning instead of the end. as they would not then sit there getting agitated? Cllr Mrs Ball stated that it was common practice for the Public to speak at the end of the meeting, it would not be practical for them to bring up subjects that might already be on the agenda.

CLLR MRS P BALL - Reported that the Cardboard Rubbish Bin in the Re-cycling Centre is being misused again and in danger of being taken away by T.V.B.C. On several occasions the smell coming from the Bin has been horrific and T.V.B.C. have had to come out to empty it. No sooner has it been emptied than it is filled up again with black rubbish bags containing household waste.

The possibility of providing a Skip was briefly discussed with the Councillor's having mixed feelings on the idea. The Clerk will investigate the cost of providing a Skip on a regular basis.

Cllr Mrs Ball reported that a dispute over the parking of a Caravan in Mayfield Close has arisen again, Cllr Mrs Ball will be writing to the person who made the complaint advising him that this is a T.V.B.C. matter and nothing to do with the Parish Council.

MRS FLOWERS - Asked if there was any news on the Safety Flooring for under the Bench in the Play Area. Cllr Mrs Ball reported that this was in hand.


R.N. Waterman Wages 91.66


l. Bus Shelters.

2. Footpath No5 - Problem Area.

3. Play Courts.

4. Grave Yard Levelling.

5. Green Wheely Bin - Church

6. Fact Finding - Street light Sarum Close.

7. Responsibilities of Village Centre - Parish Council/Village Centre Committee.

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