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Site Structure - general structure of the site

Search - references to useful Hampshire search engines

About the site - what and why it is, including Publishing policies - how we deal with and submissions

Submission Format - details on how we expect submissions to be formatted

Contact Us - how to contact the Shipton Webmaster

Site Structure

The site is structured, loosely, as follows:

The site was officially launched at the start of the 2000, though will undergo some large expansion over the year, after which it will undoubtedly gradually expand as changes occur. We look forward to seeing you again.


We do not currently have our own search engine, though we hope to use Google or Yahoo shortly.

About the Site

The site is hosted on an independent server courtesy of Tim Bancroft and a legacy from the History club. It used to be hosted on Hampshire County Council's HantsWeb but has been moved to ensure greater freedom for local businesses and organisations to advertise or show themselves here.

The site is maintained on a completely voluntary basis for the benefit of the village. A dream of ours is that we set one of the models by which a rural community can express itself and its identity. This site is for all ages: we would hope even school-goers carying out geography or history projects can find something in these pages.

Within this site we've tried to avoid using excessive embedded number of pictures in the main pages to ensure it can be downloaded quickly and to make it as widely-readable as possible. Let us know if any text-only tags are missing or illegible, or if you have any problems.

The majority of the funding for domain names has come from the Village History project. This is intended to keep the village history alive as an ongoing record of the life of the village. We offer our thanks to the committee members - Gerald Hinde and to Norman Bowden, and to the late Jean Hinde and Sam Hart, all of whom were closely involved with the writing and selling of the original village history and the latter two who were its principal authors.

All photographs and content are copyright © Shipton Bellinger Website or Tim Bancroft except where otherwise noted. Permission to reproduce must be obtained from the copyright holder. Initial contact is through the site webmaster.

Publishing Policies

Whilst this site is a voluntary pursuit and fundamentally for general information and for fun, we have to have some rules and guidelines as to how and what we publish. We hope they do not sound too onerous!
In summary the combined policy is:

We intend these pages to be trouble-free. We also intend them to be as friendly as possible. Please let us know of any problems arising from the abusage of these pages. Complaints on content should be made to the e-mail address below.

Submission Format

Submissions should be in html format and should not use server-based scripts, or server-based code. All pages should be able to be run on reasonably up-to-date browsers. All references within a set of pages must be relative and not absolute.

Stylesheets may be used. A reference to the base stylesheet must be included or the base stylesheet should be referenced. It is in the root directory, so ensure that any root references are valid. Code to reference it in the /head section resembles:

<LINK rel="stylesheet" href="shipton.css" type="text/css">

Pages should be titled properly, and should follow the format of the site. We suggest a simple left-hand navigation bar and a clear title. If the standard style is not followed (feel free to copy it) a simple heading code is:


<head><title>Shipton Bellinger: ORGANISATION NAME</title></head>


We believe font should be left as much as possible to the individual (use normal, h1, etc, which can be set by browsers). Font colour should also be defaulted to where possible: we suggest black or dark grey (#333333) and cannot accept blue or purple (for obvious reasons). Text should normally be default or left-aligned for simplicity and readability. Page background should either be a plain colour or the stie-standard plain:

<body bgcolor="#FFFFBB">

All pages should include a last updated date and a include a contact name to use on the Contact Page (used to stop the spread of junk email/spam). Recommended code for such a footing is as follows:

<DIV CLASS="copyfoot">Web page built by ..YOURNAME....
All enquiries via YOURNAME on the <a href="contacts.html">;the contact page</a><br>
Page Last Updated: DATE </DIV></p>
</body> </html>

An enquiry e-mail address on the contacts page can be replaced with a name and telephone number. Do not use the general contact address as this is reserved for the site as a whole.

The pages should be compatible with at least IE and Firefox. We are not keen on embedded objects and will not allow them for security reasons, though embedded javascript is a possibility. We can supply cgi space if needed, but all scripts will need ot be passed through the webmaster.

We strive hard to be IE and Firefox compatible: if any errors are seen, let us know! You can obtain Firefox from Get Firefox!

We would hope groups would build their own pages, though you can contact the Webmaster for help.

Contact Us

To contact us, use the contact page to send us an e-mail.

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