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Local Elected Representatives

This page contains some of the political information specific for the area in an around Shipton Bellinger. Some of these details can already be found on the TVBC and Hantsweb sites, which is from where much of this summary has been prepared.

Test Valley Borough Council

The village is in the Penton Bellinger ward of Test Valley Borough Council, which covers Shipton, Fyfield, Thruxton, the Pentons and Kimpton. In the local council elections the ward returned the following two councillors. You can e-mail the councillors at the addresses shown, but one or the other regularly attends Shipton Bellinger Parish Council meetings:

Pam Mutton (Cons) pam.mutton@gmail.com

Phillip Lashbrook (Cons) CllrPLashbrook@testvalley.gov.uk

Up to date candidate information, and election results, can be found on the Test Valley Borough Council website.

Hampshire County Council

As with almost all the wards, the one in which Shipton resides for the Hampshire County Council elections has changed: we are now in a ward called Andover West. After the 2005 elections, the ward's County Councillor is Zilliah Brooks zilliah.brooks@ntlworld.com

Results of the election in full can be found at http://www.hants.gov.uk/ under the elections information, and also specifically at the pages on our HCC councillor.


In the national elections Shipton Bellinger is in the parliamentary constituency of NorthWest Hampshire. Current MP is Kit Malthouse.

For checking up on election results, try Keele University's directory of resources and the Electoral Commission's website - which also contains a massive amount of other information.

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