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There are a number of newsletters produced within Shipton, the key one being the Village Centre Newsletter. Whilst no formal village newsletter exists, the Village Centre newsletter is produced every two months. We are also stored the Millenium Column Fundraising despatches as well as the covering description.

The newsletters produced which we are able to reproduce have been adapted and placed in the index below. Whilst the originals contains advertisements, our contract with our ISP (Hantsweb - Hampshire Council Council) quite reasonably prohibits us from showing those advertisements. Important We have also removed contact information from the newsletters except where we have had explicit permission to put them into the reproduced newsletter. If you want your information added, please ring.

Village Centre Newsletter

This is produced every two months and is biased towards users of the Village Centre. Nonetheless, it is still regarded by a great many in the village as "The Village News". We have reproduced it here for convenience in plain text format as the original is still - and will be for years to come - the definitive copy. For entries and articles contact Wendy Sperry (see the Contacts page).

Millenium Columns - Fundraising

In which we tracked the state of the fund-raising for the columns at the entrance to the village. Whilst this is effectively dormant, due to lack of substantial additional funds, we can still stage a last-ditch recovery. These were intended to mark the millenium and these despatches were produced whenever something new occurred! A full explanation of the project and it's purpose can be found in Brian Boxall's discussion paper.

Date Amount Promised
to date
2002 ~4,800
April 2001 3,200
October 2000 1,010
September 2000  

In addition to the newsletters we have a set of Whats On pages which we try to keep up to date.

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