Village History

1920 Village Photograph Series

The following all came from a series of photographs taken in the early 1920's which were used to illustrate the original history. We have absolutely no idea who originally produced them, and believe it was the village photographer at the time, but we were lucky in that Gary and Tina Hunt had copies which they were able to re-scan and produce here.

The originals came in a brown wallet with the lettering "Six Sepia Semi-Glossy Handcoloured View Postcards of SHIPTON BELLINGER Latest Photographs" on the cover. If anyone knows who produced the originals, please do let us know!

Old Farm House, Salisbury Road, Looking North

The Old Farm House has now been pulled down and, in its place, is a small green and Framhouse Close. The Thatched cottages opposite have also been pulled down and are now a car park for the social club. The A338 running between them is now much wider!

High Street, Forge and Laundry Site

High Street from Hamble House Confectioners

Saint Peters Church in the 1920's

Whilst the photo has been hand-coloured you can see the war memorial was extremely new, almost white. The blue tombstones are certainly not blue any more, even if they were at the time!

Tidworth Park Lodge

This is on the outskirts of the village on the way to Tidworth. It is no longer there and the railings have actually been removed.

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