The Bellinger Players

The Bellinger Players is an amateur dramatics society based in Shipton Bellinger. It's primary aim is entertainment, both for the audiences and the members of the society. It is open to members of all ages - our youngest is around 8 whilst the oldest member is well into his 70's and is still going strong!

Throughout the year we put on a variety of performances: Murder Mystery evenings, short plays, junior plays and a pantomime at Christmas. Everyone is welcome, even if they can't act, or are shy of acting, as there are often non-speaking roles and there is a great deal of work needed behind the scenes which is just as satisfying and enjoyable as being up on stage.

The Junior Players are specially popular right now and, amazingly against the grain, full of boys more than girls! I think we've got most of the junior football team....

Recent plays include:

(From a murder mystery)

The Actors

We will publish the names of actors involved with the above productions are (TP=Tiddley Pum, TI=Treasure Island, KA=King Arthur) providing permisison is given. We may update these for future productions, but are currently gaining permission to use the names!

Non-Stage roles

The non-stage roles are mentioned above, but have you ever thought of what needs to be done behind the scenes? The most obvious role which springs to mind is Director/Producer, but other tasks which are needed are:

To contact us, send an e-mail to

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