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The history is updated on a regular basis. The chapter and section headings below contain both the original history (pub 1985) and updates since then.

Background to the History: Preface and Acknowledgements - Introduction

Ancient History: PreHistory - Bronze Age - Iron Age - Roman Britain

From the Anglo-Saxons to the C18: Saxon - Normans - Domesday - The Bellinger Connection

19th Century Shipton: An administrative oddity - Enclosure Act - Shipton in the press

Pre-WWI 20th Century Shipton: Parish Council Minutes - Influx of the Military - The Great War

The following 20th Century chapters are heavily based on reminiscences of villagers -

"I remember, I remember...": Armistice Day - Boyhood memories - Shops in Shipton - Girlhood memories - Horses in the village - Memories of the Floods - WW2 Australian troops

Bricks, Mortar and Public Services: Cottages and Old Houses - Roads & Tracks - Water Supply and Sewerage - Electricity -

Work: The Laundry - The "Pop Factory" - School - Farming - Ordnance - Village Hall - Women's Institute - Allotment & Garden Association

Leisure: The Recreation Ground - Football - Cricket - Tennis - The Hockey Club - Field Sports

Local railway history - currently from the 20th century

St Peters Church - a brief history of the local 11th- and 17th- century church, which was rebuilt in the 19th century after a fire.

Appendices: Parish Council Chairmen - School Headteachers - Rectors & Vicars

Since 1984:Recent Changes in the village - the Millenium Floods, the fire which gutted the three Vicarage Bungalows, and the Floods of 2002.

Parsonage Farm New! A history of one of the oldest houses in the village.

Recently brought to our notice was a reprint of an old booklet containing recipes from Shiptonites. This was produced in the village sometime, we think, in the 1950's or 60's. We've reproduced it here but can anyone tell us any more about who was involved and when it was produced?

Other useful links and information

For more information on Village History in the North West of Hampshire/East and South Wiltshire, such as Tedworth House, you could try Philimore's.

And for the Gilbert Geneaology and other information about Gilbert and Sullivan, try the Gilbert and Sullivan Archive.

Grateley, a nearby village, has its own website and has two sections of history at present: Part I is Pre-History - Death of Athelstan, and part II is The Medieval Period - 1066-1485. The "Pictures from Grateley's Past" section is well worth a visit.

Preface (June 2000)

In June 2000 the village history project decided to donate the funds from the sale of the village history to the continuation of the history online as a key part of the website. We are delighted in the past, in effect, financing the future. The gift will enable the website to continue for some years, to gather the key domain names and eventually allow us to expand.

We offer a great deal of thanks to the members of the committee for this donation and hope the development of the history online meets with their approval.

Tim Bancroft and Graham Barnetson, June 2000

Sam Hart, one of the original author/editors, died in early December 2002. He was very positive and encouraging about the updates to this history and the web edition. He will be missed.

Tim Bancroft, 2002

The donation has also enabled this website and its address,, to be maintained for several years. Once again, thankyou to the History club and also to others who have contributed to this history with pictures, anecdotes and information. Each has been given credit beside their contribution.

Tim Bancroft, June 2004

The main preface from the printed version is also available.

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The following village history is heavily based on the booklet "Shipton Bellinger - The story of our village...." edited and compiled by Jean Hinde, Sam Hart and Trevor Kay during the early1980's. A great number of other people, from both within and outside the village, contributed to it's production and these are acknowledged in the preface. The editor and compiler of this version is Tim Bancroft, with substantial assistance on scanning and proof-reading from Graham Barnetson. Web version is Copyright 1999-2002.

Many thanks to the original editors for not only allowing us to reproduce their work here but for their very positive support and obvious delight in seeing the history move forward and reach a wider circulation than that for which it was originally intended.

All map references are to Ordnance Survey grid references, mostly with the SU area. For simplicitly, compass points have been abbreviated (e.g. north-west to NW).

We are always interested in more details. To provide more information on the village history, see the Contact Details.

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