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This is the Shipton Bellinger Millenium Photo Library. It contains a pictorial record of the village as it appeared in the year 2000 and is a natural extension to the history and the record of the village. We will be building a click-and-see map of the village to show where the photo's are in relation to one another. The gallery, with simple annotations on the thumbnails, is below. Each thumbnail will take you to a detailed version of the picture - as these are of such high quality, they may take time to download.

All the photo's, except where specifically stated, were taken by Tim Bancroft during September 2000 and are Copyright (c) © 2000 Tim Bancroft - permission to reproduce must be obtained from the Shipton Bellinger Website (contact the webmaster). If we receive enough demand we will produce less-detailed pictures...

The High Street

With the Bourne meandering along the north edge of the road, and the lines of the High Street following those of the Bourne, this main road into Shipton has an interesting charm. Whilst some of the older cottages and houses have been replaced (but can be seen in earlier photos in the Village History), there are still quite a few remaining...

The Old Forge

Astor Mews

Parsonage Farm

Hamble House



Salisbury Road

Now the A338, a major N-S road from Poole to Oxford, this was teh location of many of the shops in the village, a major bakery and the original 7-Up factory.

The 7-Up Factory

Astor Mews

Parsonage Farm

The Floods

The Floods made such an impact on Shipton during December 2000 that we cannot NOT create a photo history. Whilst there are many under the History, these are the few we've kept for the Photo Library.

High Street West December 2000

High Street East December 2000

High Street Centre Dec 2000

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