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Shipton Bellinger: Contact wanted

Shipton Bellinger - Contact Wanted

We have had a great deal of interest in the sight from previous residents, often from Australia but also from people from all over hte world. A fair few geneologists also get in touch about their family history. If you wish to get in touch, or to have an entry on this page, send a message to the Webmaster via the contacts page. We are happy to have addresses from current residents wishing to stay in touch, too!

The following are the most recent contacts which we'll advertise here for a long while.

2004 John Dabill says: A reference on the 20th Century work page refers to a Mrs Dabill and one of her grandchildren drowning in the old soakway.
My father has collated a lot of information about our family history, and we have this on the web. We know that some of our family lived in Shipton Bellinger, these were my great uncle William Dabill and his wife Ethel May Rasey. You can see their information here.
What I would like to know is if someone in the village remembers William Dabill and Ethel May Dabill (nee Rasey) and their children, if anyone has any pictures, and if there is more details about the name of the grandson who died, or a more accurate date of when this incident happened.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
2002 Mark Gerrard says: My grandparents Frederick and Evelyn, Dad Douglas (Gerry), Uncles Brian and Colin and Aunt Shirley all lived there from around the 30's through the late 70's. My Dad and his brothers and sister were all born and grew up there. My Aunt Shirley was married to Alan Parrish also of Shipton. Sadly, my Uncle Colin, who I hardly remember, if at all, was shot and killed by his neighbour in Shipton back in (I think) '64. He and my Grandfather {Grandad died of cancer in '74. My Grandmother died in '98]) are buried at St Peter's Church. I used to spend the summers in Shipton the mid 60's through early 70s, then we emigrated to the US. Most of my time was spent riding my bicycle around going to the ranges with my Uncle Brian (some of you might remember him...). I last visited Shipton in '98 with my youger brother Paul. We have a picture of my Dad and his siblings sitting in the middle of the drive of their house back in the early 40's. My brother and I posed for the same exact shot 50 years on!
One memory I'll hold dear. Once I was riding my bike in the alley along the sweet shop when I crashed hard. The proprietor heard me crying and came out to help me. He then took me in the shop and filled my hands with sweets to ease the pain. Shipton will always be special to me.
My Dad, Mum, brother and I have been in the US since '73. My surviving Uncle and Aunt live in Somerset with their respective families. I'd love to hear back from anyone who knew us
2003 Simon Smith (contactable here) wrote in late October, 2003 about the Village History. He says:
"Hi. just found the site it is excellent. I lived in the village from when I was born (1945) until my mother died and I went away to live with relatives in 1958. I have nothing but wonderful memories of my years there. I remember well the death by drowning of the boys in the village. It was in the 1950's and two boys were drowned exactly 1 year apart. I think the years were 1955 and 1956. The first a young boy was drowned in the cess pit of the laundry, the other in a flooded concrete tank on the Tidworth Rd.
"The second death was witnessed by my good friend Roy Entwistle, I was on a coach trip that day I think a Saturday. I lived in No 4 Green Bungalows, which I now see are called Vicarage Bungalows and unfortunately have been destroyed. Interestingly, my house No 4 seems to have been removed, there being only 3 now, to make access to garages! I remember several of the names mentioned but can't put faces to them, something to do with old age.
I visited the village in July on my way to Kent, I live in Cornwall now and spent a wonderful hour sitting by Croft Woods listening to the Skylarks. I well remember the Croft House as a ruin we boys would go down to the cellars and throw rocks at the still standing walls. I was sad to see of the death of Sam Hart I am sure he taught me. I also remember the name of Mrs Semple, she allowed us to sleep in class one day after a disturbed night of Army Manoeuvres through the village, the tanks were only 4 feet from our front door." He adds that he would be happy to talk to any villagers that might remember him or his parents. His father died in 1947 and worked for Kelly Directories in Andover."
2002 Pat Maynor says: "My father is trying to locate old friends who lived in Shipton Bellinger in the 1940,s. They would be in their 70's now I suppose. He sent a letter to the old address with no luck 2 years ago. He is trying to locate members of the Banting family ([..names given..]). Their father was a shoe cobbler and owned a shoe shop in the 1940's. My father stayed in the home of Fred Beaugard who was postmaster (the post-office was in his home) in 1945.
If you or any of the older villagers know of the Banting family I would appreciate your help in obtaining a current mailing address.

Pat can be contacted online here

2001-3 Jac and Stuart Watkins ask if "anyone on the net remembers me or my wife Jackie (nee Read). Jackie was born in Shipton and married me in 1959. We lived in Shipton in Bulford Road next to my sister-in law Jennifer Laidlaw and emigrated to Australia in 1985. My niece Joanne Laidlaw married Malcolm Faux last year and my daughter Tricia Evans and family went to the wedding. If anyone out there remembers me I would be pleased to hear from them."

They can be contacted here.

2001 Christine Cogdell asks: "I lived in Shipton Bellinger appox 25 - 30 years ago in a house called Himley. I knew a man named Tony [..who..] had two sisters and a brother who also lived in the village. Does he still live in Shipton. I would appreciate any news about Tony or Himley if still there. I now live in York."

Christine's email address no longer works. Can you get in touch, Christine, or contact JacNStu above?


Alison Abbott of de Montfort University is/was researching the US division posted near here during the war. She says "I would very much like to hear wartime memories of Shipton Bellinger during the war with anybody who would be willing to participate."

If anyone can help, please do get in touch with her here.

2001 Connie Magee/Green contacted us with interesting information about the Italian PoWs. Unfortunately the return e-mail (from brent/NZ) is unusable on the WWW and keeps getting bounced. Please contact us again, Connie, with a usable "reply-to" e-mail address... Many Thanks
2001 "" Barrie,Ontario Canada said:
I am looking for information in regard to my Grandfather . Albert Charles Bendall,born about 1880 + or -. He passed away @ 63 years in Toronto Canada. He was married to Edeth Annie Baker,born in 1887 and passed away in Toronto at age 61. I am not sure of the spelling but I think they were married in Ana Valley church. I would appreciate any information.

Can anyone help?

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