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Police Mobile Office

A mobile police office visits the village every few weeks in the afternoon and early evening. It stays for a few hours and always has an officer on duty nearby. The officers are very welcoming and are hapy to have a chat about anything that's worrying or bothering villagers.

The times they visit are as follows:

The two officers who normally staff the vehicle are PC John Viney and PC Ian Robinson. They stress that if generic police contact is needed to not try and contact them directly but to use the main numbers above. That way the call can be prioritised if urgent

Police telephone numbers

Apart from the free 999 emergency number, other numbers for the police are:

- for vandalism, threatening behaviour, drunk and rowdy groups, broken street lighting
or 'Drug-related, anti-social behaviour' (calls cost 10p from both landlines and mobiles; and

0845 045 45 45
- for other contact with Hampshire police (fax 01256 405290).

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