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The Railway Network

There never has been a railway station in the Village: the nearest public station is at Grateley, some four miles away. From here you can catch trains direct to London Waterloo via Andover and Basingstoke or, direct to Exeter St David's via Salisbury and Yeovil Junction. There was a plan floated in the mid-late C19 to link Tidworth to Bulford, with an intermediate stop at Shipton Bellinger, but it was rejected due to a possible adverse impact on the rest of the network.

There are military stations at Ludgershall, to serve the huge stores there, and once there were stations at Tidworth. Now the A338 and A303 take most of the load of tank transporters and drivers learning to drive tracked vehicles!

However, we have found two old maps, one from 1929 and the other from 1949 showing where the various lines and stations were.

Whilst Grateley is the nearest station to the Village, there used to be other stations nearby as well.

The map below from Ward Lock & Cos' 1929 guide 'The New Forest' shows that there was a station at Newton Tony, though it seems to have gained an extra ‘e’.

Map of trains near Newton Toney

In addition it also shows the line that ran through Newton Tony continuing on via a station at Amesbury to a station at Bulford and ultimately Bulford Camp. Further local stations can also be seen at Weyhill.

Interestingly the map shows Cholderton as being 'W. Cholderton' and Grateley being spelt with only one 'e'.

The second map from the Penguin 1949 guide to 'Hampshire and the Isle of Wight' shows the same station at Weyhill, with the line continuing up to a station at Ludgershall before it continued on to a station at South Tidworth and then on into Tidworth Barracks.

1940's map of the rail links nearby

By this time W. Cholderton appears to have lost its' locational prefix and Grateley has gained an additional 'e', possible from Newton Tony which seems to have lost one on this map!

If you are interested in what might have been, then visit the Historic Modellers site which has details on how a station may have been built in the Village to link the two army camps at Bulford and Tidworth.

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