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Village Fete 2004 - Saturday 12th June

Clubs and Societies   The clubs and societies pages held within this web site
Nearby Attractions   Particular tourist attractions ro places of interest nearby
Whats on and What's been   The what's on guide to the village, plus the newsletters
Facilities and bookings   Bookings information for the facilities in the village

Clubs and Societies

We are hoping that all the societies and clubs in the village will put pages here. For now, we will begin with:

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Nearby Attractions

This highlights the sites of nearby attractions. Please notify us of anything which needs to be added to this section.

For convenience, we've listed the English Heritage main page.

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What's On and What's been

The rest of this page has been suspended for the website and left within the village news, which is distributed to all the houses in the village.

If anyone really wishes to see it on the site, and has the time to maintain and update the What's on section, please get in touch witht eh Village Webmaster (email address at the bottom of the page).

Of course, you can always try the Whats On and Newsletter Archive if you want to see more.

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Facilities and Bookings

Similar to the above, if there are facilities which can be used we would hope to have them all here. For now:

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