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The Shipton Good Neighbours (SGN) scheme became active onWednesday 18th April 2007. Currently we have volunteers who, subject to their availability, are willing to provide the following help to residents in the Parish of Shipton Bellinger (we regret we cannot offer help to anyone further afield).

SGN Duty Co-ordinator phone: 0845 269 39 42

Possible forms of help:

Volunteers have to be reimbursed for the expenses incurred in providing help. The greatest expense is the cost of transport and it has been agreed with Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) that where transport is provided by SGN to clients in possession of a valid TVBC Farepass, the Volunteer's mileage costs will be met by TVBC.

Clients who do not have a Farepass will be invited to make a donation based on mileage. However, as it is envisaged that as the majority (if not all) of SGN clients will be over 60 years of age the provision of transport of transport by SGN for the journeys listed above will be without charge on th eproduction of a valid TVBC Farepass.

All Requests for help by SGN are to be made to the Duty Co-ordinator on 0845 269 39 42. If the Co-ordinator is not available the Client will be asked to leave a message the Co-ordinator will phone them ack in due course.

As much notice as possible will be appreciated for all requests for help and in the case of transport a minimum of 48 hours notice is required.


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